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Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Edge of Intention Chapter 16B

Sara got up, put herself together in a reasonably attractive but casual fashion and headed for Sugar Me Sweet.  She could feel Zander's energy potion spinning around inside of her but chose, to the best of her ability to ignore it. She needed to get out and interact with real humans today and she was sick of having orgasms.  She was tired.  She needed to recalibrate herself and get back on stable ground.  She also need nutrition.  The idea of working in her mother's bake shop had been festering in her mind.  She had gone in to make those cinnamon rolls for her one customer and she loved it. She could get used to the idea of living at this beautiful shop. She felt at home there and she knew her mother would welcome her with open arms. 

When she arrived, Jess called out to her,

"Ma is on the phone with Daniel. You are in trouble." and gave her a devilish side grin. 

Her eyes grew wide.


Jess nodded.  

"What are they talking about?"

Jess shrugged. 

"I have no clue.  Everytime he doesn't show up she calls him and tells him she has leftover goodies for him to pick up.  I think the old woman has a crush on yer man."

"Oh, go on! She does not."

Jess shrugged and giggled. 

Sara put her things in the back and asked Jess,

"How can I help?"

Jess looked around the shop and kitchen and replied.

"Well, you can do anything you want because it all needs it."

"Okay, I will make sure the dining room is clean so the customers can sit and then I will come back and help you."

She cleaned up the dining room and headed back behind the counter.  She was putting on an apron and heard Sophie trying to talk to a spanish speaking lady at the counter.  She came out to offer help. She started asking the lady how she could help her.  She wanted two dozen conchas and wanted to know if they made them.  She told her that she made the best conchas of any white woman anywhere, which was true.  The lady started laughing and said okay.  She asked how much she wanted her to pay and she told her $32.00.  She had no clue what to charge but she was throwing a number out there to see what the lady thought was fair.  She paid and on her way out the door shook her finger over her head and said,

"They better be good! For $32 they better be good, miha!"

"They will be, Maria!"

Sophie watched Sara with open amusement.  She hadn't gotten the whole story about Sara's childhood but she was proud of how talented she was and just hearing her speaking Spanish made her swell with pride. She is a smart, beautiful girl. Sophie thought to herself. 

"What did you say to her?"

"She wants two dozen conchas; pink, chocolate, vanilla and basic white."

"What?!!!!  We don't make conchas here."

"We do now." 

"Well you get yer own keester down here and do it.  Jess and I have enough to do without ya comin in her makin more labor for us."

"Well anyway, how did you learn to make conchas?" 

"I had a friend once and it was her mother's birthday. They did not have much money but her mother loved homemade conchas.  She invited me over to help make them for her as a treat and I learned then. It was the beginning of many sleepovers and we would make them for breakfast in the morning. I not only learned to love them myself, I learned to make them well."

"When does she want them?"

"Tomorrow morning." 

She looked over at her mother and grinned. 

"See you at 4:00 a.m., then."

She nodded.  She knew it was coming. 

When the shop closed, Jess made them tea and brought out a snacking scone for each of them while their mother cleaned and got dinner ready for the three of them.  They sat in the family booth tucked away from public view. They drew all of the shutters and turned the lights down low. They family booth was like a scene out of the Godfather. It just had that feel.  Sophie served both girls plates of salad and she sat down to join.

The salad was delicious.  It was made with Arugula, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, candied pecans and topped with shredded beets and a champagne dressing.  It was to die for. She couldn't even talk it was so good.  


She looked up at her mother.  She was staring at her with fork midair and Sara sat motionless.

"What?" as she continued to chew. 

"Jess and I have been talking and we want you to work for us. I are so talented in the family business and you seem to love it so much. Come be with us each day. We were cheated out of your childhood and I am an old woman now.  I don't have much time to make up for lost time."

She continued taking bites of her salad and chewing while looking directly at her mother.  After what seemed like the longest damn time in the world to Sophie she finally gave her answer.

"I will see what Daniel would think of me quitting job."

"You fit in here. You are definitely worth your salt in the kitchen and ye have a way with the patrons. We would love to have ya. You think about it, Daniel and you and let us know. There is no rush.  Yer always welcome here."

Sara nodded graciously and thanked her mother and Jess.

"You wouldn't have to quit your job and work full time.  You could maybe plan to work just one day a week for now and see if you like it. Maybe Fridays since that seems to be yer favorite day to promise the patrons special order goods."

Jess and Sara started laughing. 

"I am sure, since he golfs on Fridays, that he would not mind that. The busier we get here, the more days he would allow.  He never wanted an assistant anyway.  His sister forced it on him."

Jess and Sophie gave eachother a sly grin and looked back at Sara.


"Nobody forces Daniel to do a damn thing he hasn't a mind to do, my dear."  Sophie retorted.

"Yeah...obviously. He hasn't called me in days. I don't even think he misses me so you might be right. He calls you but not me.  He has called on time in a week."

"Oh dear I am sure he misses you! He just wants to give you space!"

"Do you think so?"

"Absolutely.  He asks after you all of the time! Makes sure, ya know, yer behavin' and such."

When dinner was over, the girls finished tidying up.  They let Sophie go home and they hung back to visit and clean. They talked about everything; their men, their dreams and all that life had brought.  Jess talked about what their parents were like and all that they had been through while mourning the loss of James and Sara.  She told her how happy her parents were that they were back. It's all they could talk about.

"Are you sure you aren't annoyed that I came back through that door, Jess? I feel like such an intruder."

Jess stopped what she was doing and walked over to her and gave her the biggest hug.

"Don't you ever feel that way!I love Ma and Pa. They are wonderful parents! They deserved to get their kids back! I am delighted to have you both back. Takes the pressure off you know?"  

"Hmm.  I guess. I am just so sorry it all happened. I would have loved to have been here and helped with this business and you with our parents."

"Well, you can help us now.  Ma is getting tired and needs more time at home. Come help me. We are sisters. Let's get to know one another. I am sure Daniel would not be hard nosed about it."

"I would love to just give you a yes answer.  But I want to make sure Daniel is okay with it, that's all.  If he says yes, I will be here fulltime as fast as I can.  I love baking."

The girls had a blast catching up and chatting and before they knew what hit them it was 1:00 a.m. They decided to get home and get some rest.  It had been a long day and Sara could think another rational thought. She hurried home, pee'd, threw on her warmest jammies and hopped in bed. She laid in bed thinking and found herself unable to fall asleep. She was excited at the prospect of working in the bakery every day.  She was unsure how Daniel would feel about giving her up.  She owed him a lot of money and she did not know how she would ever repay him. She slipped deep into sleep without realizing it happened.

Zander stood watch. He knew one day she would return. He liked the woman Sophie. She was kind and it was tragic that Sara had grown up without her.  But it had been destined. If Sara had not gone through the tragedies of childhood the way she had, she would never be the person she was today. It was interesting to him how humans complained so much about their past, their circumstances and worried so much about their futures. They blamed their pasts for all of their failures without ever realizing if they would just stick with the here and now and give it everything they had, nothing could stop them.  Few of them ever realized this. The ones who did, always seemed to be wealthy.

Sophie was one who knew. She didn't waste a lot of oxygen feeling sorry for herself. Losing her children had hurt her deeply. But she had never once spoken ill of her circumstances or blamed God. She prepared for their return and always had the family get ready for the day they walked through that door.  He believed God had indeed rewarded her for her 51 years of faith. 

He watched her sleep and adored her. The more she breathed and made her little sounds the more he wanted to take his pleasure with her. However, he would have to let her sleep as he promised to give her a break. So whatever he did, he would have to make sure she was not aware; at least not in a way that woke her up.

He moved over her from the end of the bed.  She was warm; soft; quiet. He hung over her allowing his large penis to roll back and forth through her legs, vagina and abdomen. He knew that somewhere in her consciousness she felt it because her nipples grew hard while she slept. She was lying perfectly still, breathing deeply. Ohhhhhh how delicious she looked to him. How he longed to pleasure her and hear her moan and scream until she collapsed from too much stimulation. He drew sounds from her he did not know Sara could make. He fed off of her creschendo. It energized and inspired him. 

He rubbed her temples and forhead and made sure she stayed asleep as he worked his cock inside of her slowly. He knew that his full size had the ability to tear her asunder. He was very careful only to allow the pressure he knew she could take and even derive pleasure from. He licked her nipples and drew them deeply into his mouth sucking them hard and licking wildly to pleasure her. But he moved in and out of her slowly as to not cause alarm.  He had no intention of causing her to cum. He did not want her to wake up.  He would wait until morning and finish her while she was awake and could enjoy him and give him every ounce of herself while she came for him. 

Sara was wanton in bed. She was making up for lost time. He edged her until she almost exploded but he stopped her by pulling out and leaving her cold. She moved in her sleep and turned onto her stomach. He came up under the covers tongue-first and drove slowly but straight into her rectum. Centimeter by centimeter and as gently as possible, his tongue climbed and wound inside of her until he found her G spot up high and massaged it gently with his tongue. She started to bump her beautiful soft globes backwards towards him while moaning. He knew when she started down the path to orgasm because he could feel the spasmodic energy starting to wave long before the orgasm actually hit. He waited until it hit a certain vibration and then stopped to keep her sleeping and quiet. 

He continued to pleasure her through the night until the sun came up.  He had kept his promise to her and to himself by keeping her in a deep sleep so she felt rested when she woke up. She turned and stretched and yawned.  He hung back and watched.  She jumped up and went to the bathroom and came back to the bedroom naked. He had not expected that. She threw herself on the bed and flipped over on her back. She remained uncovered. Her fingers made their way to her apex and he watched in silence as she stroked and pet herself. Her fingers made their way between her beautiful vulva and she stroked lightly around her clit.

He was becoming agitated as he watched. He wanted to participate. But he wanted more to honor their break and if she did not call out to him, he would stay back and not interfere without invite. As she continued to circle her clit and poke herself with her finger she worked herself into a frenzy. When she was about to come she finally called to him.

"Zander are you here?" she rasped.

He put his hand over hers and stopped the runaway train of her stimulation.


"Oh Zander, fuck me. Fuck me, Zander."

"What happened to our break?"

"I need you to take me. We had a break all day yesterday. Please."

He could not stop the grin that crept into his features. He was planning to fuck her alright. But he was going to do it his way. He flipped her onto her stomach and lifted her hips and put her slightly on her knees with her ass high in the air. He was going to fuck her the way he wanted to during the night but had refrained to keep from waking her. He reached under her and massaged her breasts and her tummy while he slowly pushed his cock into her rectum little by little and with every ounce of tingly energy he could muster for her. He took her to her absolute limits by stretching her as far as he could without causing pain and pushing all the way into her. He could feel her convulsing beneath him with each thrust from pleasure. She let out a "uhhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhh..." everytime he pushed into her that almost sounded short and gaspy barking on the exhale.

He picked up the pace so as to save some of her energy for her day. If he drew it out too long she would sleep all day and he did not want that for her. He allowed her to cum and reveled as she convulsed around him and flopped against the bed like a rag doll gasping out his name.  He kept her suspended there so he could hear her call out his name. He wasn't a fan of lengthy suspensions but with her he could not help himself. She loved it and she was so damn hot and cute while in orgasmic suspension. In fact, he rarely ended it for her until she was ready and begged him to. After seven minutes, she finally gave him his cue.

"Zander, Zander, Zander...please. Enough." He slowed his vibration and let her finish and come down and relax. She laid still grinning.  

"Thank you for making that wonderful, Zander." 

"You are welcome, my sweet. Now hop up and get in the shower. Call Daniel, then get to your mom's shop and keep yourself busy today.  If you stay here you will not get out of that bed."

"Mmmmmm.." she groaned.

"Would that be a bad thing. I want more."

As she sat up, he pushed her onto her back and pulled her legs apart.

"You only have to but ask my dear..."

"Ahhh...your tongue has got to be the best thing in the world. Ohhhhhhh yes...liiiiiick meeeee."

She whispered.

"Oh my god...that feels so goooood."

Sara was moving her hips against his tongue has he gently snaked it up and down her crack with gentleness and precision making sure to excite every nerve ending along the way. 

She lost herself in the moment and as her sensitivity built, she gave up all control when he finally did plunge his long spirit tongue deep inside of her with a vibration that almost rattled her to pieces. Her hips were moving about wildly as he took her to the moon and back in a universe of sensation that sent her over the edge. She tore the bedding off in great handfuls as she came apart at the seams during her release. The noise coming from her could have awakened everyone in Kensington Flats had Zander not caused a sound barrier so that no could actually hear her. No; this was for his ears only. And he would treasure it. He lingered after she finished and continued to lick and nip at her vulva.  He let his tongue wander outside of her and over her abdomen around her belly button.

Sara could feel the odd sense of vibration hovering over her belly button and could not explain it. She laid still with her eyes closed afraid to move.  She did not want it to go away. It moved through her like a wave and continued up her body to her breasts.  Her nipples stood on edge and taut.  They hurt they were so stiff. He moved back down to her abdomen and swirled his energy in that area for several minutes until he had her ready again to participate in sexual activities. He reached under her buttocks and lifted her up to his mouth. He allowed her to see him and she watched as he drew in a deep breath and blew it inside her as if he were blowing up a balloon. It was HOT! She began to squirm. 

"Ouch! Zander what are you doing! That hurts! Ouch!"

"Shhhhhhhhhh...relax, my sweet. Relax."

Sara began to panic.

"No! That hurts! What is it?!"

He backed off only a little.  He allowed her to squirm until she adjusted and got used to it. He held his hand over her mouth to cut the noise coming from her.

"You are going to carry this with you when you are away from me so that you don't forget who you belong to, my sweet."

"What?! I can't do that! It hurts! Take it out of me!"

"You can and you will..."

Once she calmed down, he began to lick her. He inserted his tongue into her rectum and once again, blew flaming hot energy into her rectum as well.  He waited while she squirmed, rebelled and cried out until she adjusted.

Sara was upset. She felt like he was trying to cook her insides. However, once she calmed down, she had to admit the feeling was out of this world.  He licked to her to show her how much sensitivity it gave her during sex. She convulsed in response to his licking. It went through her in waves.  She did not know how to control her body's response to him yet. She could not absorb the pleasure with calm yet. 

"I know that you are upset with me Sara. But when you return to sexual activities with Daniel, this will make it much better for you. After having sex with me, you would naturally be hesitant to have sex with mere humans.  But you are here in this dimension to live out your life in a normal fashion and I cannot stop that totally. I can enhance your experience, but I cannot stop it.  I want you to enjoy it as much as possible."  

"Does this mean we will no longer have sex?"

"No. But it will be less. If you want me to come to you, you have but to call upon me and I will be there. Go to the guest bedroom naked and I will come to you. I will cause Daniel to sleep deeply and I will put up a sound barrier so we can enjoy one another to the fullest."

He slapped her hard on her behind and told her to get up and get moving.

"Come shower with me..." she snapped coyly.

"As you wish..."

When she got into the shower he turned her to the wall and wrapped his hand around her mouth to muffle the sound he knew would come. He spanked and fucked and spanked and fucked her until she could not stand up. He held her head firmly against his shoulder as he did so.  He was inside of her at both ends. He continued punishing her mercilessly and then forced her to cum violently. He kept her there until she almost passed out. He let her finish and stood her on unsteady feet. He left her in the shower to finish washing herself alone. 

Sara's insides were raw.  Her skin was on fire.  She was not sure why Zander punished her so. She assumed it was because of her harsh nasty words in the bedroom over this...thing! he blew into her. She ran her hands over her body and could hardly feel herself.  It's as if her nerve endings had gone dead.  She was sure she was overstimulated. Never did she need a day with her mother more than now. How dare he do this to her.

Zander stood by and studied her.

"Watch your thoughts, my sweet. Or I will do it again. And yes, I do dare. Do you understand me?"


"Okay then. Have a wonderful day with your mother. If you need relief during the day, and you might, call upon me and meet me in the bathroom. I will come to you."

She nodded and finished getting ready for the day at the bakery.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Edge of Intention-Chapter 16A

Zander stood at the end of the bed behind her. He watched as she breathed. He decided to let her rest.  He did not want to wear out the one thing he had enjoyed the most in his entire existance.  He loved her willingness and lack of fear. He reached inside of her rectum and removed the energy sphere he had placed inside of her.  As he reached inside of her vagina, he changed his mind about removing that one. Those nifty little things had the power to cause her to go completely off of her chain during an orgasm.  He enjoyed watching her scream while he brought her unbearable pleasure. He loved her body. He loved her disposition. He lifted her while she slept and placed her on her pillow and covered her nakedness with the duvet.  

He left her for the night deep in sleep.  She would not wake up until the sun came up. He watched while she slept. He stood guard to make sure she was safe.  

Daniel woke up sometime in the middle of the day and threw the covers off, got dressed and flew to the contractors trailer.  He did not know what in the hell had happened to him the previous night but whatever it was, it was welcome back. He was sure it was a dream. He blew it off and dove right into work. 

Zander watched and thought back on all of the years Sara's mother had waited for her return.  He had been tasked with watching over the family. While he knew where Sara and her brother had been taken, he was not allowed to interfere. Instead, he chose to fill Sophie with hope and encouraged her never to give up.  He had known Sara her whole life.  She was a delightful little girl and was always kind to everyone.  She had suffered greatly but it was part of what made her the kind hearted soul that she was.  

He was always of the opinion she needed more spankings as a child.  She had grown to become a spoiled brat with a smart mouth. She was a bit independent and at times rebellious. He could help Daniel with that. Nothing much had changed in fifty years on that front.  She still was.  He had heard many things she had said when she thought she was alone.  

He was sure that he would be banished to the pits of hell for having an interlude with her but he could not help himself.  She was so passionate about the pleasure he gave her and she wasn't afraid to admit it to him. He loved the little noises and murmurs his attentions elicited from her. Her moans and soft words pushed him to want to please her more, longer, harder and at times; violently. Something he would have never considered until the day she walked through the doors of Sophia's bakery. She was a fully grown woman and she was beautiful. 

She moved and moaned in her sleep and his head turned to her immediately.  He went to her and studied her for a moment to determine if she were having one of her nightmares. But alas, she had only moved. He stroked his hand across her forhead and temples placing her into a deep sleep so that he could take his pleasure without disturbing her while she slep. He lifted her covers and placed himself under them between her legs. He loved her scent and the feel of her human flesh. She was smooth and soft and silky and took excellent care of herself. He slid his tongue into her vulva gently as to not awaken her while he suckled at her vagina.

He circled her clit and gently licked and nipped at her soft petals. He dipped his middle finger inside of her and gave the energy sphere he had inserted a spin so that she could be aroused while sleeping. Zander kept her asleep and just beneath an orgasm for hours. He played her body like a violin until it was time to wake her up. He built the fire higher and higher until she started arching and barking as she released in her sleep. He kept it coming until he noticed she was awake and gasping for air.  The orgasm lasted for several minutes and she laid still with her eyes half open motionless as she floated back down from the stratosphere to which he had sent her. 

He let her rest for awhile before instructing her to turn over onto her stomach.  She did as she was told.  She felt him grab one of her ankles and tie it to one of the posters of her bed.  When he grabbed the other ankle she began to panic.

"What are you doing?!"

"I am tying you to this bed." 


"Because I want to play a game with you?"

"What kind of a game?"

"The kind where you can't escape or wiggle away from the pleasure." 

He tied her arms in the same manner and she started to squirm and panic.

"Sara! Stop it. I am not going to hurt you. This is for pleasure, not for pain."

He rubbed his large hands together and created another ball of energy to insert into her rectum again.  She felt him massaging her arms and shoulders back and legs extensively until she relaxed. He worked the muscles down her legs back up again. He massaged her round globe-like buttocks and slowed until she felt them pulling apart. She felt his tongue lick around her anus and insert into her rectum and back out. Then she felt him pushing another one of those hot things into her again.  It felt bigger this time and stretched her more.  She gasped as he shoved it inside of her.  He pushed it so far into her it caused panic on her part.

"Shhhhh.  It's okay. You are feeling heat.  It will calm down in a minute." 

Everytime she moved her pelvis, she felt it stimulating her G spot powerfully. She continued to move.  She was pretty sure she could cum just by doing this.  She felt a large, hot slap on her ass.

"Don't you dare get ahead of me!" 

"Okay!" she bit out; annoyed that he had smacked her so hard. 

"If you are not careful with that attitude of yours I will set your flesh on fire. Now be a good girl and hush!"

She carefully laid her head down in submission as to not arouse his anger. His punishments were more extreme than anything Daniel had ever done to her and she worked hard to avoid them.  Zander whispered in her ear,

"Go to sleep, Sara."

"Go to sleep?! I'm tied up face down! I can't relax.  And I just woke up!"

She felt a hard slap again; this time even more painful causing her to cry out. Again, she laid her head down with tears in her eyes and closed them. He massaged her temples and seduced her into a deep sleep. 

He spent the rest of the afternoon and night massaging her skin and muscles and dipping in and out of her; again, keeping her hovering just this side of full combustion. When morning came she was taking short shallow breaths and she was sweating.  He knew he needed to stop. He freed her hands and feet so she would have mobility. He threw everything he had into her rectum and vagina at the same time and she convulsed violently.  He kept it going for her past waking up so she could enjoy the benefits of his lovemaking. 

Sara grabbed handfuls of the bedding and turned her face into the bed and screamed repeatedly and grunted as she continued to wake up in the middle of a powerful orgasm. He continued to pound away at her until he achieved his own release and growled and bit down hard on her neck and shoulder. She cried out in pain but could not move because he had her pinned and her owned orgasm was still going, somewhat.  She flopped over on her back and laid there quietly.  He had lifted off of her and remained silent. 

Sara started to cry.

"What is wrong?"

"I need a break from all of this. I am tired. I just want life to go back to normal. I am cheating on Daniel, a man I love, with a ghost!  I don't know your name, you won't let me see you!  It isn't right."

He listened but remained silent for awhile. Then decided to at least comply with the two issues she raised.

"You can call me Zander. My name is too long and complicated so you can use the short version. I will allow you to see me, but don't say I did not warn you."

She thought about it for awhile.  She nodded and replied.

"Okay.  I want to see you as you are." 

Slowly he materialized.  It was a good thing she had ten foot ceilings.  He took her breath away. He was not kidding about being much bigger than her. He had to be 8 feet tall and very thick compared to a normal man. His wings came in behind him as he landed at the end of her bed.  He wore pants and no shirt.  She couldn't help but look at his crotch and wonder how he had ever fit into her. She looked up at him in wonder and spoke.

"Wowww.  Why me?  Why not go out and find an amazon woman who is at least your size?"

"Size doesn't matter when you are spirit." 

" wonder God's angels provide so much protection! If you are all that big you could kick anyone's ass. And speaking of angels, doesn't all of this sex we are having break the rules of engagement God has set up for you when you interact with we lowly humans?"

"I never said anything about being an angel." 

"Go about your day, Sara and tell no one."

He started to fade out of sight and she yelled after him.

"Hey! Then why do you have wings?!...Okay, I guess the conversation is over."

"I can still hear you, you know. And I will tell you the story about my wings another time. Get up and go do what you humans do when you are bored.  I will give you some space."

"Thank you. I don't want you to go away forever.  I just need rest. And I would never tell anyone. What the hell am I going to say? "Hey did you know I have a new boyfriend? He is an angel so you will never meet him but he is awesome in bed." thanks.  Your secret is safe with me."

"And yours with me." he replied.

"I do not have a secret."

"Oh...but you do.

"And what is that?"

"You are having better sex with a so called angel than you do with Daniel." 

Her mouth dropped open and she was aghast.

"See? Secret."

She grabbed the closes thing she could find to throw at him and he replied,

"Do you want a spanking?"

But it was too late. The box flew and hit the wall behind him.

He was on her in a second. She was face down on her mattress being spanked while he spoke to her.

"First of all, I am not Daniel. You keep your temper in check when you deal with me do you understand?"


He did not intend to hurt her or ruin her day so a few smacks did the job.  As he thought about what she had said, he decided to leave his energy inside of her but to go get busy doing other things for a day or two.  He wanted to respect her boundaries but not let her forget about him. He rubbed her bottom and gave it a few kisses and whispered telling her to behave herself while they were on break.  He couldn't help but turn her onto her back and kiss her tender vulva before he departed. She was compliant and enjoyed his kisses very much. They continued to lay there and talk for much more time than either of them intended about everything under the sun. He continued to massage her petals and lick and dive between the folds without rejection.  

He lifted her legs to expose her rectum and sent his tongue spiraling deep inside of her bringing a gasp and a groan. The pleasure was almost more than she could take. He withdrew and looked down at her even though she could not see him.

"Do you want me to make you cum before I leave?'

"Yes." she whispered as she stared at the ceiling. She could not help herself. He made her feel so good.  She knew she needed space but she needed this too. He dove deep into her and set her on fire in a way she had never been torched before. She felt him in her abdomen, her vagina and her backside and it was deep. Her G spots triangulated in a way she had never experienced until Zander and she did not want to give that up. He took her with everything he had and rocked her world for a very long time before he caused her to cum. When she finally started to fall over the edge of the cliff, it felt like he hung her there suspended upside down mid orgasm until finally she begged for mercy and he allowed her to resume the orgasm.  

It had hit her in so many waves she felt like she had been hit by a truck. She heard him whisper to her before he left.

"I will be back in a few days, my love.  Behave.  Go see your mom."

She nodded and drifted off.

Daniel had not called Sara since their phone sex call.  Every night when he got in bed it happened again and every morning when he woke up and sometimes in the shower.  He felt incredibly guilty but he wanted to stay here at the hotel so he could continue enjoying the pleasure of it.  He felt like he was cheating on her.  He loved Sara very much. He was caught in a pleasure trap and felt like he could not get himself out. He knew he would not let it last forever, but he needed more time with this. It was not only deeply relaxing, he got better sleep than he had gotten in months.  When he was with Sara, he slept lightly.  

He was meeting some contractors at the trailer today, but not until 1:00 p.m. He got up, went to the bathroom and decided to sleep some more. The entity never spoke to Daniel.  He had heard whispers but he never understood what was being said. It never really did the same thing twice.  Sometimes it would start by sucking on his nipples and massaging his abdomen.  Sometimes he would get a full body massage and a blowjob.  Other times it felt like full vaginal sex with the tightest pussy he had ever experienced. He never knew what he was in for exactly, however, he always knew it would be well worth his time even if it made him late. 

He assumed the hotel was haunted or that it was built over a grave or something.  Whatever it was, Daniel did not want it to stop.  He was planning to delay going home as long as possible, even if it would mean upsetting Sara. He wouldn't let it go on forever.  But he had to have just a little bit more. 

It was 5:00 a.m. and he climbed back in bed and turned out all of the lights to get more shut eye. He was warm and just about back to sleep when the entity started toying with him.  He felt her hands move down his body and massage his feet. She worked her way back up until she was at his abdomen.  He felt her manipulating a circle in a massage like fashion below his belly button.  All of a sudden it felt like she pushed something hot into his abdomen; right through his skin and deep inside.  He felt his prostate tingling as if it were on fire. 

Daniel barked out occasional gasps of pleasure.  The entity watched but did nothing. Daniel spoke out;

"You can't just leave that thing in there! I can't take it.  Get it out!"

For the first time, she whispered back to him and he heard it audibly.

"You can take it and you will.  You will get used to it and I am not taking it out. It will make our love-making so much better.  Now go back to sleep, Daniel." 

"I can't sleep with a ball of fire in my abdomen!"

She reached over and put him to sleep.  He hovered just above a deep sleep.  He was in a constant state of ecstasy.  A couple of hours later, she came to him again and started playing with him.  When he was fully hard, he felt her warm tongue snake its way down and circle his anus.  She slowly moved inside of him and pulled back out. Her tongue made its way in, out, in out and each time she went in, she went a little deeper. She drove into him until her tongue reached the fireball she had inserted in him. She wildly swirled it around until he was hanging in the balance and ready to cum.  She let him stay suspended for awhile. He writhed and grunted and begged to be released.  Finally Daniel felt a nuclear explosion detonate in his abdomen that rivaled any pleasure he had ever experienced prior to this day.

She made him stay inside of that orgasm for a long time.  He had spasmed himself dry but still he continued to cum. At some point it began to hurt and he begged her to release him.  Finally she let him finish and relax. 

"What is happening to me?" he whispered.

"You are being pleasured as a blessing." came the reply.

"What is your name?" he asked her.

"You don't need to know my name, Daniel. Just enjoy the time we have together while we still have it.  One day you will go back to Sara and won't see each other anymore...unless you want me to come along..."

Daniel shot straight up in bed.

"No! You leave her out of this!" 

"As you wish. But she might enjoy the pleasure of it as much as you do."

"No! I bring her pleasure."

The entity hung back and stared at Daniel, amused at his complete and utter hypocrisy.  Humans never could figure themselves out, tell themselves the truth or face reality.  He would have to learn the hard way that his beautiful little lover was no innocent when it came to pleasure. She would share in it whether Daniel liked it or not.

"Again, as you wish.  Have a wonderful day, Daniel."

"Hey! Wait! Come take this thing out of me! What is this?  I can't work with this in me!"

"Yes you can." and with a soft gust of wind, she was gone.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Edge of Intention-Chapter 15

Daniel laid in bed at the hotel confused.  He did not know how to explain what had just happened to him. He never had to touch himself.  It was as if he could feel Sara doing the things to him that she described on the phone.  Even when she said to slam into her throat, he could feel it as if it were happening.  He asked himself how this was even possible. 

As he started to doze off he felt it again.  It felt so wonderful he let it happen without even opening his eyes.  He knew this was something else.  This wasn't Sara's voice on the phone. Whatever it was, it was a welcome relief to the lonely nights without Sara. The vibration around his prostate was torture.  Whatever this was had control of his cock and kept his prostate in a constant state of stimulation. He felt himself being licked and sucked.  His balls were on fire and being fondled and licked. He felt his balls go into the mouth of whatever this was. They were licked and sucked gently and it felt like the tongue went right through his testicles and sack. 

Daniel was lying spread eagle on the bed and grabbed handfuls of the bedding. He arched his pelvis plunging violently into the mouth of whatever this thing was.  He moved in a circular motion and shoved. He was being sucked powerfully and massaged in a way that took all of his self-control away.  He was kept in this state. The continual hope of orgasm kept him suspended for hours. The entity dipped it's tongue into the tip of his penis and gently circled around inside of his urethra and swiped down to his balls and back up again. He felt, for the first time in his life, something inserted into his rectum. The entity moved slower than a snail, but there was definitely something being inserted.

It was odd. Daniel didn't fight because he was in such a state of ecstasy he couldn't.  His abdomen, his balls, his cock and prostate were all engaged.  All were suspended and being massaged and sucked and kept alive and active. The entity began to move in and out of his rectum regularly now. If it were possible, it brought an even greater sense of ecstasy to Daniel's sex organs.  He felt licking and sucking on his neck.  His nipples were being sucked and before he had time to think anymore, he detonated into the deepest explosion he had ever experienced.  He growled and writhed and shuddered until he was through.  He knew he was a hot mess and there was semen everywhere.  He did not care.  He could see the sun peeking through the windows as he slipped beneath the pillowy clouds of sleep.

Sara woke up the next morning and was deeply refreshed.  She had gotten a good night of sleep and was ready to consider shopping.  She started with a shower, clean up and make up and headed out the door to her favorite coffee shop.  She thought about how she would like to spend her day and her money.  She decided to take a drive out in the country while enjoying her coffee and her music.  She imagined that she had escaped her spirit lover; but she did not.  

"Pull the car over, Sara." was very clearly stated and audible.

"No.  Today is for me and I am spending it however I like." and she continued to drive.

She never heard another thing the entire day; much to her relief.  She needed a break from this thing, whatever it was.  She very much enjoyed the orgasms and the command it had over her body.  However, it was wearing her out and she needed time away from her vagina and all of it's nerve endings. She believed her abdomen had to be in ashes at this very moment.  She decided on a spa day and headed over to the local day spa where she and Brandy had gone.  She had her hair done and her nails manicured naturally and a pedicure.  She had a facial and felt positively wonderful.  When she was shown to her room for a massage, she was left alone to change out of her clothes.  It was at this appointment that she heard him talk to her.

"I would have gladly given you a massage for free if you had asked." 

"Yes, but with you there would be an orgasm involved and I just want to float right now."

"Suit yourself. But I give better massages than this twit you are getting."

"Oh, go away! Leave me alone! Come to me later."

As the massage got started, she thought about what he had said. He was correct.  He was better at this.  The lady was okay...but she had had better from her spirit lover.  She endured her massage and even gave the lady a tip.  Not because of her skill but because it was expected and it was how she made her income. 

Sara spent a few hours shopping and went out to lunch.  By 4:00 she was ready to go home, get into her comfy clothes and relax. As soon as she stepped through the door and it closed, she heard his voice.

"Did you have a good day?"


"How was the massage?"

"Mediocre at best.  You were right."

"Drop your bags and remove your clothing, Sara."


"Remember the country road when I told you to pull over?"


"You disobeyed me. I wanted to ravish you outside in beautiful countryside."

"You can ravish me now.  We can go out on the balcony."

"And we will...after you are punished for your lack of obedience." 

"Oh no.  Oh God...please. I am sorry."

"I am sure you are. However, you will still be punished.  I want your first response to be the right one in the future. I am sure before this is over, Daniel will appreciate your upgraded manners. Off with the clothes."


"Every single stitch."

Sara started to cry.  Every punishment he had given her thus far was excruciating and long lasting.  It was oddly mixed with ecstasy but she was in no mood for the pain.  However, rather than suffer actual wrath coming from him, she decided it was best to comply. She could not fight what she could not see. She dropped everything on the hall table and headed for her bedroom.  She immediately stripped naked and stood waiting.  She could feel him breathing on her.  She felt his hot breath on her neck. She heard a strange snapping sound like a whip coming through the air and it struck her suddenly.  It took her breath away.  Her buttocks stung. The next one struck her sex. She used her hands to guard her vagina and the whip cracked again against her back.  She stood crying not knowing where the next snap would strike.

He moved her hands away from her vagina and snapped her there hard. She could barely stand because of the pain.  At the same time she felt him enter her with tingly force which also took her breath away. He stood behind her and oddly her arms were held back as the whip snapped at her breasts, abdomen and vagina with careless abandon.

"Next time I ask you to pull the car over, what will you do?"

Sara could hardly talk because of the relentless snaps of the whip on her flesh. 

"Answer me! What will you do?"

"I will pull over immediately."

"Yes.  Without delay."

Mercifully the snaps finally stopped but his hand wound into her hair at the back of her head and she was led to her bed and slammed face down.  She could feel him behind her spreading her legs and buttocks.  She was dripping liquid from her vagina.  Regardless of his painful beating, he kept her in a state of sexual desire. The mixing of pain and sexual pleasure was burned into her brain.  She felt him enter her rectum.  This was not for pleasure. While he did stir her up with desire and turn her on, she was still being punished for disobeying him. He held her arms down and took her from behind mercilessly while speaking in her ear.  He bit her neck and shoulder while commanding her never to disobey him again.

"Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir, I do."

Regardless of the punishing force, Sara still felt the tingly vibration as he took her.  As he plunged deeper into her rectum she could feel her G spot being reached with every stroke he took. He was in her vagina too and reaching her abdominal G spot as well. Even though he was spanking her butt and snapping his whip on her legs, Sara felt ready to explode. He whispered to her and continued biting her neck.

"Obey me, Sara.  Do as I say.  Do not rebel against me. I will punish you every time."

She could not hang on for another minute.  He was purposely keeping her orgasm suspended.  However, she could not hold back anymore.  She screamed a blood curdling scream as she came.  She convulsed and continued to scream.  He covered her mouth with his hand and continued her orgasm beyond what was normal.  She knew he was doing it to her.  It continued until she had no more scream left in her.  She simply convulsed. The orgasm hit her wave after wave after wave and it went into long minutes.  She wondered if it would ever end. He whispered to her...

"Are you ready for it to end?"

"Yes." she rasped. When she was done, she wilted, still face down and bent over the bed.

He flipped her over and moved her up the bed onto her pillow.  He spread her legs wide and blew on her vagina. She came again as he continued to blow on her clit.  She wasn't sure how this was happening. Then the licking began.  He had the most amazing tongue.  It reached every place she wanted touched and with force. She loved his tongue.  LOVED it!  It was her favorite thing he used on her. He was done punishing her and now wanted to pleasure her.  She laid in a half asleep state but she never once lost consciousness.  She moved against and with him as he worked his magic on her sex organs.  He licked and plunged and bit and taunted her all night long as she knew he would.  Thank God she did not have to go to work. 

She could fuck and play all night and all day and who would be the wiser?  And with Daniel's blessing no less. She slept and took naps and when she woke up they played.  His tongue was always in her vagina and when she had to go out, she felt that odd swish as he entered her vagina and hung out in her abdomen.  She always knew he was with her; watching her, smelling her, listening to her and talking to her when necessary.  He had become her constant companion.

He was a skilled lover and he knew how to play her body like an instrument.  She had long craved the skilled touch of a lover who knew her.  Sara felt as though this spirit had always known her.  He talked to her in a way that made her melt.  Even when he was telling her he was going to punish her and she knew the suffering would be very great.  She submitted because he always made it worth it to her and when it was over, he always made earth shattering love to her. He bonded her to him psychologically and physically.  She was beginning to see that no matter when Daniel came back, she would never want to be away from this spirit. So she asked him how this was going to work.  She was cooking in the kitchen and looked around and decided to talk to him.


"Yes?" came the immediate answer.

"Daniel is coming home in five days...what will happen then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Will you and I know...make love?"

"If you want to, yes. You know all you have to do is call on me. I can also have sex with you and Daniel together."

"What?! How?" 

"By stimulating both of you together."


"About Daniel, Sara...he was planning to come home Tuesday but things are not going well for him there.  He will be gone longer.  So you and I will be alone for awhile."

"You haven't hurt him have you?!"

"No.  Don't be ridiculous. That hospital is a huge job and he really needs to be onsite.   He knew this when he took the job." 

"Why can't I see you?"

"There is no need. It would only scare you."

"Why? Are you ugly?"

"No. Just much much bigger than you think."

"Is that why your voice sounds like it's everywhere?"

He laughed out loud at her question.


"Do you have wings?"


She felt like he was on the floor in front of her.  It felt odd.  He began licking her through her sleep shorts while grabbing her buttocks with his hands.  She leaned forward on the counter.

"Oh my god..." she whispered.

"Everything you do to me feels so good."

She stayed there for what seemed like forever while he licked her incessently.  When he grew tired of that he was suddenly behind her.  She felt him pull her shorts down, exposing her buttocks.  She felt his penis poking around in and out of her crack.  She grabbed the opposite side of the counter to hang on to while he rode her. She felt him slide into her rectum and back out several times.  Then he pulled out completely and stood in silence for a minute. She waited.  

"I am going to put something inside of you and I don't want you to take it out.  I want to you to leave it in."

"Is it going to hurt?"

"No.  I will not ever hurt you unless I am disciplining you. But it is going to feel very warm."


He lifted her hips and buttocks up high and spread her cheeks and inserted something almost hot into her rectum.  He pushed it far up inside of her until she felt it rest on her G spot.  Whatever it was, she felt like it was licking her incessently without end. 

"What is it?  What if I have to go to the bathroom?  I am afraid.  What is it?"

"Relax.  It will not stop you from having a bowel movment.  It is a hot ball of energy.  It is about the size of a tennis ball.  A little smaller maybe. Things can pass through it. But when I do have vaginal intercourse with you, you will practically come out of your body it will feel so good. So we will just leave that in there and let it do it's job."

"Come with me.."

She followed as his invisible hand pulled her to the sofa.

"Lay down and spread yourself open for me."

She did as she was told and waited.

She felt him insert what felt like his whole hand into her vagina and leave behind another one of those hot things high up inside of her. He made sure it attached itself on the G spot right behind her belly button and then pulled his hand out. She gasped as his hand went out of her.

She got up and continued cooking.  She was having and hard time concentrating.  She drank her coffee and waited. She felt suspended in time.  She wasn't sure what she was waiting for, but she knew she was being turned on at a new level.  Her clit was on fire and her guts felt ready to orgasm by themselves. She kept having mini convulsions as she went about her business.  He remained silent and said nothing.  For all she knew, he wasn't even there.

She finished eating and headed for the shower.  The hot water felt wonderful as it rolled over her achy muscles.  She felt herself relax.  She shaved her legs.  She massaged her scalp repeatedly as she washed her hair and rinsed and applied conditioner. She scrubbed her body with coconut soap but when it came time to wash her private area, she found herself feeling nervous for the first time in her life.  She did not know what it was that he put inside of her but she was worried it would come out.  She heard him chuckle and tell her,

"Don't be nervous. It won't leave that easy."

She cautiously inserted the washcloth filled with soap between her vulva and washed herself.  Back and forth; back and forth...she continued washing herself and moved to washing her backside.  She was losing her breath.  She unhooked the shower head and rinsed herself.  The streams of water from the normal shower stream made her crazy.  She felt so sensitive with zero hair down there.  She waved it back and forth; back and forth. She heard him whisper in her ear.

"Yesssssss...keep moving the water over your sweet pussy, Sara. Doesn't that feel amazing?"

Sara could hardly breath much less try to talk.  She managed to croak out a whisper.

"Yesss. Oh my god, yesss."

"I don't want you to cum.  Just keep moving that water over yourself until you are ready and then get out of the shower.  If you cum, I will punish you."

"Okay" she whispered.

When she could take no more without exploding, she got out of the shower and dried off.  She stood in the mirror staring at her body.  She felt him rubbing her butt cheeks.  Without warning, as she was staring herself in the eyes in the mirror, he entered her rectum.  He grabbed her hands and held them against the mirror and made her continue to look at herself. 

"I want you to see how beautiful you are as you cum, Sara.  Look into your eyes..."

Sara could barely keep her eyes open. He was driving her to heights she could barely tolerate without collapsing. He slapped her outer thigh to keep her awake and engaged. She felt him stretching her to her very limits.  She would even go as far as to say it was painful...but in a weird way it wasn't.  She was experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time. Her mind was having a hard time explaining it to her.  She did not complain.  As he brought her to ecstasy, she blacked out. She went into experiencing an explosive orgasm and could not really remember much about it.  It was more than her mind could hold onto.  He was right.  It was the type of assault on her nervous system that came close to an out of body experience.

She was left wilted on the counter and out of breath when she regained her composure. She got up and went to her bedroom to get dressed.  There was a cute short dress laying on the bed for her already.

"You are staying home today, yes?"

"Yes." she replied.

"Good. There is no need for underwear or a bra."

The dress came just under her buttocks and left her feeling exposed. When she was done getting ready including perfume, she could feel him breath in her scent near her neck.

"You smell beautiful..." he whispered.  

She could feel his hot breath on her neck.  He was in front of her and her nipples grew hard at the sensation.  He slid his finger over the crack of her vagina drawing a gasp from her. 

"You are so wet, Sara..."

He slid his finger between her vulva and moved back and forth and around narrowly missing the plunge all the way into her vagina to torment her.  She felt it as if it were a physical finger and she could feel how slippery and wet she was.  He sucked on her breasts right through her dress and bit them.  She could feel his tongue toying with her nipples.  She felt hands on her abdomen and her hips rubbing her.  His fingers left the confines of her vaginal area and slid through her crack into her rectum.

Sara stood frozen and entranced before him as he brought her closer to the edge sexually. She moved her hips and swayed with her eyes closed while he worked his magic. She wanted nothing more than to stand there rocking back and forth on his fingers while he continuously licked, sucked and bit her breasts. The exchange of energy between them was powerful and he spoke to her in whispers that filled the room in a quiet sort of way.  His words reminded her of sound travelling across water.  

He pulled her down to the floor on her knees to straddle him.  She leaned forward into his face as he continued to suckle at her breasts and hung on to the footboard on her sleigh bed. She rocked her pelvis back forth as he administered pure pleasure to all of her senses. Once again, she felt his cock expand inside of her until she thought she would explode from the pressure. He was not only deep inside of her, he swelled in thickness to the point of almost causing pain. 

He held her hips and pumped into her violently; reaching her G spots on all sides.  It was what helped her endure the exreme pressure she was feeling.  Just before she felt herself inching toward an orgasm he stopped and pulled out of her.  He stood her up and walked her to the side of the bed and pushed her face down.  He gripped her hips high in the air and spread her butt cheeks and inserted his tongue deep into her rectum.  She felt it move in and out and wiggle in a circular motion near her abdomen. She was ready to pass out from the sheer pleasure he caused her. He continued snaking his tongue and stroking her G spots until she detonated into an explosive orgasm that found her screaming into her bedding.  

His hand found its way to her mouth to cover the sound as he continued to pound her and keep her suspended in orgasm.  She began to convulse from pleasure, but also exhaustion.  He finally let her come down from it so she could relax.  She had been fully satisfied and relaxed into oblivion.  She was not sure if she would ever be ready to return to reality.  Her vagina and her rectum were on fire.  She needed rest.  She stayed face down on the bed and faded into unconsciousness.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Edge of Intention -Chapter 14

Monday morning, Sara woke up early. She had seen Daniel off the day prior and had slept alone.  She stayed up way past her bedtime hoping to be too tired to entertain her new friend.  She also made sure she was fully dressed in night clothes.  It worked because she enjoyed a full night of sleep. 

She washed her hair and enjoyed the water rolling over her back.  She pondered the data entry that waited for her when she returned to the office.  She was not looking forward to it at all.  However, if she played beautiful music and flew like the wind she would be fine.  She finished her shower, toweled off and headed back into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She was used to walking around naked and taking care of brushing and flossing while the mist dried off of her body from her showers and she did so on this morning without thinking. 

As she was bent over brushing her teeth, Sara felt a strange surge of tingly energy enter her vagina with a force that was hard to describe.  It sat in her abdomen tingling.  She felt it in her vagina as if it were moving around in that small space just hanging out and keeping her turned on.  

She was applying cosmetics in the mirror and the odd feeling could not be ignored.  She pushed on her stomach to see if she could make it go away but it persisted. She could feel her G spots being affected vaginally, abdominally and anally. She felt liquid begin to drip from her vagina but she ignored it and continued to apply mascara. When she was done, she wiped herself and continued getting ready. It was a beautiful day out and she chose a cute short dress and beautiful flat sandles to wear. She pondered the underwear while she finished gathering her things.  She decided to wear them.  They could always be taken off. 

She breezed through the doors of the office and asked Brandy not to tell anyone she was here and to hold all calls.  She explained her tedious data entry project and told her she would see her at lunch time.  She closed and locked the main door to the Executive Suite behind her.  She was planning to go home for the day at noon. She opened the shades and let the sunlight in and started up the computers. She was ready to work and stop thinking about all of the craziness that crept into her life over the last few days.

She turned on some music and answered a few texts from Daniel.  She pulled two files for him and left them open on his desk so she could access them easily if he asked throughout the day. She changed all of the Scentsy wax in the warmers to bring the smells of Fall and pumpkin into the office. She sat at her desk and flew like the wind.  She felt energized and clear headed.  She was able to get most of her work done by 11:30 a.m. She stretched and got up to use the bathroom.  She had gone through enough coffee to cause a flood. 

When she went to wipe herself she noticed that her pubic hair was completely gone.  She was planning to set an appointment for a wax in the coming days so she knew it was growing and getting too long for her liking.  It was gone! She looked at her crotch area in the mirror to make sure she wasn't losing her mind.  She looked in her panties for any sign of it; nothing.  Is that what has been happening all morning while this thing hung out in my abdomen and vagina? she wondered.

She found herself spontaneously whispering her curiosity aloud; 

"Why have you done this?"

Her answer was returned immediately.

"I do not like hair."

The entity's repsonse jolted her.  The sound was hard to describe. She wouldn't exactly say it was in her head.  She heard it audibly.  But she could hear it coming from her chest or the walls...the sound was eternal.  Like the voice was made up of the ground, the ceiling, the walls...she couldn't figure it out.  She quickly pulled her panties back up in a slight panic and finished up in the restroom.  She heard a faint giggle.  It was laughing at her.  It knew she was afraid.  

As she hurried from the bathroom the electrical tingling and vibration in her vagina increased in intensity. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and she felt an odd chill while at the same time feeling warm. She had a strong desire to spread her legs.  She fought hard to ignore it. She walked out of the Executive Suite an asked Brandy if she would like to go to lunch.  She would do anything to keep from giving in. Brandy was delighted and jumped up to grab her bag and the two headed out the door.  

They decided on Panera Bread and opted to eat inside and chat and catch up.  It was during this conversation that Brandy shared the crush she had on James, Sara's brother.


"Yes!  I think he is the hottest guy ever!"

"Isn't he too old for you?  I mean I am 53 and he is two years older than me yet."

"I know!  But he just is..."

"Does James know you feel this way?"

"No! And don't say anything!"

"Of course I won't.  But wow...I am just shocked."

Sara took the rest of the day off as planned. She decided to go home and sleep and then maybe go shopping later in the early evening if she felt up to it. She dumped all of her bags, jacket and shoes at the door, undressed and slipped between the sheets face down on her stomach.  The vibration had never stopped since that morning as she got ready for work.  As she drifted off she felt warm hands massaging all of her muscles.

They started with her shoulders and arms and worked down her back.  They massaged her glute muscles and then down her legs to her feet and back up her legs again.  Sara hovered just above sleep and retained a certain level of consciousness. She did not know how long she had been massaged but she knew it was done when she felt her butt cheeks pull apart slowly.  She felt a licking sensation around her anus.  The vibration remained steady on all of her G spots and she felt a tongue insert itself into her. The hands continued to massage her back and legs as it seduced her.

The tongue moved in and out; in and out.  It pulled out and licked her vagina a few times and reinserted into her backside.  She felt the tongue swirl around in her abdomen, taking her breath away. It set every nerve ending on fire with sexual tension. As it moved in and out of her, Sara could feel it expanding and getting bigger. She was being stretched to her very limit.  When she was brought to her limit without actually feeling pain, she noticed he droved deeper into her and was continuing to over stimulate all of her sexual nerves.  

She could not determine how long this went on but it felt amazing the entire time.  She felt herself moving in the direction of an orgasm and just relaxed into it.  As it overtook her she felt herself convulse like a rag doll as she slammed repeatedly against the mattress. She had an orgasm that shook her violently and she experienced it without uttering a sound.  She heard him whisper "Good girl." as she dozed off to sleep.

When Sara woke up she was confused.  It was dark outside and she had to remind herself about the day's events. She had been in bed for six hours although she could not be sure how long her encounter had been before actually falling asleep.  She hadn't moved in six hours.  She was still on her stomach.  She flipped onto her back and checked her phone.  She laid there thinking about whether or not she should get up and have dinner.  She felt groggy enough to stay in bed.  She laid there wondering about what to do and the voice spoke to her again...

"We have this place to ourselves for the next nine days. You have the rest of your life to eat. Stay in bed and I will make it well worth your while."

"Nine days? He is supposed to be back Saturday."  she whispered

"He will be delayed until Tuesday."  it answered back.

"Thank you for the massage." she whispered.

"The pleasure was all mine."

Sara knew she was possibly toying with danger but she could not help herself.  

"What is your name?" she whispered.

"You have no need to call me by a name.  Just speak your thoughts and I will hear and answer you."

"Lick me." 

"Lick you?"


She was suddenly inundated with the sensation of being licked all over. Her breasts and nipples were being licked and sucked.  Her legs, tummy, feet, toes...once again, she felt her legs being pulled apart.  The biting sensations returned to her breasts.  She felt like her skin was being punctured but it did not hurt.  He licked the insides of her legs until she went crazy with desire. She begged him to lick her vagina and to enter her.  

"Oh please! Please lick my pussy.  Please shove your tongue deep inside of me and swirl it around. Please. Please. Please!" she begged breathlessly.

"Don't worry Sara. I intend to do exactly that and more. Be patient. I will tease and play with you all night long.  You will come so many times for me, you will lose count." 

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my GOD, yes!" she grunted as he plunged into her and took her by storm.  He put her legs together and lifted them straight up in the air and pushed them towards her face as if to fold her in half and entered her rectum and vagina at the same time. The vibration intensified when he pushed into her and lessened when he pulled back. He kept her suspended on the verge of orgasm for a long time before he stopped.  He laid her legs back down on the bed and spread them wide.

She could feel him licking and hear him kissing her vagina.

"You have a beautiful pussy, Sara. So smooth and delicious. I intend to sample your delights all night long."

Sara could feel her eyes roll and close as he continued to lick her into a state of oblivion. He was doing something different with her.  She felt a strong pulling sensation in her abdomen and then it would release.  He was massaging her breast and twisting her nipples, diving deep inside of her abdomen with his tongue and when he pulled back out she felt that pulling sensation.  She was unsure how to explain this to herself but he was somehow diving deeper into her vagina.  She felt him enlarge and swell much like earlier in the afternoon when he had anal sex with her.  

Suddenly she felt him lying on top of her, holding her hands down and he picked up the pace.  He ravaged her violently; not to hurt her, but to bring her to the brink of more than she had ever experienced sexually.  Everytime he seduced her, he brought her to a new level somehow.  She was tossed to and fro and her vagina and abdomen were on fire as he passionately kept her engaged for hours. He licked and nipped and squeezed her.  He held her down, sucked on her neck and pushed into her with a force she never thought possible.  He spanked her until he broke her and humbled her. 

When he was done spanking her he ordered her to the kitchen.  He bent her over the counter and spanked her some more.  The sting was almost more than Sara could bare.  She begged him to stop and when he did he entered her backside again to calm her down and bring a rush of good feelings to her core. 

Finally, as the sun was coming over the horizon, she was lying on the center island in her kitchen with her legs spread wide and he allowed her to cum.  She screamed and convulsed and arched on a cold slab of marble in front of a wall of windows.  If she knew for sure that her neighbors in the next high rise could see her, she would have been forever humiliated.  She pulled herself up when she was done, wandered down the hall to her bedroom and fell into her bed and passed out.  She knew he was continuing with her.  But she was too tired to care or feel a damn thing.  She was done.  

She woke briefly at 9:00 a.m. to call Brandy to tell her she was sick and would not be in.  And she slept.  She slept all the way to five o'clock that evening. She got up and headed for the shower.  She had sweat and exercised and been worn out.  She needed the hot water to roll over her and seduce her into calm.  She was in shock at what was happening to her and she had no way of explaining it to herself or anyone else.  She wondered if she was simply losing her mind. She had finally showered to her hearts content and was ready to shut off the water when she was gently turned and held against the glass...

He leg was lifted and foot placed on the corner bench.  She stood open; waiting.  She could feel hands massaging her stomach and licking again in her vagina.  Sara could not understand how, after all of these hours she could still be turned on.  It was because it was using some kind of stimulating energy that caused her nerves to be sensitive. In any case, it was taking her breath away again.  However, she decided to fight and get out of the shower.  She pulled herself together, turned off the water, got out and grabbed a towel.  She dried off while staring at herself in the mirror.  

She wandered out into the kitchen and found some left over pizza in the fridge and made a small salad.  She sat eating to the sound of beautiful music.  She decided on a glass of wine with her dinner.  She ate on the balcony and stared off into space while she ate.  She wondered again what was happening to her.  As she was finishing up her food he spoke to her.

"Go to bed, Sara."

"No! I want to sit out here and enjoy the weather and fresh air! Go away! I'm tired."

She continued to drink her wine and he eventually answered her.

"You realize I am stronger than you?  If you choose to disobey me, it will not go well for you."

She continued to drink her wine and stare as if it had said nothing. 

She had no doubt he could punish her mercilously as he had done during the previous night.  She did not have one mark on her body to show for the whipping he had given her. That did not mean her skin did not burn from the experience because it did. Her vagina started to feel boiling hot.  She let out a long sigh and finished the last swallow of her wine.  She cleared away her dishes and padded down to the bedroom.  For a reason unknown to her, she turned and headed for the guest bedroom instead.  Was he leading her?  It was sudden and out of nowhere.  

She climbed between the sheets under the duvet and slowly drifted off.  She slipped quickly into a dream.  She was being yanked and pulled and led to stand before a wooden bench.  She was pushed to lean over the bench as her captor proceeded to whip her. It felt like it went on for hours.  Her back, buttocks and legs burned with fire as he punished her for her disobedience.  The pain was terrible. She breathed shortened breaths as each strike tormented her flesh.  Then came the pleasure.  He simultaneously stimulated her G spots through her rectum and vagina while delivering stinging strikes to her flesh.  She did not understand how this was possible.  She only knew that in some sick way, she did not want it to stop. 

She woke up to use the bathroom and had been crying.  She was in pain.  He finally woke her up when he was done punishing her.  She sat on the toilet and he spoke to her.

"When I tell you to do something, Sara, obey me. Do you understand? If you want me to go away and never return, you only need to say the word.  Otherwise, obey."

She wilted from the long hours she had endured.  She simply nodded and whispered her response.


She wiped herself and headed back for the guest bedroom.  She felt like getting some fresh air.  It was 1:12 a.m. She grabbed a quilt to wrap herself and stepped out onto the balcony and sat in a chaise lounge.  The moon was full and she relaxed as she leaned back and enjoyed the view.  The entity who had become her constant dominant companion crawled up her legs inside the blanket tube she had wrapped herself in.  Sara's cell phone rang at just that moment and she tried to forget that she had a living vibrator working on her as she answered Daniel's call.


"Hi, Baby.  How are you?  Brandy tells me you called in sick today."

"I'm fine, Daniel.  I just need time to myself. So much has happened and I need to digest it all."

"Well I'll tell you what...why don't you just take the week and the weekend off and don't plan on going back until Monday.  I am going to be here a few days longer than planned.  You get all the rest you need and visit Sophie and do a little shopping if you like to make up for my absence.  I will call Brandy for you." 

"Ohhhhh..." she gasped because the entity was ravishing her as she spoke but she continued while trying to hide it...

"Daniel, that is SO sweet of you and exactly what I need right now. But why are you calling so late?"

"Because after working on the books and drawings all day I just got in." 

"Oh wow..."

"I miss you, Baby. I miss you so much. I want nothing more than to come home and taste your sweet lips and pussy."

As the entity licked Sara and dove deep into her abdomen she became breathless.

"Oh, Daniel.  I want you so badly.  I want you to lick me and fuck me until I can't walk straight."

Daniel was taken back by her talk.  He had never heard her use this kind of language. His cock felt like someone lit a match and it was standing straight up and tingling like a sparkler on the 4th of July.  He did not understand the sensation at all. But he liked it and just stared at himself...

"Oh baby...I want your lips on my cock right now." 

Sara's mind filled with the filthiest language and the naughtiest thoughts she had ever experienced in her life. 

"Ohhhhhh Daniel....I want your cock in my mouth right now. I want to suck you dry and watch your cum overflow and run down my chin and drip onto my my throat Daniel, I want your cock in my throat...pounding...pulsating...I want you to cum, Daniel!"

Daniel had no clue what was happening to him.  But as Sara spoke, it literally felt like someone was doing exactly what she was saying to his cock.  He was shocked but he let it happen.  He listened to her talk and go on and on and on...he felt it in his abdomen and his prostate...when he came he shouted and grunted louder than Sara had ever heard before.  

Sara was stretched out with her eyes closed but still wrapped like a burrito in her blanket.  She was on the brink of total vaginal anhialation. As she came, she also let out tremendous noise and she convulsed until she came down from it.  

Daniel looked down at himself and he was a mess.  He had not touched himself one time.  Something happened and he wasn't sure what the hell it was but he wanted more of it.  He just thought it was because he missed Sara.  Yeah.  That's what he would tell himself. He continued to feel a tingling sensation in his balls that did not go away.

"Wow.  Sara, that is the best phone sex I have ever had with anyone, ever!" 

She giggled and said,

"Same. I miss you Daniel."

"Oh, I miss you too, baby. I'm going to bed right now though. I will call you again tomorrow night."

"Okay." Sara blew him a kiss over the phone and they both hung up.  

Sara got up, locked up the house and went to bed in her bedroom.  She knew the entity watched her while she slept, but she did not care.  She needed rest; and he let her get it.

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