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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Edge of Intention Chapter 13

After her meeting with James, Sara wandered into the bathroom in main entry of the executive suite. She got inside and closed the door; locking it and turning to lean on it, consumed in thought. She slid down the door buried in her personal wave of stress until she sat at the base of the door.  She opened her legs to find her one pleasure that had always served as great stress relief.

Daniel looked up from his desk as Sara flew through the entryway and into the bathroom.  He heard the door close and lock. For a split second he found the lock odd but ignored it. He continued working on budget reports and took one call.  In fifteen minutes she had still not come out of the bathroom and the toilet had not flushed.  It was time for him to investigate. 

Sara was lost in her determination to bring herself over the edge for an amazing freefall...but it was not to be.  Daniel's rude knocking interrupted her thoughts and feelings. She had to pull herself together and damn quickly.  He was talking to her and she could barely figure out what he was saying.  She purposely slowed her breath and quickly got to her feet.  She ran her fingers through her hair and pressed her clothing back into place and slowly opened the door.

Daniel gave her the up and down while questioning her odd behavior.

"Why didn't you answer me?"

Sara shook her head in response.

"Are you okay?"

Again, Sara shook her head in response.

"Has the cat got your tongue?"

"No, Sir."

"What is going on in here?"

"I was just sitting in here thinking about everything."

Daniel smelled a rat and she knew that he did. He grabbed her hand and lifted it to his lips for a kiss...and there it was; the scent he knew all too well. His eyes caught a spark at the realization of what she had been up to. He stepped into the bathroom and shut and locked the door as she backed away.

"What?" came her nervous response.

"I don't know. You tell me. I think you have been up to no good in here."
uDaniel glanced around the room as he moved toward her.  He reached out and grabbed the waistband of her pants and slid his hand down the inside, making his way to her vagina.  He slipped one finger daringly into her slit, confirming his suspicions; she was wet enough to need a change of panties. Sara froze.

"What do we have here...?" he whispered as he moved his finger slowly over her clit; back and forth until she started to squirm.  Daniel reached over and turned off the light.  She stood silently waiting.  She could hear him breathing but could see nothing. She could hear the sound of his belt coming undone.  Her breath caught in her throat as she heard the zipper.  She was grabbed suddenly and pushed into the wall behind her face first. He lifted her and told her to grab the hooks on the wall above her head.  

"Hang onto the hooks and don't let go."

She felt his hands slip into the waistband of her jeans and pull them straight down.  His hands caressed her butt cheeks and squeezed them tight. His hands continued their journey around her hips and down to her apex.  He lifted her up and pulled her back slightly so his hardened erection could slide into her vagina.  She was smashed flat against the wall as he began to move and whisper in her ear. 

"How does this feel?"

Sara's eyes rolled shut as he powerfully entered her and held her firmly in place against the wall as he pulled out.  As he pushed back in she gasped.

"Good, Sir."

"You should never hide in the bathroom to take care of something I am perfectly able to assist in..."

Sara gasped as his finger continually rolled over her clit as he slammed into her repeatedly. The heat that she had started herself earlier was building again with every thrust and stroke of his finger.  He leaned forward and whispered in her ear again.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir." she replied.

His hand came up over her mouth and he pulled her head against his shoulder as he thrust into her and continued stroking her again and again and again...he had to bear most of her weight as she convulsed through her orgasm.  His own release came as her hard spasms massaged and squeezed him.  He pulled out of her when he had finished. But his hand pulling her head to his chest remained fast over her mouth as he continued to whisper commands in her ear. 

"Put your hand over your mouth." 

She was careful to obey each command as she was thrust over his extended knee. He shocked her flesh as he slapped her ass several times.  He pulled back to his chest so he could continue whispering in her ear.  

"Sometimes stress is best taken out in other ways, Miss Beckett. Wouldn't you agree?"

Sara could do nothing but nod as her mouth was covered.  She was tossed back over his extended knee and give seven or eight more hard slaps to her backside. Her skin was on fire now.  He again pulled her back up.

"Did you enjoy your orgasm, Sara?"

Sara nodded her response.

"Next time you come in my office and ask me to do the that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

She was thrown over his knee again and spanked until she finally started to cry softly.  He could tell she had finally relaxed enough to allow tears and he stopped. He turned her and pulled her into his arms and held her until she was done crying. They were still standing in the dark and she moved away to turn on the hot water to clean up.  When she was done they still stood in the pitch blackness. 

Daniel nuzzled up behind her.

"I am glad you enjoyed it." he whispered as he licked her neck from behind while his hands travelled up the inside of her blouse.  He popped her breasts out from under her bra. His hands roamed over the surface of her nipples and squeezed until she gasped from the slight pain from his pinch. 

"Would you like to reward me?" 

His breath on her neck set her spine on fire. 'Yes' she gasped into his mouth. He had flipped her to face him and was now licking and sucking on her breasts; biting her nipples and then twisting them until she reached her limit. Daniel pulled her pants down past her hips this time.  His tongue trailed from her belly down to her clit.  She jump as his tongue jetted in and out and make contact with her clit.

"Step out of these."

She kicked her pants off and he lifted her to the counter.  He placed her knees on his shoulders and continued licking her clit.  He massaged and circled, nipped and pulled until she almost came again and stopped.
"Uh-uh. This one is for me..."

He stood her up and kissed her.  He kissed her so deeply, her abdomen burst into flames. His hand worked it way between her legs and began it's magic.  He kissed her neck while he played with her clit mercilessly.  Bringing her to the edge and stopping; waiting long enough for her to cool off before warming her up again.  He was kissing her and asked

"What would you like to do for me..?"

"What would you like?" she breathed.

"I am so happy you asked."

Daniel lifted Sara off of the counter and face her toward the counter.  His hand travelled from her waist up her stomach, between her breasts and to her throat.  He gently held her against his shoulder by her throat. She could feel his hardened erection between her buttocks stroking the length of her entire slit back to front.  She knew what he wanted.  She knew he intended to get it too. He leaned forward so she was bent over the counter.  He moved his feet between her ankles and kicked them apart.  Her eyes rolled back and closed...

Sara was enjoying the powerplay.  She loved men who were powerful but silent. She loved his strong command over her body.  He never really did more than she could take and nearly always made it worth whatever she had to go through.  The mysteriousness of the pitch black room added to the suspense and the turn on for her.  Her legs were spread wide and she could feel him entering her.  She was shocked as he delivered a hard smack to her outer right butt cheek. She gasped as he delivered another and another. He began whispering in her ear forcefully as he pushed his erection into her as the hard smacks continued.

"I do not like your attitude of late, young lady! You are spinning a bit out of control and it is going to stop now! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir!" she gasped.
Daniel enjoyed her clenching grip on him every time he delivered a hard smack.  He continued to talk her through it.

"Everytime I spank you, you clench me tighter, baby.  I don't even have to are doing this for me." he whispered hoarsely as she continued to tolerate the strikes. 

Sara's fingers found their way to the pulsating button between her vulva and she began to stroke herself with every smack of Daniel's hand. The feel of him pushing deep into her analy set sparks off in her abdomen as she stroked and was more and more turned on by his powerful smacks.  Her clit was on fire and it spread through her abdomen until she felt herself convulse wildly.  She was out of breath and energy as her body gave way to spasms that yanked and pulled him over the edge of the cliff.  He exploded within her while holding her throat and chest against him in a vice grip.

Daniel held her still for what felt like forever.  When their heartbeats slowed and they caught their breath again, he began to slowly disengage from her and pull out.  She cleaned up and got dressed in the dark.  She could hear Daniel putting himself back together.  He stepped forward when she fell silent and was put back together. He reached out for her and pulled her close.  He leaned down and kissed her lips.  Her arms flew around his neck and she clung to him.  It was not really the response Daniel was expecting but he gladly accepted.  He leaned in to whisper into her mouth.

"I love you, Sara. I have so much fun with you."

"I love you too, Daniel. You are everything I ever thought I wanted."

"We have to get back to work and out of this bathroom at some point."  She started laughing and let go of him and started for the door.  

"What time are you seeing Sophie?"

"I am on my way there now.  I will see you tonight. What do you want to do for dinner?"

"Ummm...let's play it by ear.  We could just grab a bite.  Have fun with your mother."

"Yeah.  She's not...I mean...I just don't feel like she is my mother yet.  I know she just doesn't feel like it yet."

"I understand. You will get there. It won't take long for her to feel like a mother hen. It's just how she is."

"I might just grab you something from the shop because I am sure she will feed me while I am there." 

"Sounds good." He patted her on the behind and she grabbed her purse and flew out the door.  She glanced at him over her shoulder and blew him a kiss.

"You're a beast, boss."

She walked out the door to the sound of his loud and continued laughter and shut it securely behind her.  Brandy greeted her with a smile.

"What was that all about?" she wondered aloud.

"Oh nothing.  We were just going at it and got into a battle of wits and I got out the door before he could respond."

"Brandy, I will be with Sophie at the shop for the rest of the afternoon. Hold Daniel's calls unless James calls. If he doesn't get work done on job expense reports today we are going to have a mess on our hands with the IRS."

"Will do, chickey! Have a great afternoon!" she called after her.

Sara was actually looking forward to spending the day with Sophie.  She loved her shop and she secretly nursed a desire to cook all of the time. The woodsy atmosphere and the large fireplace made the place cozy.  The music warmed it right up and created an ambiance that Sara found most comforting. She arrived and the shop was full of sunlight and was busy.  Jess was behind the counter and Jeremy was clearing lunch tables. The place looked far too busy for Sara to expect Sophie to stop and chat with her.  It hardly seem fair to the rest of the crew.  So, she decided to help clear and wipe tables until lunch was over.  Sophie just let her.  Jess mouthed,

"Thank you." followed by a wink and a smile and an odd tilt of her head to show her appreciation.

Sara moved happily around wiping and organizing and straightening things around the shop. She was lost in her thoughts about Daniel and the stresses of working for him when she heard a voice behind her.

"Ma'am, do you guys do catering for meetings and lunches?"

Sara turned and answered the stern looking business woman who stood at least a head taller than her.  She was broad shouldered with a wide jaw. She was attractive but very stern looking.  She wore a periwinkle suit with flat camel shoes. She stood holding an appointment calendar and had a laptop bag draped over her shoulder.

"I don't know, but I will get the owner right away for you."

She scooted off to find Sophie. She wandered to the backroom and found her sitting at her desk, papers flying.

"Hello dear!" She waved her back and told her to take a seat.

"No, I am here because there is a lady out here who wants to know if you offer catering."

"Tell her yes, hand her a catering menu..." Sophie stuffed the menu into Sara's hands.

"Paid in full only, we just need to know what she wants and for how many and we need a 24-hour notice. Pick up only."

Sophie waved her off and kept her attention on the paperwork on her desk. Without looking up she said,

"Go on, lass. I'll be here waiting for you."

Sara grinned at Sophie's sly stunt. There was comfort in her mother telling her what to do as silly as it was.  She made her way back to the woman who had inquired of her and relayed Sophie's message. The woman seemed to want to chat it up about her conference and what they would need.  She wanted something very woodsy down to earth.

"I can do a flavored cinnamon roll.  We can make the pumpkin with creamcheese icing, we can do regular with a maple coffee icing, we can do apple with caramel drizzle or orange rolls. What kind would you like."

"Oh wow.  How about classic with a creamcheese smeared icing with house hot coffee and tea.  I will need service for fifty to cover all bases. Can you do them flat and round rather than tall like when they are baked in a pan with sides?" 

"I sure can.  What time would you like those ready?"
"The meeting is Saturday morning.  I can come in and pick them up at 8." 

"Okay.  Let me check with the owner and get you a price.

Sara turned and saw Sophie watching her from behind the bakery case. 
"Okay, she wants service for 50. Coffee, tea and woodsy cinnamon rolls."

"I have no clue what a woodsy cinnamon roll is. Normally I charge $3.00 per guest but those sound fancy." 

"They're not. They are easy."

"You want to come in and make them?  I will start the coffee and we can have breakfast and visit while we work.  I will give Jess that morning off."

"Yes, I would love to. I just have to run it by Daniel." 

Sophie filled out the receipt for the order and told the customer to pay at pick up. 

Sara asked where she could tuck her belongings away from the public and Sophie showed her to the employee lounge and gave her a personal locker she could use anytime she was onsite. She dropped her things and returned to the diningroom to continue helping out.  She wiped and organized and chatted with the customers, took orders from the table, passed out napkins and sauces. 

Sophie helped customers and served up lunches and drinks of every variety but her eye never left Sara.  She reminded her so much of herself when she was young. She was beautiful, bright, airy and filled with warmth and cheer.  There was a humility about her that made her come off like a princess among commoners.  She truly was kind spirited and loved people. She was good with people.  She wasn't sure how she felt about her wearing her jeans and reminding her how fat and old she had gotten herself.  

When the lunch rush was over, Jess grabbed two roast beef sandwiches with squash soup and put them on the table and offered Sara lunch and a conversation.  She gladly partook because she was half starved and hadn't eaten since her quick breakfast. She was delighted to learn she had had a sister however was clueless about how to behave with one.  She appreciated the attempt at kindness and took a seat in the booth where the food was set.  

She knew this was a conversation of discovery; Not just for Jess, but for both of them.  She wanted to pick her sister's brain about everything.  She wondered if she felt guilty for her dissappearance, was she happy working at the shop, did she like her parents, etc.  The questions were endless.  However, for the moment, she chose to dive into her sandwich and wait until she could concentrate on her questions.  For now, all she could feel was the empty hole running through her and it wasn't emotional curosity; it was good old fashioned starvation.

To Be Continued

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