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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Defiance and Spanking

Good Evening Everyone!

For those of you who love spanking romances, Defiance should surely satisfy.  When you get done reading this book, you will understand why this ended up being a self published book and can well imagine why a big publisher would be afraid to touch it.  It is indeed dark in places and I am warning you now, this book will take you on a journey emotionally.  You will laugh, cry and get angry.  Many of you will connect with the book on levels you may not even understand. I have worked hard to make the dialogue is riveting and hilarious and those of you who like punishment are going to be jumping up and down in your seat at some of the things these girls say to their men. There are, in places, light BDSM themes being used in one punishment scene later in this book. Below is the description of the three couples who are the main characters of the book.

Book two is coming out this year and if you want to be up on the story, you can read it free on this blog or you can by a copy from Amazon in digital or soft cover format.  Click the link below.

**Please note that due to Amazon filters for paperback books this book was heavily altered in chapters 7 and 11.   It is now available in paperback here.

Vivien leads Sgt. Gabriel Morrison on a daring chase throughout the entire series that begins with a traffic stop. She draws him into a game of cat and mouse and truth or dare only to find out he does dare. She soon learns to be very careful about the challenges she waves under the nose of the Madison Police Department's most panther-like detective. Gabriel was not one to back down from a challenge or to be easily deceived by the antics of a beautiful girl.

Robert is Gabriel's best friend and coworker at the police department.  He is dating Vera, a hot blooded Italian girl who feels it is her God given right to attack their friends husbands openly during social events about how they deal with their wives only to end up in hot water herself. She is the spark that keeps the reader's mouth dropping open at her audacity.

Sgt. Mark Grey is an ex Delta Force operative turned police officer. When a sniper takes out Allyson’s defense attorney father and his friend the time is ripe for her to go missing when the public will assume she is grieving. She gets an unparalleled opportunity to spend time under the close tutelage of one of the military's most notorious interrogators. His heartless and high handed tactics, while calculated, have been known to bring the worst of the misbehaved to heel.

Will these women learn to submit to some of the most powerful men they have ever met or will their antics continue to rile them and bring more punishment as their lives continue to mix and intertwine?

Friday, February 21, 2020

Discipline; Not Abuse

Good Morning Everyone!

I feel inclined to post a statement about where I stand on this issue in the face of extreme views I have witnessed on social media.

In NO WAY, do I EVER think it is appropriate to "spank"/"beat" a wife until she is bleeding or black and blue. 
While I do understand that sometimes correction and punishment must be carried out with consistency until change is made, it is not necessary to spank anyone to the point of being bruised and bleeding.   

Nor do I believe it is necessary to enslave a woman in her home not allowing her to work or have outside interests or friends.  If a woman chooses or enjoys total servitude then it is her choice but not required.  Nor should anyone be on social media suggesting that beatings and isolation are Biblical.  They are not.  I am not here to give a sermon so I will not post scripture.  However, if you are interested it is not hard to disprove the theory.  

To say that a woman's entire focus should be on the man when he walks in the door until he goes to bed is false.  I suppose if a woman is married to a man who is a complete narcissist, this might be expected of her.  However it is not something that should be passed off as normal and expected.  

A healthy man enjoys this sort of thing once in awhile.  Most men have their own activities they want to pursue in the evenings and it doesn't always involve having a woman slaving away over their every whim.  

Healthy men enjoy confident women who have their own interests.  Hell...healthy men enjoy women with spark and sass.  Healthy men also have a right NOT to put up with disrespect or direct disobedience.  The very act of bending over and taking a spanking in todays world is more than enough to send a message to most women.  If you as a woman enjoy being beaten and humilated, that's a different issue.  Not every woman comes close to needing this.  

I personally could not live with a man who beat me to the point of being black and blue and bleeding.  It indeed would wound and kill my spirit beyond recognition.  I do not believe scripture gives ANY backing for this kind of treatment of a wife/girlfriend/partner.

Ladies, if there is a man out there trying to convince you that this is normal, move on.  It is not normal.  He will find plenty of women out there who love this sort of thing.  Wait for someone who will treat you with love and respect but teach you to respect the line as well.  I think many of us are looking for strong leadership but not terrible abuse.  

God help these men if any of these women ever end up in the hospital for some other reason after such a beating. 

I am sickened by the pictures posted on social media of the evidence of such beatings not only by the ones delivering the beatings, but by the consensual participants.  I am not sure what on Earth makes them think we all want to see this.

The Domestic Discipline lifestyle I support involves love and much conversation.  It is safe to say I am in favor of a damn good spanking in certain circumstances.  But that can be achieved without crippling someone for a week or two.  Good spankings are still felt for a few day without black and blue marks.  The message "stop what you are doing" is very different from "I am going to beat you and make you suffer until I am done being angry." 

While the conversation may involve God, it does not involve twisting scripture to make it look like he wants women mutilated in any way.  If you choose mutilation, don't put God's name on it.

That is all.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Edge of Intention Chapter 8

Daniel sat at his desk daydreaming. He knew Sara had suffered something in her past that left her half cracked at times and he wondered what in the hell it was. Spanking her humbled her; spanking her too much pushed her to a deeper place and he had no clue if it was safe for her to go there. She had come out of it yesterday like a champ. But in the future he was going to have to be careful. He was falling in love with her and had no desire to do further damage. He had his doubts about whether questioning her about it would solve anything at this point. He would wait for her to open up on her own. In the meantime, he decided the better part of wisdom would be to punish her carefully.

There was a knock so light at his office door he wondered if he had imagined it.

“Come in.”

The door slowly opened and Sara peeked in.

“I am just letting you know I am here.”

Daniel motioned for her to come over to his desk and have a seat. She looked nervous and a bit on the skittish side as she moved towards him.

“What’s wrong, Sara?”

She shrugged her shoulders but said nothing.

“Is that what you think flies for an answer?”

Sara shook her head no.

“Well then, I have a meeting at 10:00 a.m. Until then, I am happy to pay you to sit there until you are ready to talk to me.”

“Daniel, I cannot take anymore spanking right now.”

A single tear slid down her cheek.

“Then behave.”

“I’m talking about last night.”

He studied her for a long moment before it dawned on him that she was referring to him telling her she was not allowed to orgasm. While it was his plan to go a bit easy on her for reasons of his own, he did not feel it was necessary that she know this right now.

“Okay. We can wait.”

Her head snapped up and she asked,

“So you were planning on spanking me for that?”

“Well, no...but since you brought it up…”

“Well...I need awhile. I am in pain and I need to heal, Daniel. I can’t take anymore.”

“Well, then behave. Do I need to keep saying it?”

Sara shook her head no.

“That was a question, Sara.”

“No, Sir. I hear you loud and clear.” She jumped up and ran from his office slamming his door behind her. She ran into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. When she finally came out fifteen minutes later, Daniel was sitting on the edge of her desk reading a report while he waited for her. Their eyes met and Daniel spoke.

“Follow me, Miss Beckett.”

Sara followed him, trepidatiously.

Daniel walked over to his desk and dropped the report and turned to her.

“Would you like to try going back out that door again? And this time, close it properly. The next time you slam that door, you will walk in and out of it, closing it quietly a hundred times while you count. Do you understand me?”

She nodded as her glance dropped to his feet and she whispered,

“Yes, Sir.”

She turned and walked out the door, closing it quietly behind her.

Sara sat at her desk for twenty minutes before she could gather the energy needed to start her tasks. She wondered privately to herself if Daniel suffered some personal injury that caused him to enjoy spanking her so much. There had to be something to it. As much as he was good to her, he was also very hard on her and strict about certain things. It’s as if his affection shut off towards her when he was in punishment mode. It was confusing to her at times. She wanted so badly to ask him about it but she didn’t dare. It was possibly something he, himself could not understand. In any case, Sara was wondering if this was a life she could commit to. She felt herself breaking down inside and she wasn’t sure why. As much as she enjoyed the entire dynamic, it was hard work to keep it together and stick with it. She knew she loved Daniel and did not want to leave him no matter what.

Maybe I just need a break from this. I need to heal and reflect. He has such a warm and soothing way with me. I could be ready to jump off of a bridge and he knows how to talk me off the ledge. He rolls over my soul like warm butter and I need more of that in my life. But this physical pain has my skin on fire and I literally have to leave my body to tolerate it. Why? Why must he hit so hard? 

Sara felt a couple of tears roll off of her jawline. She hadn’t realized she was crying. She swiped at them with the backs of her fingertips. Just then the door opened and Daniel’s voice rang out.

“Sara, can you call the State Capitol and find out if they…what’s wrong?” he asked, surprised to see her tear streaked face.

Sara looked down at her hands as he stood before her. From a place she could not name and depths she had never swam, rage began to bubble up from within her. She felt it creep up her throat like an acid filled burp. She slowly stood to face him. Sara stared up into his eyes, stepped around him and was standing behind him and stared nudging him to his office.

“Come on, Daniel. Let’s have a closed door conversation.”
He walked over to his desk and sat in his chair prepared to talk. But she followed him. She leaned down and sniffed his hair by his ear and ran her tongue from his temple, to his ear to his jawline and down his neck. She stuck her finger in the knot of his tie and pulled it loose…

“Sara! What are you doing?!”

“What does it look like I am doing?”

She undid the buttons on his shirt and ran her hands up his undershirt. She pulled it up and continued running her tongue from his collar bone down to his chest and around each of his nipples. She nipped and sucked and pulled on his nipples with her mouth until they stood erect. As Daniel sat exploding from the inside out, he heard her start to whisper.

“You like to get rough with me Daniel?” He did not respond as she undid his belt, unzipped his pants and started her descent with her tongue down his abdomen. Daniel’s hips raised up out of the chair as he sprung forth and she continued her assault on him. He nodded in response to her question. She wrapped her lips around her teeth and took his thick and hardened erection deep into her mouth and throat. She licked him from the base to the tip and took him into her mouth again sucking while moving her tongue in circles around his tip.  She came up for air and whispered as her hand worked to glide the length of him.

“Then be rough with me, Daniel. Force me to do what you want me to do…” as she continued to work on him licking and teasing and sucking. She ran her tongue down his shaft towards his balls and pulled one into her mouth gently sucking and lightly teasing before releasing it and doing the same to the other one. She scooped them into her hand and gently massaged while her tongue continued to work her magic back up his shaft and take him back into her vacuum forced mouth. Daniel shoved himself into her mouth and toward her throat gently but firmly. His hands held her head as she worked him. She lifted off of him again and whispered.

“Force me…” but still Daniel continued to sit and allow her to take control with an amazing blow job. Her hands scooped under his balls again but this time she inserted her middle finger into his rectum and slid it in and out as she sucked and licked each time dipping her finger deeper until she was able to reach and massage his prostate gland. Sara whispered to him again.

“Daniel, be rough with me, I am not wearing any panties...fuck me Daniel!”
Daniel jumped as he almost came and growled.

“No! Sara! Stop!” He pulled back until her finger slipped out and he disengaged from her completely. He slid his hand into her hair at the back of her head and brought her to her feet with him.

“If roughness is what you want…”

Daniel’s hand was fisted tightly into her hair and she winced from the pain. He grabbed her arm and forced her to turn and face his desk. Sara felt herself being forced over the surface face down by her hair. She felt his hands groping to find the edge of her skirt and lift it high over her waist with his free hand. He kicked her feet apart and before she could say what was happening, was entering her backside gently enough not to hurt her or cause damage, but rough enough for it not to feel good at first either. He slid in and out of her a few times slowly but picked up the pace as she became lubricated.

“Is this what you wanted?!” When she did not answer, he removed his hand from her hair and instead pinned her face to the desk with his own cheek...he struck her outer thigh with a loud crack.

“I asked you a question! Is. This. What. You. Wanted.?”

Sara gasped in pain.


He struck her again as he took her with punishing force.

“Yes. What. Sara?”

“Yes, Sir.” she whispered.

He worked her clit in circles dipping his long finger in and out of her vagina while sliding in and out of her in short but rough movements. He continued whispering in her ear.

“I told you not to come into this office uninvited and making demands, didn't I…?”

“Are you happy…?”

Daniel was close to an explosive orgasm. But not so close he missed her lack of response. He whispered a directive in a near growl.

“That was a yes or no question, young lady.”

“Yes.” she whispered.

Daniel reached around and slapped her other outer thigh and the sound could have cracked glass. Sara cried out without being prompted.

“Yes, Sir!” she gasped.

He continued his assault on her clit and backside until Sara was transported to a place where sound was non existent. She could not feel anything except her body give way to an explosion she had never experienced before. She knew she was shaking from head to toe, however, was only mildly aware of any sound she emitted.

As Sara’s body started convulsing beneath him Daniel’s own orgasm began to shake him to the core. The silence between them as they finished together was deafening. Daniel collapsed on top of her. His face rested on hers as he caught his breath. He whispered in her ear.

“You are one filthy girl. I should take you home and spank you for your nasty behavior.”

Sara swallowed hard as he lifted off of her and pulled himself together. Sara stood and smoothed her skirt back over her hips and down into place where it belonged. She turned to face him shyly. Daniel looked down at her pensively and raised a brow with an unbroken gaze.

“That should give you the energy you need to start the day, Miss Beckett. Let’s get busy so we can get a few things done today.”

Sara nodded and turned and slowly walked out of his office. She closed the door quietly behind her.

Daniel sat staring at the closed door long after she had closed it. He wasn’t sure what the hell had just happened, but he was sure he never wanted her far from him. She gave him everything he had ever wanted and more. She continued to surprise him with things he never expected coming from a shy, timid woman who was ever the submissive. He wondered where on earth she had learned some of the things she had just done. And what the hell was up with her request for roughness? He would have to get to the bottom of it in a way that did not make it look like he was complaining. He wasn’t. What had just happened was the hottest damn sex Daniel had ever had.

It was another half hour before he could pull his eyes away from his office door. He wondered who in the hell he had just allowed into his life. There was a story behind this girl and he aimed to get to the bottom of it. He forced himself to put her out of his mind and turn his attention back to the business at hand. Business she had so rudely interrupted…

The Edge of Intention 7B

Daniel lifted Sara into a sitting position.“Let’s go home. I have had enough of this place today.”

They decided to drive together in Daniel’s truck and leave her car in the parking lot with the company vehicles. Daniel helped her into the truck and handed her the seatbelt and closed her door. He hopped in and started the truck. He looked over at Sara with a question in his eyes.

“Are you upset about your spanking this morning?”

Sara shook her head no.

“Sara...this is a conversation...answer me with words.”

“No, Daniel. I am not upset. I am sad that this day came to that.” She could not stop her eyes from filling with tears no matter how hard she willed them away.

“I am sorry about slamming the door. I just got so mad! I didn’t care at the time but I am sorry.” Sara’s shook with sobs and she could not stop the flow. She unbuckled her seatbelt and climbed into Daniel’s lap on the driver’s side and buried her face in his neck. She clung to him as she sobbed.

“Sara…” Daniel whispered…

“Sara it is okay. I am not upset anymore. Shhhhhhhh.” Daniel continued to hold her and rub her back and smooth her hair out of her face and away from her tears.

“Should we just spend the night here in the truck? I mean, it might cause a few whispers in the morning. But we could do it…”

She finally started giggling and shook her head no. Sara climbed off of his lap and back into her own seat. Daniel put the truck in drive and they headed for home.

By the time they had changed into their loungewear, eaten dinner and cleaned up, Sara was exhausted. She kissed Daniel good night and headed for bed. He stayed on the sofa with his laptop reading reports for the Barrington/Harris Project.

Sara woke up to use the bathroom after being asleep for three hours. She wandered down the hall and found the living room empty. She could hear Daniel’s breathing and it was emenating from the guest bedroom. She paused in the doorway while deciding whether she should leave him alone or climb in beside him. 

She did not know why he hadn’t come to bed with her and did not want to intrude. However, she pushed past it and decided to pull back the coverlet and hop in anyway. Daniel was facing the side she climbed in on but still in such a deep sleep, it didn't disturb him. She laid on her back next him thinking. Her mind wandered back through the previous day. Her backside was still suffering from having been spanked so much in the last few days. She was unsure how much more spanking she could take. She reflected on her behavior and what had brought the punishments in the first place. 

There was a small place in her heart that cherished her need to be naughty. She loved to push the envelope and see how far she could push Daniel. She would never tell him this. She was pretty sure he knew. It was the way he looked at her. His patience in how he punished her said everything. He was never flippant or in a hurry. He methodically went through them explaining everything without losing control. This alone drove her crazy. She thought back on the morning before when he pushed her over his desk and held her there for a minute before unhooking and unzipping her skirt to pull it down along with her pantyhose...she felt an explosive energy move through her abdomen as her mind recalled the experience. 

Daniel stirred beside her and shifted and changed positions in his sleep. When he settled, his hand landed right in her crotch. She giggled softly but stayed still. The longer he lay motionless and began deep breathing, the more Sara thought about how she could use this predicament to her advantage. She ran her fingers over and between his to touch herself. She slowly moved her hips against his hand and the ticklish massage of her vagina sent sparks through her. 

She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down. As they slid out from under Daniel’s fingers and exposed her flesh to him, she could not help but to continue to move against his fingers. She thought about him holding her against the desk while he removed his belt before he spanked her. 

She could feel moisture leak from her vagina as she thought about it. One of his fingers slid into her as she moved but he remained asleep. The more she thrust her hips the closer she came to entering a pre orgasmic state. As her memory crept forward through her spanking and him striking her and talking softly to her but with firm authority, she floated mindlessly over the river and through the woods to an earth shattering orgasm. She lay still panting with everything in her being when Daniel’s voice rang out.

“You didn’t think you should wake me up and ask if I wanted to participate in that?”

Sara jumped from the shock of hearing his voice.

“Daniel!” she whispered forcefully.

Daniel lifted the hand she used to orgasm with to her lips.

“Open your mouth...the least you can do is lick and suck my fingers clean after you violated them…”

Sara giggled but did as she was told. She opened her lips and Daniel slid his middle finger into her mouth almost to her throat.

“Suck, you naughty, naughty girl.”

As she sucked his finger clean he made her do the same to his remaining wet fingers. He leaned down and kissed her.

“What were you thinking about while you ferociously attacked my hand while I slept?”


“Sara, that’s not an answer. What were you specifically thinking about?”

She swallowed hard because she was embarrassed to have to admit her true thoughts to him.

“Well...ummm...I was thinking about you being rough with me and pushing me over your desk and spanking me yesterday…”

“I see. You realize this is the second time you have masturbated while thinking about being punished?”

Sara stared at him speechless.

“It’s a yes or no question, Sara. There is no thinking about it. You either realize it or you don’t.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir, I realize it is the second time.”

“Well...if you are masturbating to it, maybe I should spank you harder and longer. What do you think? I mean it’s not supposed to be fun.”

“No, Daniel. That is not what it is about. It is about having a masculine and forceful man. And anyway, I am tired now.”

“Are you now?”

Daniel reached over and grabbed her hip and flipped her onto her stomach. He moved her legs apart and lifted her butt high until she was on her knees with her chest and face flat on the bed.

“I was tired too...and sleeping. But you didn’t care about that...I think such rudeness should be dealt with immediately; don’t you?”

Sara giggled.

“Oh yes, Sir.”

She gasped as he smacked her ass as while he spoke to her. He stopped after three or four smacks and ran his hands up her back and over her shoulders. He held her shoulders firmly to the mattress. She felt his erection sliding along the outside of her vagina and up her backside. He continued doing this until Sara was dizzy with pleasure.

“You knew you were being naughty, didn’t you, Sara?”

She nodded her head in response. Daniel smacked her outer thigh.

“Yes or no, Sara.”

“Yes!” she gasped.

“You know naughtiness comes with punishment in this house, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sara felt his erection nudging it’s way into her backside and as usual, she began to squirm a bit and panic. Daniel reached his arm around her abdomen and held her still as he whispered in her ear.

“You know I am not going to hurt you. Calm down.”

She stilled herself, knowing just what kind of orgasm awaited her if she could only relax. He continued with small strokes moving in, out, in, out, in out...until he was completely buried in her making full but slow strides. His fingers found her clit and was massaging it with painfully pleasurable strokes. She started moving with him and slamming herself against his hand until she was just about to cum and he stopped.

“Daniel! Why did you stop?”

Because you had your orgasm...this one is for me…” he whispered.

“You’re not going to let me cum?”

“No. That will be your punishment.”

“I will just masturbate when you are not watching me.”

“Don’t let me catch you at it.”

As he continued to move and toy with her, he could finally feel her body give way to the most violent spasms he had ever witnessed from her. She pulled his orgasm out of him like a powerful vacuum. He collapsed on top of her when they were done and could not move. As they lay next to each other catching their breath and coming down from ecstasy, Daniel spoke.

“Sara, I told you not to cum.”

“I know.” she whispered as she dozed off.

Daniel reached over and scooped her into his arms and let her fall asleep without further ado. He grinned to himself at her answer and was close behind her in falling asleep.”

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Edge of Intention Chapter 7A

Sara was confused about her own feelings. She did not know where they originated or if it even mattered. But she did know this; she was attracted to Daniel. She was falling for him faster than she wanted to admit. She was a little bit afraid of him. She liked how bossy and strong he was. But regardless of all of that, right now she was mad at him. She was afraid to show it at the moment; but she was mad. She plodded through her day, completing every task she was given but remaining quiet. She did not bother to turn her music on; something she enjoyed listening to every day.

It wasn’t until lunch time that the thought crossed Sara’s mind that she felt...depressed.
Daniel was about to go into a lunch meeting and she knew he would ask her to attend and take notes. It was 11:00 a.m. and she grabbed her handbag and flew out the door to her car. As she was leaving the parking lot she could hear a text message notification on her phone. She reached over and shut off the phone without even looking at it. She wanted to sit and stare and do nothing. Her car seemed to pull her into the parking lot of Panera Bread where she could have her ultimate comfort food. She seated herself near the fireplace and a big picture window and consumed her all time favorite; Cheesy Broccoli Soup and a baguette.

As she stared out the window, she thought about the night before. She wasn’t sure what she was more depressed about; being faced with James and all of the memories that came flooding back or the fact that Daniel had been so hard on her. As the soup began to warm her insides and hunger subsided she felt better able to assess what was happening on the inside of her. Long after her food was gone she sat staring out the window. Customers came and went, lunch turned into dinner and time marched on without Sara seeming to notice. When she checked back into this dimension, the sun was going down. A single tear slid down her cheek as she thought of powering on her phone and going home to face Daniel.

Sara drove for an hour down beautiful country roads and circled around the city just thinking. When she finally parked her car she was at the fanciest resort hotel in town and determined to get a massage and a good night’s sleep.

She dropped her credit card at the front desk and booked a room and headed off for the resort salon. She felt hours of stress drain away as her skin was kneaded, pushed and pulled in every direction. She had paid for an hour and a half Swedish massage with a hot rock finish. She barely had what it took to walk to her room when they got done with her. She ordered a fancy salad up to her room and ate dinner alone. She borrowed a phone charger from the front desk, turned off her phone and put it on the charger for the night. She knew Daniel was going to be looking for her furiously. She wanted to sleep on all she had thought about before she faced him. With that last thought, the lights in her world went out in an instant.

When Sara woke up she powered on her phone out of habit. There was a single text from Daniel that came in from the night before.

Daniel: You realize you used my company credit card and I know where to find you right?

Sara: I will have the balance transferred to my card when the bank opens.

Daniel: No need. Take whatever time you need, Sweet Pea.

Sara decided not to respond. The hotel delivered breakfast to her room along with a list of spa treatments she could enjoy at a discount since she had spent the money on a massage.  She sent the card back with a manicure, pedicure, haircut and color and a facial. She decided to make a day of it. She also planned to eat in their Cafe to break up the spa schedule. She was laying out in the sun by the pool with her eyes closed when she felt a shadow darken the sun.

“I do hope you are enjoying the use of my credit card, Miss Beckett.”

Sara immediately jumped to her feet. She blocked the sun with her arm as she looked up at Daniel.

“It’s like you are getting paid to play all day; at my expense.”

“I said I would have the balance transferred.”

Daniel stared at her for a long time before answering.

“No. It’s okay. I said take the time you need and I meant it. Even though it is a work day. I can survive a day without you in the office.”

Sara peered warily at from behind her raised arm as it blocked the sun. Daniel reached out and gently cupped her jawline with his hand and ran his thumb over her chin. His hand found its way to the back of her neck and he pulled her close. Sara was nervous as she looked up into his eyes. She found tenderness there as he spoke.

“Take whatever time you need. I would like to see you in the office today but if you have a day planned here, it can all wait until tomorrow.”

Sara nodded as he folded her into an embrace. Her arms came up under his arms as she hugged him back and she fought hard to swallow her tears. However, her battle was quickly lost as the first tear slid down her cheek. She was falling in love with Daniel and he had hurt her. That single tear opened the floodgates from deep within her and there was no dam to stop the flow.

Daniel sat on the chaise lounger and brought Sara down onto his lap. She curled up and fell asleep on his chest after a long cry. As he held her he sat thinking. He did not mind that she spent the money for spa treatments. He didn’t even mind that she needed time away from him. But he did not like the fact that she would not talk about it before she disappeared on him. Honestly though, he had to admit, he would never have allowed her to take the day off and go to the spa if she had simply asked. He would have told her it was a work day and she had better be there and on time at that. There may be no fixing what ailed him at the moment. He was falling in love with this woman and he needed to be careful if he intended to hang onto her.

Daniel would never be the type to allow a woman to take over and push him around. He enjoyed the power dynamic a domestic discipline relationship provided. He also delighted in giving tender loving care to a feminine woman who wasn’t afraid to allow him to be a man. But he drew the line at direct disobedience and she had definitely crossed it. There were many reasons he wanted her to keep quiet at that meeting and she should have followed orders.

When the hostess came to get Sara for her facial, Daniel woke her up. They both stood and he kissed and hugged her goodbye. Before they parted ways he leaned into her ear and whispered,

“Please do not spend anymore money without asking me first.” She looked up at him and nodded.

“Okay. I promise.”

The rest of the day went smoothly and Sara was glad Daniel came and found her. She was better able to relax about spending the day on his credit card.

Sara went for a cocktail and dinner when she got done with her day at the spa. She sat in a small bistro and had a salad for dinner at 7:00pm. She sat deep in thought for two hours and then returned home. When she let herself into her flat she was greeted by dark silence. She made it to the bedroom where she heard Daniel’s light breathing. She stripped her clothes off and climbed in next to him.

She did not want to wake him up so she stayed on her own side of the bed and stayed still until she fell asleep. She awoke at 3 a.m. and could not sleep. She could hear Daniel snoring softly next to her. She laid awake thinking about his punishments and the things he had said to her in the previous days. Something about the way he talked to her had her distracted beyond rational thought. She could not argue with the man because he was too smart. She had always fancied herself as a highly intelligent woman, able to hold her own in any argument or while bantering in good fun. 

But Daniel was different. He not only held his own; he knew things she did not. He was smarter than her. If she poked him in jest, he poked right back. There would never be a doubt in hers or anyone else’s mind about who was running the show. It didn’t matter how mad she got, if he believed he was right, it would take a lot of energy to sway him. She laid there thinking about what went through her mind as she did and said things she knew would upset him. 

Sara wondered what drove her to forge ahead knowing her mouth could get her into trouble.  There was a tipping point when she felt like no matter what she did she was already in over her head and she gave up and just jumped in with both feet. She did not have that flag that went up in most people’s minds that told her when to stop. This was, perhaps, why she had attracted such punishment. It was possibly her subconscious trying to reign her in. In any case, whatever it was, it set her soul up in flames where Daniel was concerned. She knew he liked her a lot. She could feel it in the way he looked at her and watched her and stalked her and stayed close by her at all times. He involved her in every meeting he possibly could and they ran errands together whenever possible. He spoiled her and took her to lunch often and bought her little treats and made sure she had unfettered access to not only the company credit card; his personal credit card.

He spoiled her and loved her but punished her for ill-behavior and she loved him for it. While she was strangely frightened of the things he might do to her, she waited for it with baited breath at the same time. In an odd way, she needed time away to be able to face him after punishment. Something inside of her made her feel shy to face him after he spanked her.

When she finally passed out, it was 5:30 a.m. Daniel leaned down to kiss her goodbye when he left for work but decided to let her sleep. She looked like she was in a deep sleep and he hated to wake her. He would text her later and see if he could coax her into coming to work.

Sara slowly woke up in a fog and stretched. She could tell by the brightness of the her bedroom that the sun had been up for a very long time. She jerked her head toward the clock and it read 1:18 p.m. She jumped up in a panic and grabbed her phone. There were several text messages and two missed calls from Daniel. She called him immediately.

“Daniel!” she whispered.


“Daniel, I am so sorry! I fell asleep at 5:30 this morning and had no clue it was so late!”

“I wondered what happened to you. Would you like me to bring you something for lunch? Chipotle Peach BBQ Chicken, perhaps?”

“Sure. Thank you. I have to get up and wake up. I am still tired.”

“No, Baby. Just sleep. I will be there soon.”

By the time Daniel arrived with her food, Sara had fallen back to sleep and was snoring when he walked in. He decided to let her sleep and work from the livingroom on his laptop.

The next morning Sara woke up in plenty of time to get ready for work. She chose a high waisted black skirt by Ralph Lauren. The brass buttons started at her ribcage and wrapped around the front and went down the side of her skirt. She tucked a white chiffon blouse into the skirt and wore her black LK Bennetts to work with white sheer pantyhose. She stopped for coffee and headed for the office.

Daniel was in the middle of the morning meeting when he looked over and she was just standing there; coffee in hand and listening intently. His breath caught in his throat as he caught a glimpse of her and he had to pause.

“Welcome to work, Sara. It’s good to have you back.”

She nodded in reply.

Daniel kept talking but was unsure about a damn thing he had said. His eyes kept falling on Sara and what she was wearing. The bodycon skirt with the white blouse and heels drove him mad but he didn’t dare comment. He turned the meeting over to Jane and went to stand by her. His hand slipped around the back of her waist and he leaned into her ear as if to say something and just sniffed her. She froze because everyone was watching him. Her elbow instinctively jutted into his ribcage and she let out a whispered giggle and told him to stop and pushed him away. He grinned and looked down at her as she continued to focus on Jane.

When the doors to the executive suite closed, Sara was marching to her desk in annoyance.  She plopped into her chair and scooted in forcefully, shooting Daniel a dark look before turning to her computer. She started opening her programs and typing in passwords and said nothing to him.

Daniel watched as Sara’s bad manners popped back up for air. He was going to have to deal with that before he could even get to the subject at hand. Daniel walked up behind her, leaned down grabbed both of her wrists from her keyboard and placed them on the arms of her chair. Sara struggled to pull away from him.

“No! Daniel, leave me alone!”

Daniel continued to hold her wrists fast to the chair. She struggled so much he brought them to cross her chest as he hugged her and the chair to him to keep her still. He leaned in and whispered gruffly in her ear.

“Get into my office, right now.”

She yanked out of his grip and stomped into his office throwing the tall and solid door hard behind her until it slammed in his face with the force of a bomb going off. Now he was getting angry. How dare she? What in the hell is wrong with her? He stood staring at the door as he started unbuckling his belt. By the time he got to the other side of it, he had it in his hand at the ready. He quietly closed the door as he looked at her.

Sara stood staring at the door she had just slammed. She waited and when it didn’t immediately open, a shudder ran through her. She wondered what he was doing and why it was taking him so long. When the handle finally turned it took awhile for him to push open the door and step through. He closed it quietly behind him and leaned on the door while fixing his eyes on hers. Sara spoke first.

“You are not spanking me.”


“No. You threatened to spank me for talking to Jane about our personal business and here you go making a scene in front of the entire company at the meeting. You think that wasn’t fodder for gossip? Everyone was staring at us!”

“Be that as it may, you could have simply talked to me about it rather than be so rude and disrespectful from jabbing me in the ribs to slamming yet again, another door in my face. I am spanking you whether you like it or not or whether you think it is fair or not.”

“No. I want to leave.”

Daniel stared hard into her eyes as he watched her face harden.

“Okay. You are free to go.” He stepped aside and held his hand toward the door giving her room to walk by him without feeling threatened. Sara slowly walked toward the door as he made his way to his desk chair. Just before she got to the door his voice rang out.

“Leave your keys and your company credit cards on your desk before you leave.”

Sara froze. She stared hard at the door she was about to walk through and could not make her feet move. She turned and faced Daniel. His gaze was unrelenting but she did not care. She walked back toward him, dropped her gaze and walked around his desk to stand beside him. She dropped her her knees at his side. He was leaning on an elbow on the arm of his chair. She spoke softly.

“Okay, Daniel. Spank me. Please do not hurt me. I know you are angry with me.”

His chin rested between his thumb and forefinger as he stared down at the top of her head.

“You realize you have a damn good one coming and you are going to sting for a long time when this is over.”

She nodded her head.

“I need to hear your response, Sara.”

“Yes, Sir.” she whispered in response.

“Stand up.”

Sara stood but continued looking at the floor. Daniel reached behind her neck and right shoulder and spun her to face his desk and pushed her face down over the desk. He found the hook and zipper to her skirt and unzipped her. The skirt was too long and narrow to pull up and needed to come down from the top. He hooked his fingers into her pantyhose and pulled them down along with her panties. He placed his hand on her back waist and was about to start talking to her.

“Daniel...I am scared.” she choked out. Tears spilled down her cheeks and terror spread through her as she contemplated the severity of what he might do to her.

“I know. You should have thought about that when you started down this road this morning. This is not a savage beating, Sara. It’s a spanking. And while it will be lengthy as we go over the list of bad behavior you displayed, I have no intent on pushing you past what you can endure.”

“Please.” she whispered as tears continued to pour down her cheeks.

“Let’s take it from the top. First, you had to know elbowing me in the ribs was not going to fly; do I need to go over this?”

“No.” she whispered.

Daniel struck her with the belt once.

“No, what?”

Sara sucked a deep breath in.

“No, Sir!” she whispered.

“Okay. Count while I spank you for using your elbow on me.”

Daniel struck and she counted ten strikes. He stopped and let her catch her breath for a couple of minutes before talking to her again.

“For storming off and treating me disrespectfully when we left the meeting, count…”

She counted out ten more strikes. By the time the tenth one came she was screaming into her hand. Daniel had to work hard to keep her still. She fell to her knees in front of him when he was done. She poured her heart out to him about how sorry she was for her behavior and pleaded for him not to continue but still Daniel insisted on making her endure the rest of her punishment.

“Can I at least go to the bathroom before you continue?” she inquired through deep and breathy sobs. Daniel nodded and stepped aside. He sat on the edge of his desk while he waited for her, thinking. He was upset and did not want anything to do with this punishment so soon after what had already happened. But he would be damned if he was going to let her show the disrespect she had by slamming that door in his face. And it wasn’t just any door. It couldn’t have been heavier if it had been the entire oak tree. He was very liberal and generous with her. He did not expect anymore than a normal human being should expect. Just because she was an adult did not mean she should be allowed to behave any damn way she wanted. Sara slowly came back into the room. She was still crying and holding her skirt in place as she walked towards him.

He stood and motioned for her to bend over his desk; this time from the front side facing the door into his office. His heart was heavy as he continued the discussion with her. She was looking up at him in a way that made him doubt himself again. There is that look again. What is it? His heart was breaking for her but he refused to relent. She had to learn the rules of decent behavior and all of the charm in the world shouldn’t be allowed to get her out of it. It simply would do her no good. Sara looked up at him and started whispering.

“Daniel. I am so sorry I slammed the door in your face. I just got so mad at you. You are so overbearing and forceful and sometimes I wish you would just leave me alone so I can calm down without you pushing me so much.”

“I understand and you may be right. I would be willing to consider that but I would have liked it much more if you would have said this to me rather than fight me and then take things from bad to worse with your behavior. Is there anything else you want to say before we finish this?”

Sara shook her head no.

“Okay.” He held out his hand motioning for her to bend over. She slowly walked over to his desk and let her skirt drop to its former position and bent over. Her panties and hosiery were still below her bottom. Sara hung on to the other edge of his desk with both hands and stared straight ahead. Daniel started swinging his belt with full force. Oddly she hissed in deep breaths and counted each one in a loud whisper as he delivered each blow. When she had counted twenty strikes with his belt, he stopped. She was breathing heavily but only a single tear was trailing down her cheek. She had for some odd reason stopped fighting it. Daniel was taken back and a bit afraid.

She was huffing and puffing and whimpering while she pulled herself back together. She felt herself shaking. She found it incredibly hard to string words together to form a sentence but she managed.

“Can I…” she whispered and pointed toward the couch. Daniel stood watching her, speechless but nodded his head yes. She walked very slowly and with an obvious wounded spirit over to his sofa and laid down. She tucked her elbow under her head, faced the back of the sofa and rocked herself to sleep.

Daniel did not know how long he stood staring at her in disbelief. Something was wrong with her. He grabbed a pillow and blanket from one of the cabinets and covered her and placed the pillow under her head. It was 10:00 a.m. It was too early for her to need sleep but he let her be.

The pain is so strong. I can’t think. Rocking. I am rocking. If I rock it will go away. I am flying. I am flying away. I am leaving my pain behind and flying away. Blackness swallowed Sara and she fell fast asleep.

As the hours ticked by, Daniel ordered lunch in and watched her from time to time as she slept. He knew she took this one pretty hard but he was also sure she would probably never slam a door in his face again. At 4:00 p.m. Daniel decided the gig was up and it was time to wake her up so they could head home. He was on his knees next to the couch whispering in her ear.

“Sara...wake up, Baby.” She started to stir. Surprisingly she turned to face him and wrapped her arms around him. She had slept for five hours. She reached up much to Daniel’s surprise and started kissing him.

“I am sorry for slamming the door in your face. I will never do it again. Ever.” He stared into her eyes for a minute to see what he could find there. Her eyes were so expressive and innocent that he got lost and continued kissing her.

“It is okay, Baby. It’s over. I am not upset and I forgive you for it. Your apology is accepted.” he whispered into her mouth.

To Be Continued...

Monday, February 17, 2020

The Edge of Intention Chapter 6

Daniel got up and and got ready for work and left Sara’s breakfast on a covered
plate in the microwave with a note on the counter.

“Good Morning Sweet Pea,

Breakfast is in the microwave.  We are going to dinner tonight with James’ boss.  
As my assistant I think you should be there. As your boyfriend, I insist.  See you
at 8. Please bring two creams and two sugars with my coffee this morning.  
Your coffee was too bland yesterday.

Your Boss

Sara rolled her eyes as she reached up to open the microwave door.  She read the
note twice to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Maybe if you hadn’t stolen
my coffee, you would not have had the morbid experience of tasting it.  Dinner.  
I have no interest in dinner with James’ boss.  We will see about that. Any other
orders you have for me this morning “Boss”...A shot of protein for me to ingest,

Her breakfast was delicious.  Sara planned to wear her most seductive office attire and
be on her best behavior so that she could start laying the groundwork to skip out on
this dinner.  She thought about the night before and the blowjob she gave him as she
applied her cosmetics. Sara grinned as she remembered him gasping. “Jesus Christ,
Sara!” If this was how it was going to be and he was going to use it as punishment,
then she would make it the best sex he got.  But she made up her mind never to do it
any other time, simply to frustrate him.

She stood in front of the mirror naked when she was done with her hair and make-up.  
She stared into her own eyes thinking back on his near kiss when he told her to get
on her knees.  She closed her eyes and ran through the scene in her head. Yes, this
man can definitely handle me.  He is my kind of bossy. He does it in such a sexy,
quiet way.  I love his whispers. His hands in my hair as he guided me to the floor
forcing me to look up at him while he undid his fly... She ran her hands over her
breasts and down her stomach.  Without thinking and her eyes still closed...she let
her fingers slide between her legs.  The ticklish, tantalizing feeling shot through her
as she kept his commanding eyes at the center of her thoughts.  Her fingers slipped
between the folds of her vagina and found her clit. She circled and teased and
stroked and dipped her fingers inside of herself while still holding Daniel’s gaze in
her mind.  Before she knew what hit her she exploded and was slamming her hips
into her own hand as she came wave after wave to a blissful release.

The sound of her phone intruded angrily into her thoughts.  She was shaken out of her
dreamy state quickly as she ran to grab it from her dresser. It was Daniel.

“Hello…?” she answered out of breath.
“Hi.  Are you just waking up?”
“Nooo….I was...finishing up my makeup.”
“Well..everyone here is hungry and nobody had time to eat this morning.  Can you bring
breakfast sandwiches from the coffee shop for Brandy and Jane and the guys?”
“Yes. I will be out the door shortly and on my way.  I am just getting dressed now.”
“Okay, Baby.  See you soon.”

She went back to the mirror and let her hands slide over her hips and back to her butt.  
She turned and looked at her butt in the mirror. There was a slight bluish hue to her
bottom from the spanking she had received in his office two days prior. When she was
done admiring herself she decided to lean towards the risque when choosing her outfit
for the day.  She chose a deep purple blouse that was trimmed with a choker at the
neck but had a drop-V from the collar and dove way below what was decent between
her breasts. She wore sticky bra cups so it would not show in the V. She wore a tight
and short black skirt with 4” black LK Bennetts.  She grabbed a black cardigan and
was out the door and off to the coffee shop.

When she got to the office she set everything up at the coffee counter for the staff
and was standing with other employees when Daniel walked up.  He grabbed his
coffee, cream and sugar from her. She looked up at him and motioned for him to come
“Oh, Daniel.” as she leaned into his ear and hid her mouth behind her hand as he leaned
down to hear her.
“I masturbated myself into a frenzy and had just cum when you called for breakfast...
my hand was still wet when I answered your call…” she leaned back with an arched
brow and patted him on the shoulder and said,
“Okay then I will go get started.  I will be at my desk if you have any questions.”
Daniel stood frozen for ten seconds and then pulled himself together.  He looked
around and thankfully, no one seemed to notice that she had just left him immobilized
in the middle of the room. He took a few sips of his coffee while he regained his center.  
He chuckled to himself, bid everyone good morning and led a very short morning
meeting about the day’s agenda. He took his leave and entered the Executive Suite
and closed and locked the outer doors.  
Okay Miss Beckett, if this is how you want to play the game, I will play it as it lays…

He strode up the short carpeted hall and into the main entry area and leaned on the
archway leading to Sara’s desk.  He stood staring at her with an arched brow, shoulder
against the arch with his foot crossed and resting on the tip of his shoe.  

“So, what were you thinking about?” he asked as his eyes pinned her to her chair.
“While you masturbated…?”
“You.” She looked at him nonplussed.  
“Sara...I know you think you are funny with this little game you are playing.”
Before she knew what happened he closed the space between them in less than a second
and pulled her out of her chair by her arm and swung her around pushing her face down over
her desk.  She was in a state of shock as he kicked her feet apart. He yanked her skirt up
and ripped her panties off. She could hear him unbuckling his pants with one hand while his
other hand had her head pinned to her desk.  He was whispering forceful questions and
“Do you still think you are funny, Sweet Pea?”
Sara was too shocked to reply.
She felt him enter her vaginally from behind and thrust into her but not enough to hurt her.  
He released her head and face and grabbed both of her hands and pinned them above her
head as he took her relentlessly. He continued whispering to her.
“Come on, Sara...answer me.  Do you still think you are funny?”
“No...Sir.” she whispered between thrusts.  
“Oh...I think you do…Why don’t you tell me what you were thinking about while you
masturbated, Baby...come on...tell me.”
“I was thinking about you...your eyes...the way you were pulling my hair last night.”
Daniel reached into her hair and fisted it lightly and pulled her head back.
“Like this?”
“Yes” she whispered.
“Ohhhhh Baby...I am going to cum...Sara…”  Daniel bit her neck and jaw and ear.
He continued pushing into her until he found his release.  
He laid on top of her for a minute or two before pulling out of her.  He still had her pinned to
the desk and again whispered,
“I don’t know what you were up to when you told me that...but whatever it was...I hope you
got what you wanted.”
Sara tried desperately to hide her smile.  Daniel watched her closely as he pulled himself
together and tucked his shirt back in and rebuckled his belt.  
He watched her closely as she stood and smoothed her skirt back down over her hips.  She
picked her torn panties up off of the floor and wadded them up and tucked them into the trash
can.  They were practically brand new. She sat in her chair when she was done and
turned her back on Daniel; her nose bearing a tilt upward as she started typing and opening
her email.

Daniel grinned and walked up behind her.  He braced one hand on the back of her office
chair and one on the edge of her desk and leaned close to her face.
“You are not fooling me, young lady.”
Sara broke out in a giggle.
He looked at her sardonically and raised a brow and backed away.  He grabbed his coffee off
of her credenza and strode into his office while calling over his shoulder,
“Come into my office, Sara, we need to talk about tonight.”
Sara got up and grabbed her notebook and sauntered in to his office.  Daniel set his cup of
coffee down and took his chair and watched her as she came in.  He could tell something
was on her mind.
“What are you thinking about, Sweet Pea?”
She looked at Daniel surprised he asked.
“Well, I don’t want to go to dinner with you tonight.  I have no desire to sit with James’ boss
through a meal.”
He studied her carefully before delivering a response.
“Sara, you are going.  You are my assistant. That is why I hired you.  I want you there to look
and listen. I don’t want you to talk.  I am going to introduce you as Mrs. Taylor and my
assistant.” He stopped talking to study her face and make sure she was with him.  
Sara sat frozen.  She studied him to see if he was serious.  Was this his weird way of
proposing? How unromantic. She thought to herself.  
“It is my way of keeping you anonymous.  If he asks your name, use your middle name.  
Most men in business know to call you by the name you were introduced as.”  
“And Sara...we are going home before we go to dinner and you are changing your blouse.  
You are not going dressed like that. That is for my eyes only and not appropriate for a
business dinner.”
Sara sat staring at him resigned.  There was no use fighting him once he had his mind made

At the end of the day they left the office in Daniel’s truck. She had never been in the truck.  
He had a beautiful new black Chevy Silverado with all of the upgrades and it made for a nice
ride home.  
“I’ll wait here.  Run in and put something modest on. I do not want these men salivating over
your cleavage at dinner.” She nodded in agreement and jumped out to go inside.

As she walked past the bathroom door inside the Master Suite on her way to the closet, she
chuckled to herself at an idea that popped into her head out of nowhere.  She should jump in
the tub and soak and relax and lock the bathroom door and wait for Daniel to come searching
for her and insist on staying home. However, he was determined to take her along and if she
made him late to that dinner, she might arrive with a very sore behind for her mischief.  Nope.
Just go with him and behave. I am hungry so I will at least enjoy the food.  And besides,
he doesn’t want me to say anything. How hard could it possibly be?

She chuckled to herself at the thought of how he might react if she pulled a stunt like that.
The thought of being pulled to her feet from the tub and spanked while she was dripping wet
held absolutely zero allure.  It hurt to be smacked on wet skin. It gave her the needed energy
to move quickly and get changed. She decided on a black, long sleeved dress, sheer black
stockings and her black patent leather LK Bennett heels. She threw her hair up into a messy
bun on top of her head, let some curls loose and flew out the door.

When Daniel saw her coming in much less time than he was prepared to wait, he drew in a
deep breath.  God she is beautiful.  I should not be taking her to this dinner.  She doesn’t
want to go and I don’t want these assholes to have a single thought about her when it’s over.  
He jumped out of his side of the truck and opened her door. He kissed her forehead, patted
her butt and said,
“Sara, you look stunning.”  and helped her up inside. He handed her the seatbelt and closed
her door.  

When they arrived at the restaurant, they were greeted by the host to discuss seating
arrangements.  As they walked to their table, Daniel guided Sara with his hand in the small of
her back. He could smell her perfume wafting up and wrapping around his head in a dizzying
fashion.  They were seated and had drinks ordered when Daniel finally spoke to her.

“There is no need to be nervous.  I simply want you to observe. I don’t trust these bastards
and I want to know what you think when it is over.”
She simply stared at him and nodded.
Sara was not comfortable promising Daniel anything.  She wanted to know how this
company was somehow unable to find out her brother was an ex con.  Companies ran
background checks all of the time on prospective employees and it wasn’t hard to find things
out on the internet.  So how had he slipped through their fingers? She didn’t believe for one
minute that he had. There was a reason this company wanted him regardless of his shady
past and she was determined to find out why.   She also knew if she pissed Daniel off that
he would take her home and spend the night making her pay dearly for it. And who’s to say
he wouldn’t be right to do so? However, Sara made up her mind to roll the damn dice.  She
had to know what her brother was up to and how he got involved with her boss’ company.

Sara was looking at Daniel when he held his drink in mid air and his stare froze on something.
Sara’s head turned to follow his eyes and saw her brother standing there with his boss.
Daniel stood immediately to shake their guest’s hands and make introductions.  Ice began to
form in Sara’s feet and crept up to her heart and neck rapidly as she staring at James.
They remained eye-locked through the introductions. Somewhere in the haze she heard
Daniel introduce her as his wife.

“...Gentleman, this is Mrs. Taylor and also my assistant.” Daniel did not immediately know
that James was standing in front of him since he started the introductions.  It took him a
minute to realize Sara and James were staring at each other; both frozen with eyes locked.
James was the first to speak.

“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Sara.  How have you been?” James’ eyes seemed to
soften once he gathered his wits about him.  Sara still felt frozen to the spot and could barely

“Hi James.  How have you been?”

“Not bad.  Busy. Working hard iron out my life, you know?”

She nodded.

Her head floated, unfeeling in Daniel’s direction and he stepped closer and slid his arm
around her waist.  

“Gentlemen, should we be seated?”

Sara sat through dinner and didn’t hear half of what was said.  She sat thinking and
wondering if Daniel had done this to her on purpose.  She had no clue that he was as
surprised as she was. Daniel ordered her food because she could not think straight and
started tossing her drink back a little quickly to dull the frustrations and discomfort she felt
while being in the company of her brother.  Although she noticed he softened towards her
and did not seem angry in any way. The more she sat there the more she realized she was
still angry.  She and her husband had lost over a hundred thousand dollars because James
was stealing from them.  It was money they could have used to pay bills and live better and
it was stolen from them. It was devastating and had led to the decline in their finances and
deterioration of their marriage.  She could forgive him for the theft by itself if it hadn’t ruined
everything and they hadn’t lost so much. And now, he was daring once again to endanger
her livelihood by stealing from her boss. It was with this thought that she opened her mouth
in the middle of a conversation bringing it to a screeching halt.

“So Mr. Wagner...I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to interrupt you gentlemen...but I have a burning
question and I would appreciate an answer.”

Dillon looked at her surprised but nodded and said,

“Absolutely, Mrs. Taylor.”

“Does your company have a formal HR Department?”
“Yes, Ma’am, we do.”
“And tell they conduct background checks on their employees?”
“Yes. Everyone who works for us undergoes an extensive background investigation.”
“Then can you answer a question for me?”

Sara could feel Daniel’s leg suddenly nudge her.  She ignored it and pressed on…

“Do you always knowingly hire ex criminals?  Because James here has an extensive
history of extortion and theft from the time he was a child.  And what I want to know, is that if
you conduct airtight background checks, how he made it past the door to your organization.  
I’m not sure about anyone else, but to me that looks a little more than suspicious. It appears
to be intentional.”

James’ fork stopped in midair as he looked at Daniel as he leaned in and whispered in his
sister’s ear.
“Get up and don’t say another word.  Come with me.” He grabbed her arm and helped her
scoot out of the booth and stand.  The entire time Sara continued to make her point.

“Daniel why are we sitting here playing footsie with these people and pretending everything's
okay when it’s not.  He is a thief and always has been!”

Daniel continued pulling her along.

“Gentlemen if you will excuse us for a couple of minutes, I will be right back.”

Daniel nodded to the host and said he would be back momentarily.  His grip tightened on
Sara’s arm as they went through the doors. Sara tried to yank her arm away to no avail.  

“Let go of me!” she barked.  His response was to grip her tighter and pull her along to his
truck at a faster pace.  She could hear the lock beep as he pushed the remote on the
key fob. He opened the passenger side and helped her up inside, handed her the
seatbelt and stood there once she was buckled in.

“I am going back in there to finish dinner and mop up your mess and then I am taking you
home.  When I get back out here you better be right where I have left you, do you
understand me?” Sara nodded.  She whispered,

“Daniel it’s cold…” but he had slammed the truck door before she could finish her sentence.  
Sara sat thinking about what she had wanted to say to the men at the table but she had
never gotten the chance to finish. She wanted so badly to know what was being said
between them as ten minutes turned into a half hour as she continued to wait.  She
started shivering. The forecast called for icy rain and the temperature would be in the 30s
during the night. Another half hour to forty-five minutes rolled by and Sara got impatient
with shivering and got out of the truck to sit inside where it was warm.  She sat in the
waiting area. The host was a classy and kind hearted middle aged woman. She asked
Sara if she could bring her something to drink while she waited. Sara declined due to
nervous energy about even being in the building. She waited yet another half hour
before she could hear Daniel’s voice approaching with her brother and his boss.  She
kept it together no matter how afraid she felt or how badly she wanted to start crying.

Daniel came around the corner and saw Sara sitting there and stood saying his goodbyes
to James and his boss.  His eyes held hers as he shook hands and waved the men off.
James looked at Sara on his way way out the door and waved to her with a hint of
affection in his eyes.  She waved back. Her eyes met back up with Daniel’s and he
motioned for her to come. She got up and walked over to him.

“I wasn’t trying to disobey, Daniel.  It was freezing outside and you didn’t leave the keys
so I could have heat.”  He nodded took off his jacket and covered her shoulders and led
her out the door, again, with his hand at her lower back.  In his other hand he held their
to go boxes. He had her dinner boxed up since she was made to abruptly leave the table.
When they got to the truck he opened the door and made sure she was in and seatbelted
before he closed the door.  He got in on the driver’s side and started the truck, put his
seatbelt on and turned on the heat before turning to talk to her. He leaned towards her
on the armrest between them.

“I am going to take you home and I am spending the night as well…”  As she stared back
at him, an unspoken communication passed between them that let her know she was in for
an ordeal when he got her home.  She could feel a tear slide down her cheek as she
nodded in response to his words. The ride home was quiet. Daniel turned soft music on
to calm his nerves.  When he pulled into the underground garage and parked the truck he
shut it off and turned to her.

“Let’s go.”  He grabbed their food and came around to her side to help her out.  They got
into the house and Sara headed straight for the bedroom to get out of her dress and heels.  
She slipped into her nightgown and put all of her clothes away. She found herself stalling
and making sure everything was put away neatly and in perfect condition.  When she
came out of the closet, Daniel was standing at the end of the bed with the sleeves of his
dress shirt rolled up. He removed his suit jacket and shoes but was still dressed.  She
walked over to him slowly, stopping short to stare up into his eyes. He reached out and
cupped her chin and stroked her jawline with his thumb while looking back at her. Sara
spoke first.

“Daniel, he is my brother. I don’t see why you got so mad.  I didn’t want to be at that dinner
in the first place.”

“So that is how this is going to go?  I half expected you to apologize for your embarrassing
behavior.  This is how you are going to play it?”

“You had no business making me go.  Did you know James was going to be there?”

“I have every right to ask my assistant to accompany me on any trip or dinner I ask and
no, I did not know he was going to be there.

“Then you deserve to be mad.  He is my brother and what he does to you after he
contributed to the break up of my finances and marriage, concerns me.
I don’t care how mad you are.”
Without thinking Daniel reached out and slapped her.  With a suddenness that thrust
Sara into a state of shock, his hand was at the back of her neck and on her shoulder.
He spun her toward the bed and slammed her face down on the mattress.  She could
hear him unbuckling his belt while he spoke to her.

“I will ask you to attend any damn dinner I want so long as I am signing your paycheck,
young lady, or you can work elsewhere.  Furthermore, you don’t have the right to say
any damn thing that pops into your head.”

Sara could hear the snapping of every loop as he pulled the belt from his waist.  She was
too shocked to cry just yet but had started trembling.

“Am I making myself clear?” She remained silent.  He reached into her hair, fisting it and
pulling her head back slightly.

“That was a question.”

“Yes.” she whispered.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.” she whispered through tears that had finally shown up.

“Daniel, why are you spanking me?”

“Because, you said things at dinner tonight you had no business saying.  I asked you to
basically observe. It turns out James is actually innocent and we know who the guilty
party is.  You had no right opening your mouth about his past to his boss.”

The pain of the first strikes with his belt shut Sara up immediately.  She gasped in pain and
it was clear he wasn’t playing games with her. He was upset with her.  After several strikes
with the belt he stopped to talk to her.
“How would you like it if someone sat at dinner and told me all of the ugly mistakes you
had made in your past?”

Sara was crying and trying to catch her breath to answer him.  When she took too long he
struck her again.

“That was a question!  How would you like it?!”

She gasped.  “I wouldn’t.” she whispered.

He struck her again.

“Speak up, Sara!  You certainly entertained the masses tonight with your loud mouth so
I know you have it in you!”

“I would not like it!” she screamed as he struck her again.

“You would not like it, what?” as he continued spanking her.

“I would not like it, Sir.” she moaned through tears.

Sara felt broken hearted.  She knew Daniel was angry with her.  She began to wonder if
this spanking was ever going to end.  She could hear him talking to her but lost track of
when she was supposed to answer him.  He occasionally would strike her harder and she
tried to pay attention but lost track of what he was even talking about.

“Daniel...please stop.” She began to squirm but he only held her in place.

“Stay still!  This will be over when I say it’s over! Do you understand me?”

“I can’t take anymore, please.”

Daniel used the opportunity to talk to her but he wasn’t letting her up yet.  

“Sara, I will let you use my conference room and invite James to our office and you can
duke it out in there without cameras if you like but you will never mistreat one of my guests
again.  I don’t care who it is. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.” she cried out.
“Okay. Now we are done.”

Sara stood up and looked up at him and then at the floor.  She darted around him and
ran to the bathroom and slammed the door while shouting back at him.

I hate you!

Daniel followed her and opened the door.  He looked at her as she stood looking back
from across the bathroom through tears.  He stood staring at her for a long minute.

“Do you?”

Sara stood staring motionless.

“Come here.”  

She slowly made her way to him.  Daniel reached out to her and slid his hand around
her neck and up the back of her head through her hair until he had fisted it and started
walking her backwards towards the long counter and mirror.  He gripped her shoulder
and turned her toward the mirror and continued talking to her. He bent her over the
counter but kept her facing the mirror with his hand woven into her hair. He pressed
himself against her and leaned into her ear and continued.

“Do you hate me Sara?”  Daniel ran his hand up her leg and up under her nightshirt.  
His hand found the back of the waistband of her panties and ripped them off completely
and let them fall to the floor.

“Go ahead,” he continued as their eyes met in the mirror.

“Tell me how much you hate me and what I provide for you…”

He kicked her feet apart and slid his hand into her crack and toyed with her backside
before moving to the folds of her vagina and circling her clit.  

“Go ahead, Sara...tell me how much you hate me…”

“I can’t…”  she moaned in a low whisper.

Apparently you can...and at a volume that would alert the neighbors.

He undid his fly and released himself.  He entered Sara from behind and thrust into her
vagina with a punishing force.  She gasped as he pinned her against the counter while still
holding her face to the mirror.  With his free hand he continued to stroke her clit with each
forceful thrust. He released the hold in her hair and let his hand find its way to the front of
her throat.  He pulled her head back towards his shoulder in a vice grip that was firmer than
Sara felt comfortable with. Her hands flew up to the hold he had on her throat. He continued
whispering in her ear and lightly biting her cheek, neck and earlobe…

“You know….you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean, Sweet Pea...It’s not very nice.”

Sara felt herself letting go.  She could not help the heat building between her legs.  
Her hands slowly let go of his hand and arm that held her firmly against his chest and
shoulder.  Once she knew he would not hurt her she began to relax.

“I think you should apologize for your ugly words…”

“I am sorry for saying I hate you, Sir…”


“I won’t do it again.”

“Good girl.  If it comes out of your mouth again, I will punish you.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”  

Daniel finished bringing both of them to an explosive finish.  Sara was shaking and still
crying for reasons she did not understand.  She was confused as to why she could have
an orgasm under these conditions.  When Daniel was done he leaned back and pulled
out of her and released his hold on her throat.  He pulled her hair back and let his hands
rest on her shoulders while maintaining eye contact in the mirror.  His brow was slightly
raised as he continued to stare. He gave a final nod and let go of her and turned and
headed for the shower.  She washed her face, brushed her teeth, cleaned up and went to

When Daniel got out of the shower she was fast asleep.  He got into bed next to her and
wrapped himself around her and fell asleep with her.  

To Be Continued...