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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Make Her Ass Sting and Her Heart Will Sing...

Good Evening Guys!

Yes...this is the second post in a row for you.  The reason is that it is primarily men who are writing me and I find some of the emails I am getting pretty darn disturbing. I appreciate all of the feedback and stories about your experiences.  What I find bothersome is just how prevalent the disrespect of men really is.  I'm not even sure it can be narrowed down to a male or female thing.  Disrespect in relationships is running so rampant it is no wonder our society and it's marriages are breaking down.   

I hope you ladies are listening because this post is also for you.  Although I suspect any women reading this blog are already in a place where they would not dare treat their significant other with such disdain and disrespect as to do some of the things I am going to list here.  

Gentlemen, if your relationship involves your girl partner slapping your face, smearing pie in your face at a Military dinner, having things dumped over your head, having your partner call your family and tell them your personal problems or secrets, having your belongings smashed or broken, being called filthy names, having your credit destroyed due to shopping habits, having your children told ugly things about you, etc. then your wife has zero respect for you.  Period.  If men acted this way toward women, the men would be in jail.  You can thank the Dr. Spock generation for turning out women who behave in this manner.  It takes discipline to control our temper and any woman behaving this way deserves to have a stop put to her disgusting behavior.  This kind of treatment coming from either sex is unacceptable.  I am talking about the relationships where women are the primary offenders.  

Eminem said it best; "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up, PLEASE STAND UP!"  If men in America do not stand up, there will come a day it will no longer be our country.  Other men out in the world know how to outsmart, out meneuver and crush women.  If you allow your species to die the death the American woman has planned for you, I am afraid our future as a nation is dim.  Nevermind the whole host of other shit threatening us.  I do not feel women in this country need to have any of that happen to them, but as a nation with all eyes on us, we should at least behave in a way that is becoming to women.  If we do not take a step back in time and learn a thing or two from our ancestors, we are heading in a dangerous direction.  

I will say this again for the benefit of anyone out there having a panic attack and thinking that I am preaching abuse towards women:  I do not promote abuse of women.  I am grateful that there are laws in place to protect women from real abuse.  A spanking is anything but abuse.  I think it can be if taken too far.  But a few good smacks to anyone's behind is not going to do much damage.  The very act of being made to pull panties down, bend over and take a spanking alone would be enough to make most women in this country feel humiliated.  For spanking enthusiasts, any excuse will do.  

Gentlemen, there is nothing more shocking than to be flipped around, shoved over the bed and spanked by the man we are the most attracted to.  It doesn't have to go on and on and turn us black and blue although apparently there are times it is tempting.  Some of the behavior I am hearing about deserves a straight up slap down.  At the very least, for some of you to walk away if there is no way to win.  Long term tolerance of lack of respect, erodes away at your soul.  It prevents you from performing at optimum speed and power.  Remove yourselves from the situation.  

As afraid as some of you are to take the leap of faith and try it, it would almost be worth the night in jail to spank her just to get some peace.  I can tell you right now, if my mother had smeared pie in my dad's face in front of his friends in a rage or threw a plate of food in his face...I am laughing so hard just thinking of it.  He would have mopped up the streets of our town with her ass.  However, she would have never acted that way.  Most women wouldn't have.  

But what if things don't happen the way you imagine?  What if there really is success in your marriage on the other side of fear?  You will never know until you try it.  Who cares if she doesn't talk to you for a month if she stops her bad behavior?  Just don't back down.  If I were you, I would do it so fast there is no time to think, fight or argue.  You guys can be pretty damn fast and cunning when you want to be. 

Let's reach back to grade school and brush the dust off of a well known question from first grade; Are you going to let a girl beat you?

When I was in grade school, we talked in the girls bathroom about the boys who were the cutest, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, etc.  We had crushes on those boys.  Not the weakest, slowest and the dumbest.  If the latter behaviors are what you are displaying, look in the mirror of your bathroom and ask yourself, "Who is really to blame?"

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