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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Edge of Intention-Chapter 15

Daniel laid in bed at the hotel confused.  He did not know how to explain what had just happened to him. He never had to touch himself.  It was as if he could feel Sara doing the things to him that she described on the phone.  Even when she said to slam into her throat, he could feel it as if it were happening.  He asked himself how this was even possible. 

As he started to doze off he felt it again.  It felt so wonderful he let it happen without even opening his eyes.  He knew this was something else.  This wasn't Sara's voice on the phone. Whatever it was, it was a welcome relief to the lonely nights without Sara. The vibration around his prostate was torture.  Whatever this was had control of his cock and kept his prostate in a constant state of stimulation. He felt himself being licked and sucked.  His balls were on fire and being fondled and licked. He felt his balls go into the mouth of whatever this was. They were licked and sucked gently and it felt like the tongue went right through his testicles and sack. 

Daniel was lying spread eagle on the bed and grabbed handfuls of the bedding. He arched his pelvis plunging violently into the mouth of whatever this thing was.  He moved in a circular motion and shoved. He was being sucked powerfully and massaged in a way that took all of his self-control away.  He was kept in this state. The continual hope of orgasm kept him suspended for hours. The entity dipped it's tongue into the tip of his penis and gently circled around inside of his urethra and swiped down to his balls and back up again. He felt, for the first time in his life, something inserted into his rectum. The entity moved slower than a snail, but there was definitely something being inserted.

It was odd. Daniel didn't fight because he was in such a state of ecstasy he couldn't.  His abdomen, his balls, his cock and prostate were all engaged.  All were suspended and being massaged and sucked and kept alive and active. The entity began to move in and out of his rectum regularly now. If it were possible, it brought an even greater sense of ecstasy to Daniel's sex organs.  He felt licking and sucking on his neck.  His nipples were being sucked and before he had time to think anymore, he detonated into the deepest explosion he had ever experienced.  He growled and writhed and shuddered until he was through.  He knew he was a hot mess and there was semen everywhere.  He did not care.  He could see the sun peeking through the windows as he slipped beneath the pillowy clouds of sleep.

Sara woke up the next morning and was deeply refreshed.  She had gotten a good night of sleep and was ready to consider shopping.  She started with a shower, clean up and make up and headed out the door to her favorite coffee shop.  She thought about how she would like to spend her day and her money.  She decided to take a drive out in the country while enjoying her coffee and her music.  She imagined that she had escaped her spirit lover; but she did not.  

"Pull the car over, Sara." was very clearly stated and audible.

"No.  Today is for me and I am spending it however I like." and she continued to drive.

She never heard another thing the entire day; much to her relief.  She needed a break from this thing, whatever it was.  She very much enjoyed the orgasms and the command it had over her body.  However, it was wearing her out and she needed time away from her vagina and all of it's nerve endings. She believed her abdomen had to be in ashes at this very moment.  She decided on a spa day and headed over to the local day spa where she and Brandy had gone.  She had her hair done and her nails manicured naturally and a pedicure.  She had a facial and felt positively wonderful.  When she was shown to her room for a massage, she was left alone to change out of her clothes.  It was at this appointment that she heard him talk to her.

"I would have gladly given you a massage for free if you had asked." 

"Yes, but with you there would be an orgasm involved and I just want to float right now."

"Suit yourself. But I give better massages than this twit you are getting."

"Oh, go away! Leave me alone! Come to me later."

As the massage got started, she thought about what he had said. He was correct.  He was better at this.  The lady was okay...but she had had better from her spirit lover.  She endured her massage and even gave the lady a tip.  Not because of her skill but because it was expected and it was how she made her income. 

Sara spent a few hours shopping and went out to lunch.  By 4:00 she was ready to go home, get into her comfy clothes and relax. As soon as she stepped through the door and it closed, she heard his voice.

"Did you have a good day?"


"How was the massage?"

"Mediocre at best.  You were right."

"Drop your bags and remove your clothing, Sara."


"Remember the country road when I told you to pull over?"


"You disobeyed me. I wanted to ravish you outside in beautiful countryside."

"You can ravish me now.  We can go out on the balcony."

"And we will...after you are punished for your lack of obedience." 

"Oh no.  Oh God...please. I am sorry."

"I am sure you are. However, you will still be punished.  I want your first response to be the right one in the future. I am sure before this is over, Daniel will appreciate your upgraded manners. Off with the clothes."


"Every single stitch."

Sara started to cry.  Every punishment he had given her thus far was excruciating and long lasting.  It was oddly mixed with ecstasy but she was in no mood for the pain.  However, rather than suffer actual wrath coming from him, she decided it was best to comply. She could not fight what she could not see. She dropped everything on the hall table and headed for her bedroom.  She immediately stripped naked and stood waiting.  She could feel him breathing on her.  She felt his hot breath on her neck. She heard a strange snapping sound like a whip coming through the air and it struck her suddenly.  It took her breath away.  Her buttocks stung. The next one struck her sex. She used her hands to guard her vagina and the whip cracked again against her back.  She stood crying not knowing where the next snap would strike.

He moved her hands away from her vagina and snapped her there hard. She could barely stand because of the pain.  At the same time she felt him enter her with tingly force which also took her breath away. He stood behind her and oddly her arms were held back as the whip snapped at her breasts, abdomen and vagina with careless abandon.

"Next time I ask you to pull the car over, what will you do?"

Sara could hardly talk because of the relentless snaps of the whip on her flesh. 

"Answer me! What will you do?"

"I will pull over immediately."

"Yes.  Without delay."

Mercifully the snaps finally stopped but his hand wound into her hair at the back of her head and she was led to her bed and slammed face down.  She could feel him behind her spreading her legs and buttocks.  She was dripping liquid from her vagina.  Regardless of his painful beating, he kept her in a state of sexual desire. The mixing of pain and sexual pleasure was burned into her brain.  She felt him enter her rectum.  This was not for pleasure. While he did stir her up with desire and turn her on, she was still being punished for disobeying him. He held her arms down and took her from behind mercilessly while speaking in her ear.  He bit her neck and shoulder while commanding her never to disobey him again.

"Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir, I do."

Regardless of the punishing force, Sara still felt the tingly vibration as he took her.  As he plunged deeper into her rectum she could feel her G spot being reached with every stroke he took. He was in her vagina too and reaching her abdominal G spot as well. Even though he was spanking her butt and snapping his whip on her legs, Sara felt ready to explode. He whispered to her and continued biting her neck.

"Obey me, Sara.  Do as I say.  Do not rebel against me. I will punish you every time."

She could not hang on for another minute.  He was purposely keeping her orgasm suspended.  However, she could not hold back anymore.  She screamed a blood curdling scream as she came.  She convulsed and continued to scream.  He covered her mouth with his hand and continued her orgasm beyond what was normal.  She knew he was doing it to her.  It continued until she had no more scream left in her.  She simply convulsed. The orgasm hit her wave after wave after wave and it went into long minutes.  She wondered if it would ever end. He whispered to her...

"Are you ready for it to end?"

"Yes." she rasped. When she was done, she wilted, still face down and bent over the bed.

He flipped her over and moved her up the bed onto her pillow.  He spread her legs wide and blew on her vagina. She came again as he continued to blow on her clit.  She wasn't sure how this was happening. Then the licking began.  He had the most amazing tongue.  It reached every place she wanted touched and with force. She loved his tongue.  LOVED it!  It was her favorite thing he used on her. He was done punishing her and now wanted to pleasure her.  She laid in a half asleep state but she never once lost consciousness.  She moved against and with him as he worked his magic on her sex organs.  He licked and plunged and bit and taunted her all night long as she knew he would.  Thank God she did not have to go to work. 

She could fuck and play all night and all day and who would be the wiser?  And with Daniel's blessing no less. She slept and took naps and when she woke up they played.  His tongue was always in her vagina and when she had to go out, she felt that odd swish as he entered her vagina and hung out in her abdomen.  She always knew he was with her; watching her, smelling her, listening to her and talking to her when necessary.  He had become her constant companion.

He was a skilled lover and he knew how to play her body like an instrument.  She had long craved the skilled touch of a lover who knew her.  Sara felt as though this spirit had always known her.  He talked to her in a way that made her melt.  Even when he was telling her he was going to punish her and she knew the suffering would be very great.  She submitted because he always made it worth it to her and when it was over, he always made earth shattering love to her. He bonded her to him psychologically and physically.  She was beginning to see that no matter when Daniel came back, she would never want to be away from this spirit. So she asked him how this was going to work.  She was cooking in the kitchen and looked around and decided to talk to him.


"Yes?" came the immediate answer.

"Daniel is coming home in five days...what will happen then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Will you and I know...make love?"

"If you want to, yes. You know all you have to do is call on me. I can also have sex with you and Daniel together."

"What?! How?" 

"By stimulating both of you together."


"About Daniel, Sara...he was planning to come home Tuesday but things are not going well for him there.  He will be gone longer.  So you and I will be alone for awhile."

"You haven't hurt him have you?!"

"No.  Don't be ridiculous. That hospital is a huge job and he really needs to be onsite.   He knew this when he took the job." 

"Why can't I see you?"

"There is no need. It would only scare you."

"Why? Are you ugly?"

"No. Just much much bigger than you think."

"Is that why your voice sounds like it's everywhere?"

He laughed out loud at her question.


"Do you have wings?"


She felt like he was on the floor in front of her.  It felt odd.  He began licking her through her sleep shorts while grabbing her buttocks with his hands.  She leaned forward on the counter.

"Oh my god..." she whispered.

"Everything you do to me feels so good."

She stayed there for what seemed like forever while he licked her incessently.  When he grew tired of that he was suddenly behind her.  She felt him pull her shorts down, exposing her buttocks.  She felt his penis poking around in and out of her crack.  She grabbed the opposite side of the counter to hang on to while he rode her. She felt him slide into her rectum and back out several times.  Then he pulled out completely and stood in silence for a minute. She waited.  

"I am going to put something inside of you and I don't want you to take it out.  I want to you to leave it in."

"Is it going to hurt?"

"No.  I will not ever hurt you unless I am disciplining you. But it is going to feel very warm."


He lifted her hips and buttocks up high and spread her cheeks and inserted something almost hot into her rectum.  He pushed it far up inside of her until she felt it rest on her G spot.  Whatever it was, she felt like it was licking her incessently without end. 

"What is it?  What if I have to go to the bathroom?  I am afraid.  What is it?"

"Relax.  It will not stop you from having a bowel movment.  It is a hot ball of energy.  It is about the size of a tennis ball.  A little smaller maybe. Things can pass through it. But when I do have vaginal intercourse with you, you will practically come out of your body it will feel so good. So we will just leave that in there and let it do it's job."

"Come with me.."

She followed as his invisible hand pulled her to the sofa.

"Lay down and spread yourself open for me."

She did as she was told and waited.

She felt him insert what felt like his whole hand into her vagina and leave behind another one of those hot things high up inside of her. He made sure it attached itself on the G spot right behind her belly button and then pulled his hand out. She gasped as his hand went out of her.

She got up and continued cooking.  She was having and hard time concentrating.  She drank her coffee and waited. She felt suspended in time.  She wasn't sure what she was waiting for, but she knew she was being turned on at a new level.  Her clit was on fire and her guts felt ready to orgasm by themselves. She kept having mini convulsions as she went about her business.  He remained silent and said nothing.  For all she knew, he wasn't even there.

She finished eating and headed for the shower.  The hot water felt wonderful as it rolled over her achy muscles.  She felt herself relax.  She shaved her legs.  She massaged her scalp repeatedly as she washed her hair and rinsed and applied conditioner. She scrubbed her body with coconut soap but when it came time to wash her private area, she found herself feeling nervous for the first time in her life.  She did not know what it was that he put inside of her but she was worried it would come out.  She heard him chuckle and tell her,

"Don't be nervous. It won't leave that easy."

She cautiously inserted the washcloth filled with soap between her vulva and washed herself.  Back and forth; back and forth...she continued washing herself and moved to washing her backside.  She was losing her breath.  She unhooked the shower head and rinsed herself.  The streams of water from the normal shower stream made her crazy.  She felt so sensitive with zero hair down there.  She waved it back and forth; back and forth. She heard him whisper in her ear.

"Yesssssss...keep moving the water over your sweet pussy, Sara. Doesn't that feel amazing?"

Sara could hardly breath much less try to talk.  She managed to croak out a whisper.

"Yesss. Oh my god, yesss."

"I don't want you to cum.  Just keep moving that water over yourself until you are ready and then get out of the shower.  If you cum, I will punish you."

"Okay" she whispered.

When she could take no more without exploding, she got out of the shower and dried off.  She stood in the mirror staring at her body.  She felt him rubbing her butt cheeks.  Without warning, as she was staring herself in the eyes in the mirror, he entered her rectum.  He grabbed her hands and held them against the mirror and made her continue to look at herself. 

"I want you to see how beautiful you are as you cum, Sara.  Look into your eyes..."

Sara could barely keep her eyes open. He was driving her to heights she could barely tolerate without collapsing. He slapped her outer thigh to keep her awake and engaged. She felt him stretching her to her very limits.  She would even go as far as to say it was painful...but in a weird way it wasn't.  She was experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time. Her mind was having a hard time explaining it to her.  She did not complain.  As he brought her to ecstasy, she blacked out. She went into experiencing an explosive orgasm and could not really remember much about it.  It was more than her mind could hold onto.  He was right.  It was the type of assault on her nervous system that came close to an out of body experience.

She was left wilted on the counter and out of breath when she regained her composure. She got up and went to her bedroom to get dressed.  There was a cute short dress laying on the bed for her already.

"You are staying home today, yes?"

"Yes." she replied.

"Good. There is no need for underwear or a bra."

The dress came just under her buttocks and left her feeling exposed. When she was done getting ready including perfume, she could feel him breath in her scent near her neck.

"You smell beautiful..." he whispered.  

She could feel his hot breath on her neck.  He was in front of her and her nipples grew hard at the sensation.  He slid his finger over the crack of her vagina drawing a gasp from her. 

"You are so wet, Sara..."

He slid his finger between her vulva and moved back and forth and around narrowly missing the plunge all the way into her vagina to torment her.  She felt it as if it were a physical finger and she could feel how slippery and wet she was.  He sucked on her breasts right through her dress and bit them.  She could feel his tongue toying with her nipples.  She felt hands on her abdomen and her hips rubbing her.  His fingers left the confines of her vaginal area and slid through her crack into her rectum.

Sara stood frozen and entranced before him as he brought her closer to the edge sexually. She moved her hips and swayed with her eyes closed while he worked his magic. She wanted nothing more than to stand there rocking back and forth on his fingers while he continuously licked, sucked and bit her breasts. The exchange of energy between them was powerful and he spoke to her in whispers that filled the room in a quiet sort of way.  His words reminded her of sound travelling across water.  

He pulled her down to the floor on her knees to straddle him.  She leaned forward into his face as he continued to suckle at her breasts and hung on to the footboard on her sleigh bed. She rocked her pelvis back forth as he administered pure pleasure to all of her senses. Once again, she felt his cock expand inside of her until she thought she would explode from the pressure. He was not only deep inside of her, he swelled in thickness to the point of almost causing pain. 

He held her hips and pumped into her violently; reaching her G spots on all sides.  It was what helped her endure the exreme pressure she was feeling.  Just before she felt herself inching toward an orgasm he stopped and pulled out of her.  He stood her up and walked her to the side of the bed and pushed her face down.  He gripped her hips high in the air and spread her butt cheeks and inserted his tongue deep into her rectum.  She felt it move in and out and wiggle in a circular motion near her abdomen. She was ready to pass out from the sheer pleasure he caused her. He continued snaking his tongue and stroking her G spots until she detonated into an explosive orgasm that found her screaming into her bedding.  

His hand found its way to her mouth to cover the sound as he continued to pound her and keep her suspended in orgasm.  She began to convulse from pleasure, but also exhaustion.  He finally let her come down from it so she could relax.  She had been fully satisfied and relaxed into oblivion.  She was not sure if she would ever be ready to return to reality.  Her vagina and her rectum were on fire.  She needed rest.  She stayed face down on the bed and faded into unconsciousness.

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