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Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Edge of Intention~Chapter 18

Their parents were not quite there yet and Sara wanted to see the guest house so they went back out the door so he could give her a tour. The house was beautiful and perfect for him.  It was fully furnished and contained a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The livingroom was very cottagy with a large stone fireplace. There was a generous bedroom and bathroom.  Again, her mother had spared no expense in decorating.  The house was comfortable and private. The furnishings were adequate and very nice quality. She loved that there was a mudroom with a washer and dryer right by the door.  Very nice for a single man in construction. 

"Wow. Must be nice having a house just given to you."

"Don't be jealous. You're a girl. You need to be in the house with your parents."

James started laughing and ran out the door to the big house to keep from attacked by her. She rolled her eyes and followed close behind.

They got back in the house and their parents hadn't returned yet.  Sara took James upstairs to show him her room and he let out a whistle.  The beauty of her room took his breath away.  She pointed to Jess and Dave's room and there were two more bedrooms.  Sara gave James and curious look and moved to turn the handle of the first room.  The room was large and much like hers, beautifully decorated in hues of tiffany blue with winter white accents. Her mother had fantastic taste.

James stepped into the room and was awed once again by the luxury.  This room also included a private bath.  Where in the hell had all of the money come from? This was not cheap furniture or decorating.

They moved to the next room and opened the door.  Clearly the room had been decorated for James.  The bottom half of the room was painted in a deep crimson red separated by a darkened 5" maple chair guard.  The top half of the room to the ceiling was painted a burnt taupe color. Above the chair guard was an old world map border paper that went completely around the room.  It was beautiful decorating for a man. The furnishings were burnished maple and heavy in design.  The dresser and armois were very sizeable but were swallowed up in the room.  The chairs and draperies were tan with crimson pillows and a throw blanket.

The comforter was made of flannel and had a beautiful plaid design. The throw pillows were same reds and taupe with an old world map pattern on the taupe pillows.  It was well thought out. She had planned each step in design and it took their breath away. The atmosphere in the room was sharp and classy but also comfy. The rooms could have won Better Homes and Gardens awards. 

The walls were lined with pictures of James' childhood friends and sisters.  He stood stock still staring. He whispered.

"She did love me."

"Of course she loved us, James."

"We were taken from her. She didn't give us away."

He stood staring and started to cry.  Tears streamed down his face uncontrollably. 

"Wow. This is really beautiful.  She really went out of her way not to go crazy by having faith, praying and getting ready for our return."

Sara nodded.

Just then they heard Sophia calling out to them.

"I know you guys are here somewhere!"

James wiped his eyes and responded, 

"We're up here, Ma...checking out all of your beautiful decorating!"

Sophie grinned at them as she came up the stairs and walked into James' bedroom. 

"I see you found your room."

"You did such a beautiful job, Ma. I don't understand...where did all of the money come from to do all of this decorating?"

"Well...I wasn't much for socializing after work at night. I broke down after I lost you two. Guilt and despression set in.  I worked and slept and put all of my money into this house. I prayed. A lot. And I prepared for your return as though the good Lord had said yes. There were times I lost faith and gave in to self-loathing. But here you both are.  This home is as much yours as it is mine. I want you to be comfortable here. I know you have your own homes and such but you can also always come here and if we nip at the bottle too much, at least you will be comfortable here."

Both James and Sara smiled at Sophie. She had spent the better part of their lives preparing for this exact moment and hopefully the good Lord would grant her many years to enjoy it. Sara for one intended to help her with her with her bakery.  She did not want to take anything from her mother. She just wanted to make up for lost time and give her mother some time to enjoy herself in ways she might not have been able to while heartsick over the loss of her and James.

They Adown the stairs while poking and sniping out jokes at one another.

"See, James.  You have a perfectly good room in the house just like everyone else.  No need for you to move in on the property and have a free house." 

"Don't start with me. You have a free house too.  And a right nice one, I might add. Don't be harassing me with your crazy ideas."

"My crazy ideas. You were the one who thought she didn't make a room for you. And anyway, I am just giving you a hard time."

"I still think you have rocks in your head."

Sara thought about that as she left the staircase and Sophie heard her call after him,

"Yeah! But they are all diamonds!

Sophie slowly made her way down the stairs behind them and could not help but wonder what life would have been like if she had been allowed to continue raising these two.  She wondered at their relationship and how much they had fought. They seemed to have a genuine affection for one another. But there were times when she could see the razor sharp edge of Sara's tongue when she'd had enough of him. The sort that might inspire her father to put her over his knee as he had done Jess from time to time when she was younger. 

She had cringed when Jess was disciplined. She was the only baby she had left and Sophie hated to hear her cry. But Justin had always told her "I'll not see her ruined by your spoilin' her." 

He had been right but it was hard on her just the same. Jess turned out to be a beautiful person. She pondered how blessed the were to all be together again.  Sophie looked forward to time off and the girls bonding.  She knew between the two of them, they could run the bake shop just fine.

They grabbed stadium blankets to ward off the chill, glasses of their favorite wine or whiskey and chatted in the kitchen while Justin and James started the fire outside.  When it was roaring away and toasty, they called the girls out. Sara was in a quiet mood as she started sipping her wine and watched as her family chatted and laughed. She joined in here and there when it mattered. She had spent a good half hour mostly observing when she felt Zander enter her from beneath the chair and straight into her rectum.  The flood of energy told her his whole spirit entered her but hung out in her abdomen. She could feel his hands rubbing her legs.  She felt a tongue cross over her perineum and enter her vagina.

To the family sitting in front of her, she appeared to be content and listening closely. However, she was being swept away with sexual energy. Her body was on fire with tingly sparks. She would have to figure out how to have an orgasm while appearing completely normal and without so much as a sound. He continued to lick her clit with careless abandon while pushing her lower abdomen towards her spine so that her G-spot could remain in a state of complete torture. While she was fully dressed, his access to her made her feel exposed and naked right in front of her family. She felt like spreading her legs and letting him go at her with everything he had but she remained still wrapped in the blanket sipping her wine even if a bit breathless. 

The pressure she felt inside of her abdomen was strong and almost uncomfortable. It felt like something magnetic was pulling her abdomen forward somehow. It was a strange sensation. She felt him coming and going from her rectum while licking her clit and dipping into her vagina furiously. She thought she would cum several times but she knew he was stopping her ability to do that. He swam around in her abdomen keeping her G-spot alive with unrelenting electrical current and constant stimulation until finally after two hours of forcing her to endure torture in front of her family, he whispered in her ear,

"Say your good nights and come to bed."

And he was gone. Just like that. The suddeness left her feeling cold and empty. She hugged everyone and told them all she was heading off to bed.  It was reasonable. It was ten o'clock and nobody could complain. They all wished her a good sleep and she wandered into the house.

As she ascended the stairs she felt cold. Fear nipped at her heels when it really hadn't before. Maybe it was the suddeness of his exit. It had left her cold. She felt more odd as she got to the top of the stairs. She felt something immediately inserted into her vagina and she was pulled along to her room by whatever it was. It was magnetism and heat. She stepped inside her room and closed and locked the door. The lights remained off, curtains drawn.  It was pitch black. She began to undress. She stood motionless and waited naked. She felt Zander's hand grab the back of her scull and softly fist her hair.  He led her to the bed and bent her over face down in the mattress. He kicked her feet apart and grabbed her wrists and held her down on the mattress. 

"Do you trust me?"

He asked.

"Yes." she whispered in response.

She could feel him entering her rectum.  When he had fully sheathed himself he remained motionless. She laid there relaxed while his tingly micro movements caused her nerve endings to feel explosive. Her occasional jerky movement made him breath deeply into her ear.

"Oh my god, are so sweet and so tight."

She could feel him expanding ever so slightly and herself being stretched beyond normal. As he moved, his energy kept grazing her anterior G-spot.  She came close to cumming but he pulled out suddenly.


He flipped her over and placed his mouth on her clitoris and began to suck and rub her with his tongue.  He rubbed his hand over her abdomen, reaching her front G-spot. Her breaths were deep.  Her legs were wide and she was spilled all over the bed and open to him. He continued her nurture her growing crescendo.  He loved the room they were in and the gothic overtones.  Her hair was everywhere and her moans pushed him past his own boundary and he could not help bringing her to the full. 

Sara could feel her breasts standing on end as electricity flowed out of them.  His hands moved up to caress her nipples.  He moved them in a circular motion around the nipples and in an odd way she could feel it in her abdomen. She reached out and grabbed handfulls of her comforter and let out a stuccato, choppy breath. As his tongue circled and pulled on her clit, she could feel weird magnetic energy moving down her belly.  It crashed into her abdomen in a wave and sent her out into the stratosphere where she could float as long as he would allow, wave after wave after wave.

She could hear him telling her how wonderful she tasted.  The affect of his words were as if the sound came across water and into her soul. He could feel him grip her buttocks as he continued licking and orgasming her. Her legs were spread wide and she could feel his hands moved down her inner thighs and back up.  She was so sensitive she felt that each separate movement brought an orgasm of it's own. He reached down and grabbed her feet and lifted her legs straight up over her head until she was folded in half and pinned flat.  He moved over her and entered her rectum while keeping her in an orgasmic state.  She could feel him moving back and forth over her. 

After massaging and manipulating her and keeping her in an orgasmic trance for several hours, he finally entered her rectum with high energy and succumbed to his own orgasmic bliss. As he came her own state was magnified.  The force with which he took her caused her discomfort because he was more powerful than he seemed to realize. He lowered her legs and massaged her until she fell asleep. He whispered to her and kissed departed for the night;

"I have enjoyed this, my love. I am never far away."

Zander looked at the clock as he departed.  Humans were odd.  To her, it was 3:10 a.m. To him it just was.  They relied so heavily on those things. Whether they were battery operated, electric or wind up, those time devices of theirs ruled their lives. He wondered how they could ever rest while enslaved to the ridiculous thing. He turned once to give her one last glance before leaving her to rest for the night. She was beautiful. She was a lady and deserved every protection. 

Something woke Sara up.  She opened one eye. Darkened daylight. She had no clue what time it was. She closed her eyes and made her way to the bathroom.  She found her way back to bed and threw the covers over her head to stay warm.  Why was the house so cold?  She should get up and figure out the fireplace in her room. She made a run for the curtains and threw them open only to realize she was still naked after her romp with Zander. She threw on her bra and jammies and turned to figure out the fireplace.  She found the switch and turned the flames to high.  The grey day outside was perfect to sleep by the fire and stay in bed. She did not care that she wasn't home. This was too perfect. 

There was that loud banging noise again.  She could hear her mother yelling something.  Then came the commotion on the stairs and her mother yelling out,

"Come have some coffee, boy, and let the girl sleep!"

Her door flew open suddenly and before she could respond, Daniel was in her room. She shrieked her excitement.

"Daniel! Daniel!"

She threw the covers off and was in his arms off of the floor hugging him tight.  He almost lost his balance and needed the door jam to brace himself. He kissed and hugged her back.

"Well...maybe I should go away more often."

Sara started to cry.  She had really missed her handsome, handsome boyfriend and she had not realized it until just now. He backed into the room with her and shut the door and set her down.  He looked around the room and whistled. It was beautiful. 

"You spoiled little brat."

She giggled up at him. He looked back down at her with love in his eyes. 

"You deserve it. And so much more."

He grabbed her hand and drug her over to the fireplace. He kicked off his shoes and pulled her down onto his lap and hugged her. He had driven for several hours to get here in time for coffee and breakfast.  He had missed her despite whatever the hell had been happening to him at his hotel. 


She sat up and looked up into his eyes.

"What do you want to do?"

She stared at him for a long time before answering. She had thought about this long and hard and she had nothing to lose at her age by putting it to him straight.

"I love you, Daniel. But I want work for my mother.  I love the work I do at the bakery. You don't even want an assistant."

He nodded.

"It's true.  You are only there because I fell for you the moment we met." 

"Well, I feel badly because you bought me all of the clothes and paid all of my bills and I feel guilty leaving you."

"'re not leaving me. You are leaving Taylor Developement. I love you. I have no intention of letting you get away, either. The clothes and the home are still usable and are things I would provide for the one I love regardless of where she works."

"A tiny part of me will miss the midday ravishings and spankings..."

"Ha. That will not stop just because you aren't there during the day. You can stop by anytime. And remember, I do come home at night."

"Yes. I know."

She leaned in for a kiss.

Daniel held her away from him and and stared into her eyes.

"Sara, I want you to be my wife."

He took her hand and placed the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen in her life on her finger. Her mouth dropped open as she stared.  The ring was modern but vintage in style. It was completely channel set and the platinum setting was a raised square with designs and cutouts on the under-mount. She looked back at Daniel and nodded her head.


He smiled and kissed her. 

"This house is full of smells and warmth.  Let's go down and share the news and find out what that mother of yours is cooking."

She flipped off the fireplace and ran down with him, still in her pajamas.

They got to the kitchen and Sophie was checking something in the oven. She grinned when she saw her daughter and told her to help herself to the coffee and that breakfast would be ready shortly.

She got her coffee and headed down to the diningroom where the rest of the family was already gathered and chatting away. Sophie followed closely behind. The only chairs left were next to eachother so they sat. Sophies eyes fell to the ring as soon as they sat.  She grabbed her daughter's hand while the others were distracted and busy chatting. She stared at the ring and then back up into Sara's eyes.

"That's new."

Sara nodded and whispered.

"Yes. He just gave it to me this morning." 

She could see the years and the pain in her mother's eyes and read it accurately. She took her mother's hands in her own.

"Mom. I planned all of this once and it failed miserably. Why don't you have a crack at it this time."

Both women stood up and clinged to one another.  Tears filled Sara's eyes but her mother was crying openly and whispered to her.

"I always felt so cheated that I could not be there during those moments for you. I would love to help and there will be no expense spared. Anything you want.  I will do it." 

"Mom...there is no need to go broke. Let's keep it simple.  More important that the marriage is good.  The wedding is just window dressing."

She knew her daughter was right but Sophie wanted to do for her daughter what she never could in the past. Sara knew it too and had no intention of taking advantage of this loving and kind hearted woman. She was delighted with her new room in Sophie's house and her new job.

They sat and chatted for another twenty minutes or so before Sophie ran off to get the quiche and hot biscuits out of the oven. The fruit salad was already on chilled plates in front of them. She passed the trays around and they enjoyed breakfast while discussing the wedding and their formal engagement. The chatter around the table was of deep comfort to Sara.  She had so longed for this as she grew up. The good Lord really does return the years the locust ate she thought to herself as she watched everyone.

Daniel wanted the whole world at the wedding but only wanted to feed the people he and the family liked. Seemed fair.  Public wedding.  Private dinner and party. They were getting together on Saturday to have dinner with her parents and decide the guest list which would be made up of Sara's kids and mostly people her parents and Daniel knew.  She had one best friend who would be her Maid of Honor. 

In any case, they had plenty of time and there was no need to hurry. She finished her food and ran upstairs to get ready for work. She came down and threw a plate together for her sister and headed off to the bakery.  

"You and Pa relax Mum. Jess and I will take the shop today."

She kissed her parents cheeks and hugged Daniel goodbye and sped off to the bakery.  She was sure Jess was tired by now. It wasn't fair to leave her there alone while they all loafed around. Besides, she was happy to get out of there and think while she worked and kept busy. She had a lot of thinking to do too.  There was no way she was going to marry Daniel without being honest with him about what had happened with Zander. She entered the shop determined to solve the conundrum while she worked.

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