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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Good Morning My Naughties!

For those of you who love spanking romances, Defiance should surely satisfy.  When you get done reading this book, you will understand why this ended up being a self published book and can well imagine why a big publisher would be afraid to touch it.  It is indeed dark in places and I am warning you now, this book will take you on a journey emotionally.  You will laugh, cry and get angry.  Many of you will connect with the book on levels you may not even understand. I have worked hard to make the dialogue is riveting and hilarious and those of you who like punishment are going to be jumping up and down in your seat at some of the things these girls say to their men. There are, in places, light BDSM themes being used in one punishment scene later in this book. Below is the description of the three couples who are the main characters of the book.

Vivien leads Sgt. Gabriel Morrison on a daring chase throughout the entire series that begins with a traffic stop. She draws him into a game of cat and mouse and truth or dare only to find out he does dare. She soon learns to be very careful about the challenges she waves under the nose of the Madison Police Department's most panther-like detective. Gabriel was not one to back down from a challenge or to be easily deceived by the antics of a beautiful girl.

Robert is Gabriel's best friend and coworker at the police department.  He is dating Vera, a hot blooded Italian girl who feels it is her God given right to attack their friends husbands openly during social events about how they deal with their wives only to end up in hot water herself. She is the spark that keeps the reader's mouth dropping open at her audacity.

Sgt. Mark Grey is an ex Delta Force operative turned police officer. When a sniper takes out Allyson’s defense attorney father and his friend the time is ripe for her to go missing when the public will assume she is grieving. She gets an unparalleled opportunity to spend time under the close tutelage of one of the military's most notorious interrogators. His heartless and high handed tactics, while calculated, have been known to bring the worst of the misbehaved to heel.

Will these women learn to submit to some of the most powerful men they have ever met or will their antics continue to rile them and bring more punishment as their lives continue to mix and intertwine?

Releases February 14, 2019

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*Warning: Contains Spanking, Light BDSM, Forced Seduction, Hair pulling, Face slapping, Anal sex

Monday, January 21, 2019

Lips, Teeth, Tip of the Tongue...

Good Evening Everyone!

The title of this post is typically an exercise for singers.  We have said it many times over the years during choir practice.  However it is applicable to many different areas of life.  I can already see you rolling your eyes and smiling imagining where I am going with this.  And you know what?  You're right.  

With those three things, words can be formed, enunciated.  As simple as the saying seems and those three parts of our anatomy may be, they have the power to do a lot of things.  They can bring peace, start wars, sink ships, make friends.  They have the power to convey information.  Never has anything else been taken more seriously.  The things we say have the power to live on forever.  Our words convey love, submission, rebellion, anger, hatred, patience, judgement, kindness, etc. The old adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all still stands.  Be careful what you say to your significant other.  They never forget the things we say.  Ever.  Time fades all things but your words can cause lifetime wounds that sometimes never heal.  

Use your lips to spread love and peace.  Be the first one in a fight to lay down your sword.  Let your lover know how much you love them.  Forget about what they could be up to or thinking.  Worry about what you are up to or thinking.  If you can't admit it out loud to them, admit it to yourself and put your foot forward to express love even though the situation is hard and both of you may be upset.  Ladies, laying down your sword first will have an impact you could never have anticipated.  If you don't, in the end, what will you have won?  Develop a culture of affection in your home.

Make sure you are eating good foods so that you feel healthy and happy and strong. A bad diet can cause you to feel stressed and you won't have the energy to bring your A game to work, social activities or the bedroom.  Bad diets cause you to feel tired and sluggish and can introduce depression into a relationship.  Intimate relationships only flourish when you are behaving...intimately.  Ladies...don't be afraid to dirty text your husbands about the things you would like to do to him when he gets home.  SURPRISE...he may be home in ten minutes to see if you mean it...or if you have fallen ill. 

If perhaps you are shy or find erotica somewhat embarrassing, or you have never introduced it into your relationship, try standing in the mirror and finding your style.  Forget about how you feel doing it and imagine how your partner sees you doing it.  In growing intimacy we sometimes have to suggest...a lot...there is a bit of dramatic acting that goes into erotica and it is about serving the one you love.  It is sometimes what enables us to say "Yes, Sir." in a near whisper when we don't feel like it.  But oohhhhh what it gives to our man.  And how it makes him want to give us everything. Practice in the mirror if you have to but get this right...and everything else will fall into place for you.  And yes, sometimes it will be harder than hell to do.  But it is worth it. 

Work those lips and tongues ladies in a way that pulls you closer to your what you say, eat right, and get plenty of exercise...

If you are new to the submissive and domestic discipline lifestyle, there are two blogs I would suggest you visit. These ladies have nailed the emotional journey women go through in this lifestyle in a way that can help you ease into it with grace. I wish I had them as resources during my younger years.

The first one is Submitting to Be Led and can be found here:

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Rise of the Dom...

Good Evening Everyone!

In a society that thinks it is fun to downplay men and their roles, real men have become near obsolete.  If they haven't, like religion during the dark ages, they have been driven underground only to be discovered and appreciated by the seemingly rare few. Dominant men have been labeled all sorts of things from abusive to the latest social term "Toxic Patriarchy"  Well...guess what?  Toxicity exists no matter what because there will always be people who were raised with all of the wrong ideas.  This does not mean you throw the baby out with the bath water.  You do not suddenly decide that the nature of a man should be obliterated and destroyed any more than you would a lion.  A zookeeper knows better than to decide the lioness will now protect the pack and the lazy male will go out and hunt. No.  The zookeeper understands the nature of the animals they keep and works with their natures to keep them happy.  Why then do we, with a higher intellect, assume we can do any differently?  Toxic people will attract other toxic people.  Period.  And there are plenty in both sexes to go around.  

There are plenty of people wandering around society asking where all of the good men have gone.  Well, the same might be asked of ladies.  Or should they be called females because not all of them are ladies.  The truth is, they are all around.  And if you want one of them you better learn how to deal with them.  Women would do well to learn how men think, what makes them tick, what endears them to women, what they love, what turns them off and on.  If you are not willing to make this investment, you are in no position to be with one of them.  Period.  

While society and the women's movement continue to play down the role of men, there is an idea on the rise that really isn't new at all.  The rise of the Dom has been the result of books like Fifty Shades of Grey.  Women's preoccupation with being dominated, led, punished and taught by a strong man is also not new.  It's just that this particular book and movie has brought women's interest if not unabashed fascination with the subject flying out of the closet.  The truth is, many of us could use the meticulous training of a mature and patient Dom to get rid of some of the ideas in our heads about how we should behave as ladies.  But as in any Dom/sub situation, we would only be doing what we were created by nature to do.  The position or title of "Dom" could also be a natural position in general.  As a man's position becomes weakened by today's society, the idea of a Dom in the lives of women becomes more and more appealing.  In reality we could work on being submissive and sending out the invitation for a Dom to enter our lives.  Whether that be your husband or current boyfriend, submission is a gift we give regardless of the structure of our current relationship. In Dom/sub relationships if the submissive decided one day that they no longer wished to be submissive, the contract could be simply terminated.  Miserable relationships throughout the Western world might be easier if we adopted this simple approach.  If it isn't working...terminate.  Don't fight, kill each other and try to destroy each other financially.  Just terminate the contract, agreement, assumption, whatever.  If the basic structure and set up is all wrong, working through problems is going to be next to impossible.  Complicating the issue further by adding in the opinions of the modern society only makes it harder.  If you wish to chase views that go against the natural order of things, you might want to stay single. 

For those of us women who wish to learn and grow in submission, we can start right where we are.  Practice at work with your the boss, our customers, our coworkers.  Life isn't fair. There are plenty of people who are hard to submit to to practice on.  And one day, just maybe, the Dominant we seek will show up for us.  In the meantime, practice saying "Yes, Sir." Say it in the mirror.  Say it in the car.  Say it when you go to sleep at night.  The boss may fall over backwards in his office chair the first time he hears this without an attitude. 

Ladies, there may have a long line of men rushing to help, date, chat with you if you make this change.  But regardless of where you apply it, it will put you at the head of the line with the men you submit to.  There is a very good chance they themselves won't understand it.  What would it hurt to try it?  Try it for a week and send me your experiences!

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Face Down, Ass Up, Lift the Dress and Smack Her Butt...

Good Evening Dominant Men and Submissive Ladies...

So ladies...we have all seen movies and read books and seen Pinterest posts of Doms telling their girls to take their panties off in public places right?  So has it occurred to any of you out there not to put yourselves in that embarrassing position and just not wear any to begin with?  Can you imagine the look on your man's face when he goes to slide his hand up where the sun doesn't shine only to find you bare to him right in the middle of a social situation?  It's not only golden when it happens, you might be taken home sooner than you wanted to go. Worse, you may end up being ravaged in the car or on the side of the building.  Keep that trick up your sleeve if you don't want to stick around at his company office party.  High heels, hosiery and no panties...They won't be able to think about anything else once they find out however you deliver the message.  You will have successfully ruined their night for whatever event they are in attendance.  And to heat things up even faster, you could lean into his ear for his hearing only and whisper, "I want you to spank me and fuck me..." and watch him combust, grab you and run for the door.  The shorter the dress, the faster he will move.  Especially if there are other men around.  

Gentlemen, when this opportunity comes knocking, you would be remiss not to get her home and walk her into the  house with purpose.  Grab her by the back of the neck, push her face down over some surface; preferably one you haven't used before. And take her from behind just to let her know how much trouble her little games got her into.  A few smacks to the backside for not wearing panties into a crowded room might do as well.  I mean it is naughty behavior if not downright lude...and who is to say she does not deserve a little discipline for such loose behavior?  Then send her to bed for making you leave the party early so that you could deal with her.  All in good fun, of course.  So let it begin.  One of you has to start.  And this is often how domestic discipline is introduced. It is palatable enough to seduce the best of us.  Have fun! Thoughts?

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Direct Disobedience, Bad Moods and Sexy, Flirty Mischief...

Good Morning Everyone!  

Here in the Midwest, we are enjoying a snowstorm!  Of course I am kidding.  We were doomed to great amounts of snowfall till the early A.M. hours.  As I ponder back over my day and all of the crazy things that happened, I am reminded of the three main issues that get ladies in trouble with their men.  

A woman came to our counter and did not want to use cash from their bank account to pay for her selected items.  She wanted to use our store card so that their bank account would not be affected by her large purchase.  Her husband said "No, lets use the bank account, we have plenty to cover this." She proceeded to snatch the store card out of his hand and told me "We are using this card, don't listen to him."  I looked at him and he nodded in defeat.  I was not looking at them in judgement.  Something inside of me felt sad because neither of them realizes their condition.  At this point, it's not even just the male or female thing but a respect issue.  It is happening all across the Western World like a disease that is rotting out it's guts and grit.  Since when has a purchase of things become more important than the most important relationship in our lives?  

This type of behavior is also now being displayed in churches.  Places that once depicted families as they should be at least when on public display.  But the rot has become so prevalent that people are not even pretending anymore.  Some might, but many are not. 

Am I suggesting this woman could have used a good spanking when she got home?  Absolutely.  It is a shame, unbeknownst to her, that it most likely did not happen.  Her husband should not have been looking at me in defeat.  His expression should have been turned on her and laced with a warning of what was to come.  Maybe if it had been, we would not be having this discussion in the first place.  Women, like lionesses, will rise up and take over if the male goes missing.  If you men will not step up and do the jobs you were created to do, you are bound to lose the kingdom by default.  Period.  In a perfect world, this will not happen in the first place.  But if it has and you feel it is too late and it has already happened, how do you get it back? I will tell you.  Carefully.  One small change a day or a week even. 

 When did we become afraid as a society to sacrifice for the good of our families?  It might cost money, time and energy to set our families straight but it can be done.  If you are afraid of a divorce happening if you do the right thing, you are part of the problem.  And a major part at that.  There is nothing wrong with tearing a condemned structure down to the foundation to build it back up the way it should be built so you can go on living in peace.  Generations have proven, kids survive and so will you. None of us wants to put our kids through a divorce.  But what are we teaching them by staying in a miserable situation that is not working correctly?  It may take years for them to see it, but they will understand later. It is more important to keep our eyes on the Thanksgiving table twenty five years down the road than it is today.  What you create today will bear fruit tomorrow.  

The first step is recognizing the problem in the first place.  The example above is direct disobedience which is almost always tied to a lack of respect.   Bring the subject of disrespect to the table.  If you get nothing but an argument, figure out a way to refuse to tolerate it.  I realize it is not always financially feasible to find another place to live temporarily.  But living in your car is better than tolerating disrespect.  Withdraw yourself from the situation and take a stand.  It may cause all hell to break loose!  But this is the part of turning this country around that falls on the backs of it's citizens.  This is a much more widespread problem in marriages than most realize.  Until the issue is addressed it will continue to get worse.  If a woman does not want to be might have to move on and find one who does.  You are NOT trapped.  You only think you are.

Bad moods happen to everyone.  We all wake up and can't shake a feeling or mood whether it be from dreams, lack of sleep or events that happen to us throughout the day.  Women are very emotional creatures and hormonal.  While this may be true, we should be careful not to allow it to push us over the line to where we are not respecting our men.  For all of you women out there who are chicken necking and waving your finger back and forth while declaring "Respect has to be earned and is not just given.", try telling that to a lion.  If you are smart, you respect the animal you are dealing with.  

Ladies, what is it going to hurt for you to obey the simple requests of your husband/boyfriend/Dom with an open and contrite spirit?  Absolutely nothing. It might also soften his heart to hear your requests later.  

I would be remiss in my duties here if I did not address the fact that most men enjoy the sassy, mischievous spirit women display.  Funny and sassy text messages and games we play with each other in fun is a sexy way we flirt with one another long after we are married or living together.  I have heard the funniest stories over the years about things women have done from putting items in their men's lunch boxes, pranks in his vehicle or at work involving his friends or relatives, text messages, and the list goes on.  These acts of mischief make life interesting and if a woman can get one over on her husband and outsmart him in good fun, it will endear him to her.  Generally speaking men enjoy women with smarts, intelligence and wit.  But it should be packaged with respect and topped with the bow of humility at the end of the day.  These are by far and large the most blessed relationships over the long haul.  No matter where you start on this journey, one small change that remains consistent has the power to turn the worst relationship around.  Sometimes it is best to end a bad situation to get yourself to a better place.  We all make mistakes and bad choices.  It takes a leap of faith to make change.  Don't over think it.  Get your parachute on, get a running start and jump the cliff.  Don't look back.  Keep moving in the direction of happiness and you will eventually get there. 

If a woman is being a brat and behaving in a way that tells you she wants a spanking, then you would be a fool not to unbuckle that belt and go to work.  Most especially on a dare.  Be smart.  Be careful.  Have fun.  Sometimes  a good smack on her backside with your hand a few times is enough to make the point.  In many cases, a woman will secretly giggle in her heart.  She may never let you know, but she will.  

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Thank you everyone for all of the comments and shared experiences!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sex, Spanking, Punishment...Orgasm

Good Morning my serious and naughty friends!

After discussing this lifestyle with a few of you it has come to my attention that punishment doesn't always have to be so serious.  I agree with the fact that it can be creative and even a little fun.  It can serve two purposes at once. Punishment and pleasure.  This is not exactly a new idea.  But it is where the line between domestic discipline and BDSM becomes blurred.  I have already written one such scene in Defiance but never thought about it the way some of you have brought it to my attention.  The only way certain women will be able to stomach the punishment you men so richly wish to give may have to be called play.  But then give it all you can.  I am smiling at the chuckle that idea brings.  If you have a partner who is very sensitive emotionally and you don't want a scene to carry on for days while she feels sorry for herself, you might try this type of disciplinary style.  You must find what works for you as individuals.  

In the scene below, Vivien has called her husband at work and asked him to bring his handcuffs home.  He is quite shocked by her request and the scene in the bedroom begins with her explanation that he is dying to hear.  There are things she has not told him since they got together and she is telling him now.

*The scene from Defiance below contains bondage, spanking, seduction 

"They had dinner, cleaned the kitchen and called it an early evening so that Gabriel and Vivien could go to their room and play handcuff games.  He could not believe his wife. They stood in the room for a minute just staring at one another. Vivien spoke first.

“The spankings excite me like they do Vera.  I was just not ready to admit it openly. Vera is a lot more passionate and unafraid to tell all.  It has taken me awhile to define what it is I want. I guess I just want it to be hot and not always miserable.  I want your masculinity to magnetize me...but not crush me. And if you can use the behaviors that turn me on while you are delivering consequences, then you will have mastered me almost completely.  I say almost because I reserve the right to push back at least a little. And you know I will.” He stood in the center of their room holding her gaze with his hands resting on his hips, listening to her. He looked at her sardonically and walked over to Alexa and called up his love song playlist.

“Come here.” he said. He stood and waited for her to get to him.  He held her in the softest embrace and started kissing her and ran his hands up her back and gently rolled over her shoulders and down her arms to her wrists.  He kissed her deeply enough that her head was swimming. Vivien did not feel him move her hands behind her back. She only pulled herself out of her daze when the first handcuff clicked shut over her right wrist.  He kept kissing her while locking the second wrist. He looked deeply in her eyes. He caressed her face and studied all of the lines. He whispered in a way that made her nearly combust into flames…
”Get on your knees, Vivien.”  She immediately obeyed. Gabriel undid his fly and pulled himself out of his pants and she rose on her knees and took him into her mouth as deeply as she physically could.  She moved in a circular motion so that his tip was sliding in a circle at the back of her throat. She wrapped her teeth with her lips and pulled back and sucked the tip and licked to the base and back up until he was back in her mouth.  
“Ohhhh Baby….”  Gabriel was barely standing as his wife continued her assault on his dick.  “Vivien! Enough.” He couldn’t take another minute of what she was doing or he was going to blow and he did not want it to be over with that fast.  He stood her up and kissed her and removed the handcuffs. He cuffed her wrists in front of her and backed her up to the bed. He made her lay on her back and scoot up the bed from the end.  He reached up and pulled her panties down and took them off. He kissed her ankle and ran his tongue up her leg and inner thigh. He got to her sex and hung there licking and kissing the tops of her thighs and just breathing to drive her crazy.  She tried to thrust herself at him. He raised his head slightly enough for her to see his eyes as he shook his head with a warning expression. “Don’t move.” he said. He ran his hands up the insides of her legs and pulled her legs apart so that she was open to him and his wicked tongue.  He plunged it into the base of her vagina and ran it gently all the way up to her clit, over the top and back down. He drove her insane repeating this and stopping just short of her igniting without him. When she was panting and shaking with the need for release he finally stopped. “Turn over and get on your knees, Vivien.”  She leaned forward on her elbows and handcuffed wrists pushing her behind higher in the air. He smacked her ass three times. “Vivien...I want you to tell me something..” She startled in shock. “What Gabriel?” she whispered. He smacked her three more times. “How is it that you ended up at The Cheesecake Factory with no panties on?”  He slid his fingers into her vagina from behind, pulling them out and sliding his fingers over her clit and working it while she tried to answer him. He gave her three more smacks. “Answer me, Vivien. Did you leave the house that way?”
“No Gabriel.”  He smacked her three more times.  
“Then what happened to your panties, Vivien?”  
“They are in my purse!” she panted.  
“I want you to tell me why, Vivien.”  He gave her three more smacks.  This time lower so she would feel it where it counted.  She gasped.
“I was touching myself.” she whispered.
“Right here?” he asked as he ran his two fingers over her labia and clit.  Vivien gasped, “Yes.”
“Why were you touching yourself without me there, Vivien?” Gabriel gave her three more smacks while he awaited her answer.

“Because I wanted you, but you were at work.  So I locked myself in the stall and started stroking myself and tried to have an orgasm but couldn’t.” she whispered.   Gabriel lost control and slammed into her as those words fell from her lips. He moved kept going until Vivien started shaking so violently he could feel her muscles pulling an orgasm out of him whether he willed it or not.  They spent themselves on one another until they collapsed. Gabriel rolled off of her and passed out next to her at 7:00 p.m. Vivien fell asleep spent and satisfied and still in handcuffs."

After being smacked a few times by her husband's hand, there is no way Vivien was not going to feel that for a day or two after. There is much more to this scene than meets the eye and this is only a snip of what actually happened. Creative punishments can be used when it isn't a serious matter. Even if it is, some situations can still be dealt with this way depending on severity and the relationship you have. Most of the time I am happy to leave punishment ideas up to you guys because you know what works for your situation better than I do. This is strictly designed to give you ideas if you are searching for solutions.

Punishments, particularly in this country can be discussed. There are many spanking enthusiasts who enjoy the torturous side of spanking with implements that look terrifying. You might want to use your hand, paddle or the belt and keep it simple and that is OK! It does not have to be a formal riding crop or a whip to get the point across unless your wife, woman, girl, girlfriend...whatever term of endearment you use...enjoys that sort of thing. When I was raising my children I refused to make them eat soap for naughty words and instead chose a crushed clove of garlic to be held on their tongue and then swallowed. Or horseradish. In either case it was much healthier than soap in their mouth. They swore enough that their immune systems brought their A game to the field when illness made it's rounds. As they got older they started liking it. Brats. As the years tick by, you too may have to change it up if you want punishments to be effective. Try it out gentlemen! Tell me how it goes.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

If You Spank Me, I May Get Mad...

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

I hope you are all doing well and are settling into the new year with ease and grace.  I say that tongue in cheek because some of you have written me and expressed difficulty with your domestic discipline new year resolutions.  This life is not always easy but it does get easier the more you see the bonding that comes from it.  It is what makes us push past the pain. So the new year has begun and you have had that talk with hubby about submitting and agreed to be spanked for bad behavior.  What happens when you are not in the mood for pain and punishment?  Who decides what happens from there?  Hopefully you can trust your man to do this without a second thought.  I can't promise it won't be hard. What I can promise is that if you stick with it even when you are not in the mood, that you will be bonded and closer to a man who is possibly driving you crazy right now.  That is if you keep your mind in the right place.  Trust is a must in the first place. Making a commitment to this lifestyle means it doesn't matter what mood you are in or if you think it's fair at the time.  Excuses come a dime a dozen. Once a set of rules are agreed upon, both parties should be responsible to hold up their end of the bargain.  Rules that keep changing as time goes on should also be agreed upon.  If they are not, you are back to the drawing board of consent.  
A man who is secure in his relationship with his wife enough to push past the static a woman can throw off when it comes time to spank her will recognize it for what it is and keep moving.  If you are new to this lifestyle, there may be a bit of coaxing that needs to take place first as to not get yourselves in trouble.  The scene below from Defiance happens after Vivien invites her cop hating friend into her new cop husband's home while he was out of town.  It was discussed prior that this woman was never to be allowed in his home.  Allyson has a severe drinking problem and drinks herself nearly to death in Gabriel's home. Emergency services are called and Allyson goes to the hospital.  Gabriel is in Las Vegas at a conference on Statement Analysis for the Police Department when it happens.  When he returns home, this is the exchange that takes place between him and his wife.

"Her time had run out, the slam of the inner garage door rang in her ears causing her to jump and then the sound of his footsteps.  She decided to paste a smile on her face and act happy to see him. He stopped at the entrance of the kitchen and she said “Hi Gabriel.” He stood there for a minute tossing his keys over in his hands a few times before replying,
“Hello Vivien.”
He stared at her to assess her attitude.  
“Did you talk to Allyson today?”
“Yes.  She told me you were here and what you said to her.”  
He hung the keys on the hook and turned to face her and then started to circle slowly around her until he settled in front of her facing her from the counter side of the bar.  He stood there staring straight into her eyes. He then continued to circle until he was behind her and braced his hands on either side of her on the bar and leaned close and said in a low voice in her ear,
“First of all, I am dying to know which part of my statement to you the other night about her not coming into this house was unclear.”  he continued, “You think it is okay to lie to me and ask others to lie to me? To sneak around behind my back and invite my enemies into our home?  I have allowed you into my home and given you Carte Blanche to all that I own. And this is how you repay me?” She sat frozen. “That was a question.”
“I didn’t mean to hurt or anger you Gabriel.  I am sorry. I made a horrible mistake and I am so sorry.”   she stammered.
“I see.  I think that you thought I would never find out.  I think you are sorry you got caught. I believe you didn’t think there was a thing wrong with lying to me.  And you did lie by omission; Didn’t you?” He continued his trip around the counter until he was in front of her again.  She was sure he had spent the afternoon reading all of the paperwork so he knew everything that was in that report and probably had the opportunity to talk to the team that had shown up Friday night.  This little dance he was doing was pissing her off. She just wanted it to be over with. She had been stressing about it for days and couldn’t take another minute of this. She moved to get up and he asked
‘Where do you think you are going?”
She hissed, “I have been sick for days and scared out of my mind about when you came home and I should not have to be!  It is not my fault she drinks the way she does. I didn’t go down to your bar and tell her “Drink up! Gabriel has plenty for everyone!” She came in here and helped herself and Vera and I both tried to stop her and she just kept going!”
“I don’t doubt that.  But you not only let her in the door, you invited her in!  And you knew before I even left what you were going to do!”  He continued,
“I think you better humble yourself and damn fast! I have been very good to you and this is as much your home as it is mine.  But if that girl died Friday night do you realize what that would have opened us up to? If she wants to drink herself to death at some bar that is up to her, but I should be able to decide if she is going to be allowed to do it in our home or not wouldn’t you agree?”   Vivien nodded.
“Yes or no, Vivien!”  
“Good. Finish your dinner and I will see you in our room.” Vivien started yelling,
“No!  You are extreme!  You are not laying a hand on me!  I am calling the police!!!” With dead calm he slid his cell phone toward her and gave a silent chuckle,
“Go ahead.” He stared back at her with a dangerous half smile, squinted eyes and a raised brow. She did not trust him enough to pick up his phone and try it.  She shook her head slowly. Gabriel slowly enunciated each word through gritted teeth,
“That’s what I thought.  Now eat your salad and get your ass in that room.  And do not make me come get you.”   Vivien shoved the rest of her salad down and started down the hall to the bedroom blinded by tears."

The wisest thing Gabriel did in this scene was retreat and let her come to him.  However long she took to eat that salad, she finally went to him on her own.  If she runs, let her.  She will come back.  Be patient.  This lifestyle is hard to adjust to for some.  But if she gets mad...that needs to be handled carefully.  Aftercare is extremely important always but in this case especially.  Make sure you are holding her and expressing love or the punishment will be a waste of your time.  If you want it to work you are responsible to help bring her back from the emotional ramifications of a spanking. You also have to make it worth it for her to put up with being spanked by you in the first place.  If she does not feel she is getting anything from it physically or emotionally, she will be less likely to agree to it to begin with.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with being mad.  However, see that you are not disrespectful as a result of your anger.  The situation can go from bad to worse if you are not in control of your emotions and your behavior.  Gentlemen, give this eventual situation some thought about how you will handle it when it comes up.  When the excuses come, stick to the rules and keep the subject OFF of the excuses.  When you are discussing the rules in the first place, talk about what the exceptions are and if those conditions do not exist, the spanking should go down no matter what. If the boundaries are clearly drawn at the beginning of this lifestyle agreement, you too should be respecting them, Guys.  

If you decide to be naughty, girls, own up to it, be brave! Bottoms up! No arguing.

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