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Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Edge of Intention Chapter 11B

Daniel got to the office, sat on his couch and stared out the window. He could not help but wonder how this new discovery was going to affect his budding love life. While he believed he and Sara would be fine, he couldn’t help but wonder if she would break down from being forced to revisit painful memories. He had no clue what had happened to her and he was anxious to get to the bottom of it. He decided to go down to the West Wing and visit Jane in her office. 

“What did you say her name was?”

“Ava Beckett.”

The name jarred a memory in Jane’s mind…”Little Ava Beckett; that sounds so familiar, Daniel.”

She started typing on her laptop. Her eyes got big and her mouth dropped open as she turned the laptop so he could see it.

“One of the news networks ran a special on it years ago and I remember Mom and Dad watching it and talking about it!”

Daniel read the article in horror as he realized what had happened to Sara. Her parents had immigrated from Ireland and the minute they pulled into New York Harbor and were deboarding the ship, a woman offered to help watch the children for her while she and her husband dealt with the immigration officials. The woman seemed kind enough and they could see her from where they were standing. When they wrapped up and were on their way, the woman and the children were gone. Long gone. Their hunt for their children lasted for years but to no avail.

Daniel sat frozen to the spot. He did not know what to think or how to respond.

Sara woke up to the slamming of her front door. She jumped thinking she had overslept but it was only three o’clock and Daniel said he would pick her up at 6:30 p.m. He walked in and stopped in the doorway and leaned on the doorframe.

“Is everything alright?”

He nodded.

“Everything is fine. I just could not concentrate at work so I came home.”

He stood there wondering how the horrors of her childhood had hurt her. He knew there was something underneath her beautiful exterior. She had been terrorized by something. He wondered desperately what it was however, he was sure she was having a hell of a time remembering it herself. He was going to have to wait until dinner at Sophie’s to see how things would play out. He was dying to see it unfold. 

Right now though, he just wanted to make love to her; to bond with her.   He was in love with this woman and he could no longer imagine his life without her. He shoved his fears down for the moment and settled into the idea of an afternoon of play to gain some rest and relief.

He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat. He reached over and scooped her up into his arms and just held her. Sara did not know how to feel. Her whole life felt weird. There were times when she wondered about the people who had raised her. She never planned to visit them again after her divorce. They were mean to her and deeply involved in a cult that made for a very difficult childhood at the least and downright abusive at the most. She wondered what life would have been like if she had been raised by her now, real parents. Would she be working in the bake shop like Jess? Had James known? Why hadn’t he told her? It didn’t matter now. She was about to find out.

“How are you doing?” Daniel whispered.

“I’m fine. Just so confused.”

“I’ve known Sophie and Jeremy for a long time and never once did they ever mention that there were other children. They only ever talked about Jess. By the time I met you, even though the last names were similar and you do look like them, I never made the connection. You are Beckett and they are Beckette. The pronunciation is different.”

Daniel held her close and stroked her hair. He knew she must be in a mild state of shock.

“It’s going to be fine, Sara. They are the nicest people you will ever meet.”

“ love to bake…”

“Do you think it is like a DNA bloodline thing?”

“You do?”

Sara nodded her head and grinned. She could imagine exactly what was going through his mind before it came out of his mouth.

“Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Start baking some goodies! I have an incredible sweet tooth.”

“It hasn’t been first and foremost in my mind these days.”

“Well what has?”

When she looked up at him the bland look on her face told him not to toy with her.

"How can I think of baking cookies and cakes when most of my energy involves trying to avoid your strong arm tactics.”

She decided not to pursue the subject further when the look in his eyes turned decidedly cool. She laid her head back against his chest and giggled to herself in mind only. She was careful not to move a single solitary facial muscle; just in case he could see her from some angle she hadn’t thought of. Why, oh why, must I always push him? What is this ridiculousness. I hate it when he spanks me! But I love to annoy him. Am I paying him back for spanking me in the first place? What is it?!

Daniel reached down and lifted her chin with his forefinger and thumb tilting her face upward. He knew her barb was intentional. He leaned down and kissed her lips and whispered to her as he caressed her face. He decided to humor her.

“Take your clothes off.” He whispered into her mouth.

Her eyes studied him as she tried her best to assess his intent. However, Daniel gave nothing away. He continued to caress her shoulder and kiss her as she started to cooperate by unhooking her bra. He let her go so she could finish undressing. She was kicking her panties off to the side and he had started to undress himself. Her face hit the coverlet on her bed so fast she wasn’t quite sure what had happened. Daniel stepped behind her and rubbed his strong hands up her back starting from her waist. She groaned as his hands glided over her skin like warm butter. She was shocked out of her comfort dream when she heard before feeling the loud slap to her behind. He continued massaging her while speaking softly to her.

“Did you know that I love the way your bubbly cheeks bounce and jiggle when I spank you?”

She did not immediately respond. Another loud crack sounded as he smacked her a second time.

“I asked you a question.”

she breathed.

Another loud crack rang out. This time it was more painful and she gasped.

“No, what!”

“No, Sir. I did not know you liked it.”

“What about you, Sara?”

“Do you like it?”

“No, Sir. I do not. It hurts too much.”

“Oh...I think you do.”

Daniel continued to massage her sore bottom and hips. He ran his hands down the backs of her thighs and up over her buttocks again as if to massage away the stinging there.

“In fact, I think you purposely say things that you know will earn you a spanking...don’t you?”

“No, Sir! I do not!”

Crack! Came another loud slap to her already sore buttocks.

“I do not like lying, Sara. And I know that you are.”

He watched her face closely as he continued to massage the backs of her legs and her buttocks and lower back. A single tear slid down her cheek as she held the coverlet bunched in her hands in front of her. He delivered another loud crack to her backside as if to command a response out of her but she said nothing. She winced from the pain as another tear slid down her cheek.

Daniel freed himself from his trousers. She could feel him rubbing himself along the crack of her backside and down towards her front and back the other way. Sara became quickly aroused. Daniel was kissing her neck and whispering in her ear as he rubbed himself back and forth through the length of her crack.

“Why do you push me, Sara?”

“I don’t know, Sir.”

Daniel grasped both of her hands and held them against the bed above her head and leaned off of her to one side so he had a clear shot to deliver another loud slap to her ass. Sara gasped again.

“Tell me, Sara. Why do you push me?”

“I do not try, Sir! I don’t!”

“I just like to make you mad. I don’t know why!”

He knew that she was not being honest. Furthermore it irritated him just enough to not want to reward her with an orgasm. He leaned forward and took both of her wrists, pushing them against the bed at her head level. Sara could feel his cock sliding up and down her crack as he spoke to her. She began to feel dizzy as he made contact with her clitoris every so many seconds.

“Well are you happy? You have succeeded in irritating me. I think that is worthy of a little punishment, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” she whispered.

She knew that Daniel would take her and somewhat forcefully. She felt him slip slowly into her backside. He slid himself into her slowly until he was fully encased by her and he stopped. He kissed her neck and sucked on her shoulder. His tongue wandered back up to her earlobe and he took it into her mouth and nipped at it. He felt her lightly spasm a few times around his cock as he teased her. If he continued down this road that alone was going to make him send his semen so far up into her it would end up in her stomach. He pulled himself back and slowly pushed back into her. He continued until he felt comfortable enough to take longer glides in and out of her.

Sara moaned as she felt his balls hitting her vagina and making contact with her clit every couple of times. Suddenly he stopped and started talking to her again.

“This is punishment for you, Sara. I do not want you to cum.” She nodded.

He started moving again, sliding in and out of her. His pace picked up and she was careful to remain completely silent. However, no matter how hard she tried, Sara could not hold back the impending, explosive orgasm that was hiding in the background. She felt it in her ass, her stomach and her vagina. She was silent regardless of the fact that her orgasm was knocking her sideways...but he knew.

Daniel knew because her anal cavity gripped him viciously while spasming through her release. Daniel poured into her like a violent storm pushing into her forcefully as he took his relief with her. He collapsed on top of her like a pile of bricks when he was done. It felt like torture trying to lift off of her while trying to stand. He was out of breath and in need of a nap. He made his way to the bathroom to clean up with soap and water. She was not far behind to use the toilet and clean up herself.

She caught his eyes in the mirror. She knew by his expression that she would pay somehow for cumming when she was told not to. She quickly finished first and scooted to the bedroom to hop in bed before he got there. She turned over and closed her eyes to rest.

Daniel walked in and saw her tucked snugly under the covers. He walked to the end of the bed and in one fell swoop, the coverlet was yanked off of the bed and tossed to the floor. Sara took a deep breath in at the suddenness of it.

“Turn onto your back.”

She was alarmed but did as she was told. She had already pushed her luck enough today and she did not think it would be smart to keep going.

Daniel crawled up the bed until he dropped his face right into her crotch and pushed her legs out so he could lay comfortably between them. When he had licked and nipped and played with her; dipping his tongue in and out of her and circling her clit and edging her for well over an hour; bringing her to the edge of an explosive orgasm and backing off just in time to disappoint her, he stopped. She begged him, even grabbing his head at one point trying to force him to stay at it so she could cum. But he would not give in. He aimed to teach her a lesson about how it was possible to control herself. He made eye contact with her in that last moment his tongue hung motionless against her clit, pulled away and whispered,

“Let's take a nap, shall we?”

Sara was desperate. Her hand flew to her vagina to finish taking her pleasure but Daniel grabbed it and tossed it aside. She got up to go to the bathroom but he followed her there and watched while she peed. He leaned against the doorframe and grinned lazily at her. She was careful not to roll her eyes or scowl at him. But she didn’t smile either. They got back in bed to take a nap before dinner. Daniel pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. Her legs were wrapped around his with her vagina pressed firmly against his thigh. He kissed her and caressed her face.

The heat between her thighs started to build again and as he kissed her deeply she began to move herself against his thigh. When Daniel realized what she was up to he whipped the covers off and cracked her buttock with his hand. Sara relaxed against his chest.

“Okay, okay.”

What he did not realize is that she did cum. Deeply. When he smacked her bottom she came harder. She had learned over the course of the previous two hours to control her response. Since he was not inside her at the point of ignition, he was unaware that it had happened. She had no plans in the immediate future to tell him either. She simply nuzzled up to his chest and fell fast asleep.

Daniel was snoring loudly when Sara woke up. In a surge of panic she looked over at the clock.

“Whew! It’s only 5:30!”

“Daniel, wake up! Let’s get ready.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s only 5:30.”

He looked over at her suspiciously. She giggled.


“Did you…?”
as he motioned with his fingers while looking at her crotch area.

“No.” she stated plainly. Not wanting to give anything away she kept her expression blank. She walked straight out the door and into the bathroom to work first on her make-up.

Daniel folded his hands behind his head as he laid back on the pillows. His disbelieving eyes moved to the door she had just exited. After his mouth made several silent twists and turns of expression he decided to follow her. He leaned on the door frame and watched her. She never once looked at him and that told him all he needed to know.

He made up his mind to leave it alone because he did not want her upset with him in any way this evening. He was taking her to dine at her parents’ home and it would be their first meeting. She needed all of her energy focused on them; not him. However, he knew. He would save it for later. She had somehow managed to get her way...he would teach her to obey. He continued getting ready for dinner while thinking about her disobedience. At some point, he forced himself to let it go so he could focus on the evening ahead.

Sara applied her cosmetics artfully and with precision. She was nervous but forced herself to work with a steady hand. Daniel was staring at her and if she looked at him even for a second, she would have given away her secret. She refused. However, she had the distinct feeling when he walked away, that he did know. She gave a long sigh.

Pish posh. He will get over it. I have more pressing things to think about tonight than him.

Sara dressed casually in her favorite jeans again. She would use them as a conversation piece and ask her new mother all about them. She wanted to know everything she could find out about the jeans she had saved her whole life. She wanted to know about everything. But first things first; how had she and James become separated from them. They were such nice people she hardly believed it was because she did not want them.

Daniel was already dressing as casually as she. She could smell his cologne wafting from the bathrooms as he put the final touches on his grooming. He peeked his head in the bedroom.

“Are you ready, Sweet Pea?”

“Yep! Just let me put some earrings on and I will be right out.”

He held the door for her as she walked out of the apartment and then turned to close and lock the door. When they got down to the truck he opened her door and handed her the seatbelt and closed it. She was nervous.

“Anything in particular you want to ask them tonight?”

“I am mainly curious about what happened. I just want to play it by ear.”

Sara looked over at Daniel during the drive and once again thought to needle him.

“I mainly want to tell them you spank me. I want to see what they think about that.”

By this time he had his sunglasses on for the drive and she could not see his eyes. He looked over at her.

“You think telling on me to your parents is going to stop me?”

Sara looked over and grinned at him.

“One can hope can’t they?”

At that he chuckled and they dropped the subject. They pulled up and parked in front of a very large, Victorian mansion that had been well taken care of. The yard was beautifully manicured and there was a short white iron fence around the entire yard. Daniel put the truck in park and turned it off and turned to her.

“You ready?”

Sara nodded.

“I think so.”

Daniel leaned over and drew her into an embrace. He stroked her hair and comforted her.

“It’s going to be fine. They are fantastic people. I have known them for a very long time.”

He kissed the top of her head and then tilted her chin back.

“By the way, I have known Jeremy for over ten years. He knows I believe in spanking a woman. He is…”

He winked at her and jumped out to open her door for her. As they stood standing on the sidewalk James pulled up behind them. When he got out of his truck she greeted him with a hug which was nice for Daniel to see. Both men were carrying a bottle of wine for dinner. Daniel stuck out his hand in the direction of a house he had dined in many times.

“Shall we?”

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