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Friday, January 11, 2019

Guys, Should You Decide to Take On A Mouthy Woman....

Good Evening Guys!  This post is for you!

There is no accounting for the men who love a woman who is a pot of snap, crackling sass.  We girls can be fun when it comes to that.  It is partially how we flirt.  And for the most part, woman love to spar with a man with humor and wit.  It's like arm wrestling in a sense that it tests your intelligence and wit.  We gauge how you are going to come back at us and IF you are.  You have to be at least as quick as we are.  And if you can have the last word because you've outsmarted just might get into our panties.  I can't tell you how soon it will be, but it is in most cases, inevitable.  The problem independent woman have is that rarely is there a man out there who has the endurance to wait us out.  Seduction is much more than your looks.  A man whose brain is sparking behind quiet eyes who speaks sparingly never fails to drive us mad with daydreams.  If you doubt this, ask your sister, mother, secretary, etc. A man who thinks and analyzes the mouthy woman gives her a bit to fear.  And that is the key to a mouthy woman's heart. The idea of meeting a man who is her equal and who can tear down the wall she hides behind makes her shiver and shake.  Go ahead, ask me how I know.  And...most women I know who are like this think something like this: "Run, run, fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man..." while laughing along their path.  It is a rare man who can knock us sideways off of this path.  And if you think there is a tad drop of arrogance to it, you are right. 

So!  This post is a quote from Defiance when Allyson is smarting off to her future ex Delta Force captor in the courthouse.  This is a tiny slice of the riveting cat and mouth these two engage in throughout the trilogy.  But I think it illustrates what captivates her most.  My test readers have agreed that this man starts his take down of Allyson long before she ends up in captivity.  

These are top secret tricks nobody talks about or defines for you.  The lucky few who figure it out usually find a pretty sweet hearted girl underneath.

"The week had flown by and Vivien was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.  She had worked a few late nights, interviewed some restaurant owners and gone to court with Allyson on her charges from the Five.  Allyson had come into her office and begged Vivien to go to court with her.
“Vivi, please. That officer who arrested me scares me. Something is not right with him and I know he will be there today and I don’t want to be alone.”  

Allyson had tears in her eyes which was rather unusual.  Her request came out in barely a whisper. She was frightened and it was obvious.  That got Vivien’s attention.
When Allyson’s name was called, she was forced to approach the judge alone.  Vivien could not walk up there with her. Officer Grey sat to the left of the judge.  And his eyes were on Allyson and Vivien the entire time they were there. She could see what made her friend so nervous.  She thought back on that day in her office when Allyson seemed so out of sorts. She was acting weird actually. Since when did Allyson fear a police officer?  When the judge was done talking to her and the charges were dropped, they sat talking to Allyson’s attorney for a few minutes. Vivien ran to the restroom. Allyson waited in the hall for her.  As she stood waiting Sgt. Grey came around the corner and walked towards her. He would have just walked on by while staring at her but Allyson could not resist the urge to snipe at him.
“Arrivaderci, Bello. Maybe next time.  Perhaps by then you will have done your homework about how to achieve success with me.” Mark’s responding grin did not reach his eyes,
Ti prenderĂ² la mia bella E 'solo questione di tempo.”   Allyson laughed out loud.
“Well, well, well...he speaks educated cop. Who knew such a thing existed?”  
Mark leaned in where only she could hear and spoke barely above a whisper.
“I speak seven languages Miss Stryden.  Now where do you suppose my stupid, uneducated ass would have learned how to do that?  I have also read every article you have ever written from the start of your career. Thankfully those are all written in English.  Saves some brain cells keeping up with your high intellect. I now know you, perhaps better than you know yourself. Ten years of writing paints a pretty decent picture of the writer as you well know.”
He slowly backed away and grinned as he watched fear creep into the edge of her features. Her eyes were wide and she was no longer smiling. He had managed to wipe that smug look off of her face and for once, she was speechless.  He turned and strode down the hallway in a calm, unhurried manner.
“Officer!” she called after him.
Mark turned to look at her but kept walking.
“May I have your card?”
He stopped and turned and pulled one from his pocket and held it out to her, forcing her to come to him.
“What are your hours?”
“2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  You wish to chat with me Miss Stryden?”
“Well, I work the division that covers your side of town, I would be happy to stop by sometime if you can’t catch me by phone. Send me a text message. Or call before I go to work.”
Mark smiled and winked at her, but again, there was a calculated coldness to it and the smile did not reach his eyes.
She nodded and let him go.  Her sense of ill ease heightened with the realization that he knew her home address and had just indicated as much.

Allyson stood staring at his card as she waited for Vivien.  Something in her gut told her to leave this man alone. Do not write about him, do not accuse him of anything, do not incite him in any way whatsoever.  For the first time in her life, Allyson was terrified. And there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it because she could not move. He had given her nothing to grab onto that she could use.  Somewhere in the deep recesses of her subconscious mind, she knew she was in trouble. And there wasn’t a soul on earth who could help her. That she had put herself on this man’s radar, had been her undoing. And though there was no visible evidence that this was true, she felt like she was suspended in time just waiting for him to pull the pin on the grenade.  Allyson wanted to vomit. Something inside of her soul tormented and haunted her and whispered to her heart that she was a dead woman. Nobody read everything you wrote over a ten year period without a purpose. It was a lot of damn reading. He was coming for her, and she knew it."

There is an inherent challenge every smart mouthed woman is offering a man. You would do well to study the psychology behind it. It isn't what it first appears. Every woman waiting around for the right man is waiting to be undone and wrecked carelessly. We just want it done by the one who knows how. The one brave enough to stare back and the one who knows better than most, what to say to start the seduction from day one. This post is not covering every woman's needs or style. It covers only one type. Usually the type who is spanked the most because her mouth is out there making her naughtiness obvious. Do we need to discuss what comes next? Over the desk, skirt up, panties down...

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