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Thursday, March 26, 2020

You Guys Are Cheating Yourselves...

Good Evening Gentlemen!

It has been awhile since I have chatted it up with you.  This, after months of talking to so many women I have lost count!  

I am now convinced more than ever that my earlier blog posts are true!  These women are talking to me about their daydreams and what they think of my posts and I am here to clear up some confusion.  

Number one; this desire for men who spank is far more widespread than I originally thought.  I always knew there were a few of us sprinkled amongst the population.  But it is worldwide and far more American women than you men would ever guess.  

Of course, there is the little issue of politics, culture, women's activism and our upbringings all getting in the way of this.  The only thing we are left with is living out our desires in complete secrecy.  Thank God the online community has made it at least bearable. do you start?  Here is the list of things your girls want to see you do.  It is not all inclusive but I have spent two days going through these emails and compiling a list of behaviors you all have that turn them off; or on. I am going to use direct quotes because some of it is funny...and some not so much. In any case, you can read through it and decide if it applies.  If I were you, I would make silent changes and just become better.

"I love it when (He) gets ready for work in the morning.  I bring him his coffee and sit in the bathroom and chat him up while he shaves and gets ready for the office.  When he is ready, he looks so handsome and smells delicious."
And who wouldn't love this?

"My hang up was the fact that (He) would not shower after work.  He is in construction and he just plops in the recliner when he gets home.  I know he is tired but he would feel better if he would shower and our furniture wouldn't suffer.  After giving him two blow jobs while he was dirty...he showers every night now.  Suspiciously connected, I would say."
Suspiciously? And good for you.  I could not have done it even once.

"My husband is an attorney and every morning he gets dressed for work in front of a tall mirror in our bedroom.  I sit on the end of the bed and watch him and every day he whips his arm out to get the cuffs ready to insert his cufflinks.  I don't know why but this one thing he does makes me crazy!"
It's that masculine charm.

"Everytime he rolls down the window on our vehicle and spits out the window I just want to kill him.  It is the most disgusting habit ever!"
Yuk.  I agree.  No excuse for that.

"His feet smell horrible and he knows this!  He continues to take his shoes off near the kitchen while I am cooking dinner and doesn't care.  It is so gross." 
Move the shoes and spray Lysol.  Works great. You can buy odor eaters and spray Lysol inside the shoes.  If you are the one bothered, do it.  So worth it.

"(He) yells at the kids all of the time and I have no respect for his lack of patience.  If he were to spank me I would just want to kill him.  He does not show our family an ounce of his patience or love."
If this is true, time to consider removing yourself for awhile and possibly the kids?

"His mouth does this weird little twist when he feels awkward, shy, or embarrassed about something and it drives me wild.  He is so cute."
The Domestic Discipline lifestyle is much easier when you are charmed and attracted.

"I love it when he has this busines air about him when he gets home from work.  He is busy and serious.  He goes out and does yard work or works in his garage. He is still running on his day energy and doesn't let himself relax until home chores are done." 
Who would not love this guy?  Some women want the attention on them, the kids and house so I suppose it could annoy some...who are they though?

"When my husband cooks breakfast for us on Sundays.  I love seeing him in the kitchen.  I just want to get rid of the kids and attack his body."
I would too.

"I just love to watch him shave.  Just seeing his expressions and face contort. I don't know.  It's kind of sexy."
It is!  But there are men who dislike their wives sitting there and chatting and watching them.

"Before (He) comes after me to spank me, I can't help but laugh at how mad he gets.  If we are arguing, I have this nervous laugh that makes him madder than hell.  But something inside of me delights in the fact that he cares enough to flip out."
Giiiiiirrrrrlll! You are playing with fire.  Figure out a way not to laugh at ANY angry man.  LOL

"Watching him grocery shop.  He can't stand just taking an item off of the shelf and throwing it into the basket.  He has to check the price per ounce, etc.  His smarts crack me up."
Admiration.  Make sure you tell him. 

"Our yard looks like the local dump.  He won't get out and clean it up.  He orders the kids around to do chores and lays on the couch.  I can't stand it.  He needs someone to come kick his ass."
Maybe so.  Just remember that isn't YOUR job.

"He never changes the baby's diaper.  It's not fair.  This is his son too."
It's wonderful when men help out with babies.  My ex was great at that.  But when they don't, at the end of the day, it is kind of your job.  Some men are better at other things as the kids get older.

"When I am sick, he always makes me chicken soup and brings a tray complete with spoon, drink, napkin and crackers.  He is the sweetest."
This is wonderful.  Not every man does this but they should.

"He got mad because I kept my job after we got married 32 years ago.  He has never been happy because I wouldn't stay home and have babies and clean his house and do his laundry and cook.  Now he is in a wheelchair and can't work and thanks me every day that I didn't listen to him.  I am at the top of my company and bring in great money.  Our marriage is better than it has ever been.  He never used to spank me but now does it all of the time.  I think it is one way he 'deals' with his condition."
I am so happy to hear that things have turned out.  You much really love eachother.  Very good to hear your story.  Thank you for sharing.

"Please be patient my english is soso.  I hate he is gone all days and weeks.  I think he buy another wife.  If he use a stick on me, I will kill him when I can."
Not sure where this came from but whatever country you are living in, lady, try to move on or forget it.  Nobody needs to kill anyone.

"My husband and I have such a close bond that we can communicate with our eyes. He knows when he see a challenge behind mine and there are times his turn me completely off if I sense an attitude from him."
That's fine. It is your response that is key here.  :)  Just sayin'.

"I melt when my husband looks at me. There is love in his eyes and I have never seen it even in my parents eyes.  He can talk me into anything because of it."
Aww.  Just so long as he isn't Dexter and asking you to be his accomplice.  This is no joke.  It is shocking to me the secrets some "submissive" wives keep.  

So guys, I could be here all day with the list of petty things that have been mentioned.  I think in the name of preserving and improving marriages, you get the idea about the sorts of things that can make or break a woman's attitude towards you.  I know there are men out there who think it should not matter and that the woman should be submissive no matter what.  

Just remember that you are well over 70% water.  Vibration is everything!  We affect eachother whether we like it or not and we are responsible for the vibration we bring to the table or into our homes.  If you want a wife who is going to jump off of her broomstick and onto yours, you are going to have to compromise.

Stay clean, stay classy, moral, studious, quit shoving your political, religious and anti feminist rants down everyone's throat.  The most powerful men talk softly but carry a big stick and women LOVE guys like that.  And if you want her to be in naughty-nasty...downright are going to have to touch something inside of her that sets her free.  To do that, you are going to have to find out what she daydreams about.  To do that, she is going to have to trust you.  And to trust you, she is going to have to see change.  To make change, you have to make a decision.  What's it going to be?

Have a great day! Be NAUGHTY!


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